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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ackley, Rosella  7 May 1923United States I19398 stewartsny.com 
2 Balch, Rancel  Abt 1894United States I85757 stewartsny.com 
3 Baldwin, Lillian  Abt 1872United States I76021 stewartsny.com 
4 Ball, Virginia   I85837 stewartsny.com 
5 Barber, Arthur A.  Abt 1916United States I16795 stewartsny.com 
6 Barber, Chester F.  3 Dec 1910United States I16793 stewartsny.com 
7 Barber, Frederick Chester  23 Jun 1882United States I16794 stewartsny.com 
8 Beardsley, Frank C.  Abt 1898United States I10621 stewartsny.com 
9 Bentley, John W.  10 Jan 1863United States I1422 stewartsny.com 
10 Bettinger, Anson Wiley  23 Sep 1880United States I89341 stewartsny.com 
11 Bettinger, John Wallace  16 Oct 1900United States I2699 stewartsny.com 
12 Bingenheimer, Christopher  Abt 1860United States I2256 stewartsny.com 
13 Bingenheimer, Peter  23 Feb 1887United States I15106 stewartsny.com 
14 Blood, Mable  Abt 1893United States I21593 stewartsny.com 
15 Boyd, Edna H  Abt 1902United States I17161 stewartsny.com 
16 Bryan, Edward Wheeler  1830United States I44713 stewartsny.com 
17 Bryan, Kate A.  1879United States I44712 stewartsny.com 
18 Burgen, Emma Matilda  5 Apr 1871United States I52717 stewartsny.com 
19 Burke, Susie  Abt 1887United States I84410 stewartsny.com 
20 Burnett, Pauline Margerette  Abt 1898United States I2192 stewartsny.com 
21 Burns, Hazel Louise  22 Jan 1900United States I531 stewartsny.com 
22 Campbell, Louise  9 Aug 1869United States I4151 stewartsny.com 
23 Carpenter, Edith Mae  Abt 1895UNited States I88567 stewartsny.com 
24 Cheley, Edna C  Abt 1913United States I28974 stewartsny.com 
25 Clark, Mary  Abt 1883United States I29673 stewartsny.com 
26 Cook, Arvis  1886United States I34993 stewartsny.com 
27 Cook, Roa M  Abt 1884United States I34974 stewartsny.com 
28 Coon, Mildred Genevieve  22 Feb 1910United States I7386 stewartsny.com 
29 Coon, William Harrison  Aug 1897United States I9714 stewartsny.com 
30 Craner, Albert L  Abt 1890United States I93480 stewartsny.com 
31 Craner, Arthur J  Abt 1892United States I93469 stewartsny.com 
32 Craner, Ward N  Abt 1897United States I93470 stewartsny.com 
33 Cummins, James Edward  Abt 1863United States I88115 stewartsny.com 
34 Cunningham, Eugene  1857United States I15560 stewartsny.com 
35 Dale, Sarah Antoinette  18 Jan 1869United States I85590 stewartsny.com 
36 Dawley, Harold Orvis  12 Apr 1908United States I10332 stewartsny.com 
37 Deapo, Agnes C "Depot"  5 Jan 1909United States I10252 stewartsny.com 
38 Denny, Frank  1887United States I28311 stewartsny.com 
39 Denny, Gertrude F  Abt 1904United States I28352 stewartsny.com 
40 Denny, William W  10 Apr 1855United States I22842 stewartsny.com 
41 Derocco, Julia Angeline  14 Jul 1913United States I16790 stewartsny.com 
42 Derocco, Umberto  20 Jul 1915United States I16788 stewartsny.com 
43 Derouchia, Christie (Celestia)  Abt 1856United States I82125 stewartsny.com 
44 Deshon, Caroline  Abt 1885United States I16870 stewartsny.com 
45 Dewispelare, Frank  Abt 1910United States I53759 stewartsny.com 
46 Dingman, Earl Jerry  9 Dec 1894United States I20678 stewartsny.com 
47 Dingman, Erwin D  Abt 1883United States I8646 stewartsny.com 
48 Dingman, Lilea M  Abt 1899United States I11682 stewartsny.com 
49 Dirocco, Julia  14 Jul 1914United States I16792 stewartsny.com 
50 Dixson, Nancy Clark  12 Feb 1870United States I101 stewartsny.com 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Ellen Elizabeth  United States I51345 stewartsny.com 
2 Bennett, Emily Varce  United States I51346 stewartsny.com 
3 Brown, Lucy  11 Apr 1917United States I82961 stewartsny.com 
4 Buttrick, Hannah  18 Sep 1814United States I36276 stewartsny.com 
5 Daly, Francis  1875United States I76945 stewartsny.com 
6 Eddy, Augustus R  17 Nov 1879United States I13074 stewartsny.com 
7 Forbes, John Leonard Ladue  United States I39840 stewartsny.com 
8 Jones, Samuel  19 Sep 1743United States I5480 stewartsny.com 
9 King, Mary  United States I12352 stewartsny.com 
10 McKinstry, Polly  United States I8686 stewartsny.com 
11 Potter, George  1783United States I12063 stewartsny.com 
12 Puoskari, Johan Joseph  1916United States I2459 stewartsny.com 
13 Smith, Edward Gower  26 May 1955United States I75751 stewartsny.com 
14 Turner, Elinor  1681United States I33951 stewartsny.com 
15 West, Minnie Adeline  1976United States I51730 stewartsny.com 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Alexander  United States I43770 stewartsny.com 
2 Allen, Alexander Seth  United States I43771 stewartsny.com 
3 Eddy, Samuel  United States I12748 stewartsny.com 
4 Eddy, Zachariah Savery  United States I6729 stewartsny.com 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allen / Leonard  18 Nov 1695United States F10157 stewartsny.com 
2 Allen / Squire  3 Sep 1686United States F57119 stewartsny.com 
3 Austin / Austin  14 Oct 1663United States F14275 stewartsny.com 
4 Eddy / Unknown  United States F2002 stewartsny.com 
5 Foster / Weaver  11 May 1699United States F10024 stewartsny.com 
6 Frary / Graves  28 Jan 1666United States F3215 stewartsny.com 
7 Howlett / Smith  26 Jun 1666United States F942 stewartsny.com 
8 Lee / Crampton  27 Dec 1682United States F3848 stewartsny.com 
9 Leonard / Freeman  United States F780 stewartsny.com 
10 Luther / Turner  1636United States F888 stewartsny.com 
11 Mason / Gardiner  1694United States F12704 stewartsny.com 
12 Reed / Doty  1778United States F65679 stewartsny.com 
13 Sedgwick / Hopkins  1690United States F10228 stewartsny.com 
14 West / Gordon  United States F17694 stewartsny.com 
15 Whaley / Jackson  United States F11208 stewartsny.com