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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bruce, Lester Cumbee  Abt 1878Kentucky I19389 Tree2020 
2 Floyd, Ellen N  1894Kentucky I13582 Tree2020 
3 Floyd, Ida  1885Kentucky I11015 Tree2020 
4 Floyd, Lola F  Aug 1892Kentucky I14811 Tree2020 
5 Floyd, Margaret  1883Kentucky I15161 Tree2020 
6 Floyd, Martha  Abt 1880Kentucky I2884 Tree2020 
7 Floyd, Rosa  Abt 1872Kentucky I12952 Tree2020 
8 Floyd, Sarah A  1854Kentucky I13581 Tree2020 
9 Floyd, Stephens  Abt 1874Kentucky I10858 Tree2020 
10 Forbes, Brad Lee   I51807 Tree2020 
11 Garland, Eliza J.  Abt 1867Kentucky I15791 Tree2020 
12 Gipson, Lonie Kevin   I37695 Tree2020 
13 Grant, Ada  Apr 1877Kentucky I943 Tree2020 
14 Grant, Alice (Halla A)  3 Jul 1891Kentucky I14554 Tree2020 
15 Grant, Andrew Jackson "Drew"  22 May 1886Kentucky I946 Tree2020 
16 Grant, Ben  1899Kentucky I8170 Tree2020 
17 Grant, Creasey  1903Kentucky I12072 Tree2020 
18 Grant, Dinah Elizabeth  10 Nov 1881Kentucky I940 Tree2020 
19 Hiller, Elizabeth Ann  1824Kentucky I89896 Tree2020 
20 Hiller, John  1831Kentucky I89899 Tree2020 
21 Hiller, Simon Peter  6 Aug 1825Kentucky I89897 Tree2020 
22 Huddleston, Edgar L  Abt 1875Kentucky I14375 Tree2020 
23 Johnson, Georgianna  Jan 1878Kentucky I13270 Tree2020 
24 Jones, Michael Duwayne   I37704 Tree2020 
25 Lawson, Gladys   I16462 Tree2020 
26 Lawson, John  Abt 1884Kentucky I16467 Tree2020 
27 Lawson, John A  Abt 1910Kentucky I416 Tree2020 
28 Lawson, Lillian   I16464 Tree2020 
29 Lawson, Louise E   I16463 Tree2020 
30 Reeves, Nannie  7 Nov 1882Kentucky I16470 Tree2020 
31 Smith, Arthur Edward  30 Jan 1911Kentucky I10309 Tree2020 
32 Smith, Henry R   I10103 Tree2020 
33 Smith, Leland Hubert  12 Jul 1908Kentucky I16138 Tree2020 
34 Smith, Lucy P  31 Dec 1895Kentucky I6954 Tree2020 
35 Smith, Mettie L  2 Mar 1906Kentucky I16146 Tree2020 
36 Smith, Millard Alvis  5 Aug 1891Kentucky I16145 Tree2020 
37 Smith, Rebecca Jane  24 Apr 1902Kentucky I1273 Tree2020 
38 Smith, Robert S  16 Mar 1900Kentucky I1272 Tree2020 
39 Tye, Allie  Apr 1880Kentucky I10738 Tree2020 
40 Tye, Bessie  8 Feb 1908Kentucky I44 Tree2020 
41 Tye, Bethena  Jun 1892Kentucky I10068 Tree2020 
42 Tye, Bethina  Abt 1895Kentucky I1335 Tree2020 
43 Tye, Effie Emeline  29 Jul 1884Kentucky I1698 Tree2020 
44 Tye, Leona  8 Jun 1904Kentucky I14816 Tree2020 
45 Tye, Luster  1906Kentucky I12569 Tree2020 
46 Tye, Martha Jane  Nov 1889Kentucky I16208 Tree2020 
47 Tye, Olive  Abt 1902Kentucky I6106 Tree2020 
48 Tye, Robert P.  Apr 1896Kentucky I1336 Tree2020 
49 Tye, Stella  Abt 1909Kentucky I12563 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Grant, Andrew Jackson "Drew"  12 Mar 1943Kentucky I946 Tree2020 
2 Pullen, Richard  Kentucky I4709 Tree2020 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Marek / Pelkey   F9190 Tree2020