Massachusetts, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Barker  Abt 1800Massachusetts, United States I37 Tree2020 
2 Baker, Diana Wetherell  1797Massachusetts, United States I6635 Tree2020 
3 Baker, Patience  17 Oct 1849Massachusetts, United States I12651 Tree2020 
4 Campbell, Albert Archibald  Abt 1831Massachusetts, United States I46062 Tree2020 
5 Campbell, Archibald  13 Feb 1799Massachusetts, United States I46065 Tree2020 
6 Campbell, Henry  Abt 1818Massachusetts, United States I46071 Tree2020 
7 Campbell, Mary  Abt 1820Massachusetts, United States I46076 Tree2020 
8 Campbell, William W.  1833Massachusetts, United States I46078 Tree2020 
9 Curtiss, Betsey  17 Apr 1804Massachusetts, United States I46114 Tree2020 
10 Curtiss, Edwin C.  29 Apr 1828Massachusetts, United States I46116 Tree2020 
11 Curtiss, Waldo  1796Massachusetts, United States I46126 Tree2020 
12 Damon, Adam  Abt 1799Massachusetts, United States I73622 Tree2020 
13 Eddy, Anna  15 Mar 1773Massachusetts, United States I16742 Tree2020 
14 Farnsworth, Josiah  22 Sep 1749Massachusetts, United States I36267 Tree2020 
15 Finkle, Harold Burton  13 Oct 1922Massachusetts, United States I1928 Tree2020 
16 Hatch, Rhoda  Abt 1793Massachusetts, United States I4524 Tree2020 
17 Herrick, Electa  27 May 1787Massachusetts, United States I71731 Tree2020 
18 Hollis, David  12 Sep 1801Massachusetts, United States I7029 Tree2020 
19 Look, Seth  Abt 1798Massachusetts, United States I1481 Tree2020 
20 McNitt, Robert Edwin  1770Massachusetts, United States I32395 Tree2020 
21 Pease, Judith  1635Massachusetts, United States I64717 Tree2020 
22 Rathburn, Elinora Isabella  Abt 1774Massachusetts, United States I32409 Tree2020 
23 Sabin, Acenath  26 Mar 1797Massachusetts, United States I45927 Tree2020 
24 Spencer, Alice  1641Massachusetts, United States I16756 Tree2020 
25 Stewart, Alexander T  1783Massachusetts, United States I47342 Tree2020 
26 Stewart, Burton A.  1904Massachusetts, United States I4979 Tree2020 
27 Stewart, Lillian E.  7 Apr 1901Massachusetts, United States I4429 Tree2020 
28 Stewart, Silas J.  Abt 1804Massachusetts, United States I42296 Tree2020 
29 Stewart, Terry Jr.  20 Jun 1818Massachusetts, United States I10927 Tree2020 
30 Unknown, Lucinda H  Abt 1818Massachusetts, United States I34033 Tree2020 
31 Waite, John  10 Oct 1781Massachusetts, United States I72735 Tree2020 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth Mrs.  Massachusetts, United States I77959 Tree2020 
2 Holland, Mercy  Massachusetts, United States I64705 Tree2020 
3 Jones, Sarah  Massachusetts, United States I26796 Tree2020 
4 Lilley, Josephine  Massachusetts, United States I7100 Tree2020 
5 Martin, Tabitha  1767Massachusetts, United States I34101 Tree2020 
6 Stewart, Burton L.  1 Dec 1926Massachusetts, United States I9329 Tree2020 
7 Unknown, Mary  Massachusetts, United States I28895 Tree2020 
8 Vassell, Alice  1621Massachusetts, United States I80408 Tree2020