Albion, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Twiss, George Otto  22 Aug 1915Albion, New York I86375 Tree2020 
2 Tanner, Martha Irene  Abt 1868Albion, New York I18479 Tree2020 
3 Spencer, Fenton L.  26 Oct 1908Albion, New York I5325 Tree2020 
4 Phillips, Lynn Wallace  13 Feb 1907Albion, New York I50698 Tree2020 
5 Phillips, David Burton  11 Jan 1870Albion, New York I50696 Tree2020 
6 Mowers, Orlando Frederick  10 Sep 1903Albion, New York I54268 Tree2020 
7 Miller, William Andrus  1851Albion, New York I43407 Tree2020 
8 Miller, Howard Julian  28 Jul 1922Albion, New York I17725 Tree2020 
9 McNitt, Mary  8 Dec 1866Albion, New York I32402 Tree2020 
10 McCabe, Arvilla Delia  1865Albion, New York I40598 Tree2020 
11 Mattison, Evelyn Myrtie  16 Apr 1927Albion, New York I4725 Tree2020 
12 Mattison, Charles Alonzo  17 Sep 1897Albion, New York I15704 Tree2020 
13 Jones, Melissa H.  15 Jun 1823Albion, New York I38655 Tree2020 
14 Hutchins, Julia Lucia  29 Aug 1872Albion, New York I7997 Tree2020 
15 Henderson, William R  27 Jun 1864Albion, New York I13413 Tree2020 
16 Fry, Mercy M.  Abt 1840Albion, New York I16512 Tree2020 
17 Fry, Abraham Quackenboss  8 Nov 1802Albion, New York I47078 Tree2020 
18 Filkins, Unknown  10 Jun 1885Albion, New York I64678 Tree2020 
19 Everson, Esther Belle  7 Dec 1919Albion, New York I56566 Tree2020 
20 Eaton, Albert  1842Albion, New York I265 Tree2020 
21 Coger, Warner  11 Jul 1867Albion, New York I41085 Tree2020 
22 Butterworth, Ruth Arlene  3 Jun 1918Albion, New York I27511 Tree2020 
23 Burdick, Phebe Janette  14 Apr 1848Albion, New York I27655 Tree2020 
24 Burch, Barbara Florence  7 Oct 1904Albion, New York I55245 Tree2020 
25 Briggs, Alfred Brayton  2 Dec 1844Albion, New York I75498 Tree2020 
26 Bonney, Frederick  Abt 1856Albion, New York I51126 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Schram, John F.  15 Sep 1913Albion, New York I17233 Tree2020 
2 Mowers, John Jay  19 Apr 1919Albion, New York I12295 Tree2020 
3 Lee, Frederick  10 Jul 1887Albion, New York I35665 Tree2020 
4 Fry, Abraham Abram  1 Jul 1896Albion, New York I41091 Tree2020 
5 Bullis, C  Feb 1897Albion, New York I43440 Tree2020 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Smith / Look  11 Nov 1916Albion, New York F774 Tree2020 
2 Neill / Braley  1 Nov 1932Albion, New York F5243 Tree2020 
3 Mattison / Obrist  16 Oct 1912Albion, New York F2249 Tree2020 
4 Hutchins / Burdick  7 May 1873Albion, New York F10026 Tree2020 
5 Greenwood / Reynolds  12 Aug 1907Albion, New York F1313 Tree2020 
6 Butterworth / Wright  22 Sep 1850Albion, New York F3503 Tree2020