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Richland Township, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ames, Juanita Inez   I34740 stewartsny.com 
2 Ames, Lawrence Fox   I34775 stewartsny.com 
3 Ames, Mary Rebecca  17 Feb 1922Richland township, new york I54423 stewartsny.com 
4 Ames, Walter B  27 Dec 1920Richland township, new york I47133 stewartsny.com 
5 Atkinson, Carl Robert  21 Aug 1916Richland Township, New York I29538 stewartsny.com 
6 Atkinson, Darwin J.  1 May 1912Richland Township, New York I34588 stewartsny.com 
7 Atkinson, Floyd Jay  4 Dec 1900Richland Township, New York I30017 stewartsny.com 
8 Atkinson, Frederick William  23 Mar 1910Richland Township, New York I34582 stewartsny.com 
9 Atkinson, James Wadsworth  16 Sep 1941Richland Township, New York I34890 stewartsny.com 
10 Atkinson, John William   I34925 stewartsny.com 
11 Atkinson, Kenneth Donald  5 Oct 1921Richland Township, New York I34725 stewartsny.com 
12 Atkinson, Larry Gene   I29535 stewartsny.com 
13 Atkinson, Robert Carl  1 Jul 1939Richland Township, New York I34867 stewartsny.com 
14 Balcom, John Rensselaer   I34823 stewartsny.com 
15 Balcom, Katherine Ann   I9262 stewartsny.com 
16 Barclay, Alice Rebecca  28 Jan 1912Richland Township, New York I34586 stewartsny.com 
17 Barclay, Bertha Alice  24 Apr 1908Richland Township, New York I33683 stewartsny.com 
18 Barclay, Carrie Dorothy  5 Jul 1918Richland Township, New York I33681 stewartsny.com 
19 Barclay, Hazel Elizabeth  20 Aug 1913Richland Township, New York I34646 stewartsny.com 
20 Barclay, Irma Ruth  17 Oct 1930Richland Township, New York I33639 stewartsny.com 
21 Barclay, John James  2 Jul 1910Richland Township, New York I34583 stewartsny.com 
22 Barclay, Mattie Bell  14 Sep 1906Richland township, new york I50082 stewartsny.com 
23 Barclay, Mildred Ellen  13 Jul 1915Richland Township, New York I6689 stewartsny.com 
24 Barclay, Velma Mae   I34843 stewartsny.com 
25 Benjamin, Frederick Raymond   I34849 stewartsny.com 
26 Bentley, Purley Jay  29 Jul 1891Richland Township, New York I34513 stewartsny.com 
27 Bloodgood, Alexander Edward  2 Dec 1918Richland Township, New York I5867 stewartsny.com 
28 Briggs, Margaret Ann   I47867 stewartsny.com 
29 Brown, Jack Lee   I34778 stewartsny.com 
30 Burch, Mae Katherine  4 Jan 1907Richland township, new york I55246 stewartsny.com 
31 Burns, Anna Belle  10 Jan 1903Richland Township, New York I22398 stewartsny.com 
32 Burns, Ella May  19 Dec 1900Richland Township, New York I30346 stewartsny.com 
33 Burns, Lewis M.  21 Nov 1904Richland Township, New York I32554 stewartsny.com 
34 Burns, Robert Lee  12 Nov 1898Richland Township, New York I22421 stewartsny.com 
35 Bush, Joel Stewart  1 Jul 1913Richland Township, New York I6554 stewartsny.com 
36 Butterworth, Glenn Taylor  3 Aug 1890Richland Township, New York I19652 stewartsny.com 
37 Carr, Frances Selina  9 Oct 1913Richland township, new york I55439 stewartsny.com 
38 Caufield, Anne Genette   I23003 stewartsny.com 
39 Caufield, Isabelle Dorothy  21 May 1920Richland Township, New York I22296 stewartsny.com 
40 Caufield, Joseph Duane  10 Aug 1928Richland Township, New York I34784 stewartsny.com 
41 Caufield, Joyce Marie   I34833 stewartsny.com 
42 Caufield, Virantha Mary Mamie  9 Feb 1922Richland township, new york I55494 stewartsny.com 
43 Clark, Paul John  24 Dec 1945Richland Township, New York I34916 stewartsny.com 
44 Clemons, Donald Russell   I34882 stewartsny.com 
45 Cobb, Walter Steverson  5 Sep 1917Richland Township, New York I21194 stewartsny.com 
46 Cobb, Warren David  27 Oct 1911Richland Township, New York I34585 stewartsny.com 
47 Cobb, William Frederick  3 May 1905Richland Township, New York I34562 stewartsny.com 
48 Cole, Caroline Odemia  3 Oct 1913Richland Township, New York I34648 stewartsny.com 
49 Cole, Earl  10 Sep 1925Richland Township, New York I34750 stewartsny.com 
50 Cole, Freeman Harlow   I34223 stewartsny.com 

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