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Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bibeau, Emily|edmire  Feb 1872Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79379
2 Lataille  24 Feb 1897Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79751
3 Lataille, Achille W.  1902Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79748
4 Lataille, Alexander  14 Feb 1871Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79761
5 Lataille, Alma Eliza  22 Nov 1882Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79358
6 Lataille, Arthur A.  29 Jan 1900Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79778
7 Lataille, Athelbert "Albert"  1 Jan 1897Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79780
8 Lataille, Augustin  25 Aug 1879Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79757
9 Lataille, Cyrille B.  8 Oct 1867Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79763
10 Lataille, Delia  24 Feb 1869Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79762
11 Lataille, Francois "Frank"  19 Nov 1882Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79374
12 Lataille, Francois Xavier  13 Jan 1872Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79447
13 Lataille, George Elzear  11 Apr 1880Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79360
14 Lataille, Isidore Napoleon  17 Dec 1877Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79362
15 Lataille, Joseph  7 Oct 1893Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79376
16 Lataille, Joseph Armand  8 Jul 1904Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79771
17 Lataille, Joseph Arthur  18 Aug 1892Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79760
18 Lataille, Joseph Doria  22 Jun 1898Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79779
19 Lataille, Joseph Gedeon  (31 Aug)|(5 Sep) 1874Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79746
20 Lataille, Lena  1906Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79758
21 Lataille, Leon Peter  30 Oct 1885Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79741
22 Lataille, Louis Alexander  Abt 29 Nov 1871Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79364
23 Lataille, Louis Alva Albert  10 Mar 1900Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79749
24 Lataille, Marguerite  6 Oct 1866Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79764
25 Lataille, Marie Agnes  24 Mar 1869Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79752
26 Lataille, Marie Irene  1904Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79759
27 Lataille, Marie Yvonne  8 Dec 1893Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79781
28 Lataille, Olivine G.|imelda  6 Mar 1898Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79750
29 Lataille, Pierre "Peter"  12|17 Jan 1881Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79756
30 Lataille, Roland Sylvio  12 Jun 1906Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79744
31 Lataille, Theodore N.  1903Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79747
32 Pero, Adolph  Sep 1882Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79575
33 St-Martin, Margaret  15 Sep 1848Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79383


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boisvert, Aurore  28 Aug 1909Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79390
2 Lataille  24 Feb 1897Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79751
3 Lataille, Arthur A.  10 Sep 1900Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79778
4 Lataille, Augustin  25 Aug 1879Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79757
5 Lataille, Cyrille  30 Mar 1909Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79384
6 Lataille, Delia  12 Mar 1883Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79762
7 Lataille, Joseph Arthur  24 Aug 1892Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79760
8 Lataille, Leon Peter  15 Oct 1895Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79741
9 Lataille, Louis Alexander  18 Apr 1908Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79364
10 Lataille, Marguerite  21 Sep 1881Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79764
11 Lataille, Pierre  22 Sep 1900Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts I79409


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Lataille / Bibeau  2 Jul 1892Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F55286
2 Lataille / Boisvert  17 Apr 1900Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F55290
3 Lataille / Moran  29 Jul 1867Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F55275
4 Lataille / St-Martin  18 Feb 1865Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F55284
5 Lataille / Vandal  Nov 1891Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F55301
6 Lataille|dio / Plouffe  16 Sep 1849Southbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts F55149