Vermont, USA


Tree: Tree2020

Latitude: 43.8726, Longitude: -71.55


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Young, Melvin  1835Vermont, USA I27179 Tree2020 
2 White, Calvin E  15 Aug 1814Vermont, USA I8285 Tree2020 
3 Upton, John  11 Dec 1790Vermont, USA I3558 Tree2020 
4 Upton, Elijah  11 Apr 1794Vermont, USA I10076 Tree2020 
5 Thompson, Polly Ann  3 Feb 1797Vermont, USA I851 Tree2020 
6 Stewart, Henry Wilbur  14 Apr 1809Vermont, USA I7455 Tree2020 
7 Spaulding, Alvin Knapp  15 Mar 1827Vermont, USA I89610 Tree2020 
8 Salisbury, Reuben  27 Dec 1799Vermont, USA I12881 Tree2020 
9 Roberts, Almira  30 Apr 1809Vermont, USA I305 Tree2020 
10 Prindle, Phoebe  13 Mar 1810Vermont, USA I15958 Tree2020 
11 Phillips, Ichabod  1789Vermont, USA I52019 Tree2020 
12 Phelps, Earl  12 Feb 1910Vermont, USA I81330 Tree2020 
13 Patty, Martha  13 Jul 1769Vermont, USA I66272 Tree2020 
14 Paquette, Alice Margaret  29 Jun 1898Vermont, USA I29741 Tree2020 
15 Palmer, Freelove  Jan 1822Vermont, USA I28923 Tree2020 
16 Oakes, Huldah  1772Vermont, USA I40760 Tree2020 
17 Mattison, Samuel Gleason  12 Feb 1856Vermont, USA I10232 Tree2020 
18 Lake, Mary Ann  1817Vermont, USA I92134 Tree2020 
19 King, Samuel  Abt 1833Vermont, USA I26817 Tree2020 
20 King, Rachael A.  Abt 1837Vermont, USA I26823 Tree2020 
21 King, Nathan  Abt 1827Vermont, USA I26818 Tree2020 
22 King, Malissa  Abt 1831Vermont, USA I26816 Tree2020 
23 King, James J.  Abt 1829Vermont, USA I26819 Tree2020 
24 King, George E.  Abt 1841Vermont, USA I62999 Tree2020 
25 King, Charles B.  Abt 1839Vermont, USA I26820 Tree2020 
26 King, Asa O.  Abt 1835Vermont, USA I26822 Tree2020 
27 Joyner, William  18 Jan 1796Vermont, USA I41822 Tree2020 
28 Joyner, John  14 Dec 1787Vermont, USA I41812 Tree2020 
29 Jackson, Carrinda Clarinda  Abt 1805Vermont, USA I26827 Tree2020 
30 Hancock, Abigail H.  15 Oct 1815Vermont, USA I80291 Tree2020 
31 Grout, Henry  10 Dec 1821Vermont, USA I36971 Tree2020 
32 Gould, James Knap  26 Feb 1830Vermont, USA I6583 Tree2020 
33 Fuller, Sally Ann  8 Aug 1813Vermont, USA I37097 Tree2020 
34 Crouch, Levi  1807Vermont, USA I1520 Tree2020 
35 Clark, Charles James  24 Jul 1852Vermont, USA I15214 Tree2020 
36 Austin, Jonathan  26 Jan 1809Vermont, USA I38406 Tree2020 
37 Austin, Clark Warren  7 Dec 1807Vermont, USA I51980 Tree2020 
38 Adams, Benedict  1792Vermont, Usa I66679 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wilder, Myron Edward  Apr 1976Vermont, USA I42110 Tree2020 
2 Unknown  Mar 1881Vermont, USA I38951 Tree2020 
3 Sandrack, Clara  9 Aug 1995Vermont, USA I41980 Tree2020 
4 Joyner, William  Abt 1797Vermont, USA I41822 Tree2020 
5 Joyner, Polly  Vermont, USA I41818 Tree2020 
6 Joyner, Francis  DEADVermont, USA I41806 Tree2020 
7 Joyner, Fanny  DEADVermont, USA I41805 Tree2020 
8 Eddy, Peleg  12 Aug 1862Vermont, USA I9305 Tree2020 
9 Damon, Luther  5 Aug 1846Vermont, USA I73638 Tree2020 
10 Clark, Sarah Adeline  28 Jan 1935Vermont, USA I74852 Tree2020 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Salisbury / Streeter  10 Jan 1798Vermont, USA F1840 Tree2020 
2 Reynolds / White  Abt 1810Vermont, USA F10717 Tree2020 
3 Morton / Ingersoll  23 Aug 1833Vermont, USA F18960 Tree2020