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Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA


Tree: stewartsny.com

Latitude: 43.6434, Longitude: -76.0685


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Babcock, Orissa Jane  13 Sep 1893Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I68121 stewartsny.com 
2 Bentley, Matilda Elmina  10 Mar 1864Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I19111 stewartsny.com 
3 Case, Galetsa French  24 Jul 1823Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I41153 stewartsny.com 
4 Curry, Harriett Cummings  9 Jan 1919Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I4633 stewartsny.com 
5 Daly, Ethel Mae  11 Jun 1921Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I23588 stewartsny.com 
6 Johnson, Loleta Vivian  16 Jun 1906Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I39849 stewartsny.com 
7 Manchester, Rodney Allen   I26899 stewartsny.com 
8 Manchester, Roger D   I26898 stewartsny.com 
9 Nellis, Winifred Le Ora  Abt 1901Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I20745 stewartsny.com 
10 White, Polly Loretta  15 Oct 1865Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I29247 stewartsny.com 
11 Williams, Percy Cummins  23 Aug 1877Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I8074 stewartsny.com 
12 Woodruff, Benjamin Harrison  18 Jun 1891Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I49849 stewartsny.com 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bartlett, Jane  7 Oct 1872Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I86853 stewartsny.com 
2 Blount, Sarah Mildred  20 Jan 1932Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I82990 stewartsny.com 
3 Cheeney, Neil Bartholemew  28 Jul 1993Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I68923 stewartsny.com 
4 Helbock, John L  Oct 1968Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I69371 stewartsny.com 
5 Lashbrook, Grace O.  Jan 1974Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I20747 stewartsny.com 
6 Lester, Emory Bartlett  13 Mar 1925Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I49562 stewartsny.com 
7 Obleman, Lizzie Belle  9 Apr 1953Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I17426 stewartsny.com 
8 Obleman, Miles Edward  13 Feb 1973Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I21166 stewartsny.com 
9 Porter, Harrison Everett  7 Nov 1981Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I22041 stewartsny.com 
10 Robbins, Valentine Whitman  16 Dec 1854Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I16658 stewartsny.com 
11 Salisbury, Earl  12 Mar 1972Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I9663 stewartsny.com 
12 Snyder, Crocker B  14 Dec 1910Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I30174 stewartsny.com 
13 Stewart, Howard Cyrus  5 Oct 1949Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I7073 stewartsny.com 
14 Tanner, Edna Mae  20 Mar 1964Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I15563 stewartsny.com 
15 Tryon, Maryette Almira  20 Sep 1942Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I22872 stewartsny.com 
16 Weisenburger, Emil Frederick  26 Jan 1949Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I9328 stewartsny.com 
17 Woodruff, James  13 Mar 1929Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I49855 stewartsny.com 
18 Woolson, Hazel Bartlett  17 May 1974Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I6966 stewartsny.com 
19 Woolson, Herman Andrew  15 Nov 1928Lacona, Oswego, New York, USA I14405 stewartsny.com 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Groves / Youngs   F17471 stewartsny.com