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Richland, Oswego Co., NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, William E.  24 Jun 1877Richland, Oswego Co., NY I33996 stewartsny.com 
2 Shaw, Etta Mae  16 Feb 1932Richland, Oswego Co., NY I61041 stewartsny.com 
3 Wilcox, Daniel  17 Sep 1822Richland, Oswego Co., NY I3086 stewartsny.com 
4 Wilcox, Jerusha R.  9 Dec 1824Richland, Oswego Co., NY I1170 stewartsny.com 
5 Wilcox, Martin S.  17 Nov 1837Richland, Oswego Co., NY I2237 stewartsny.com 
6 Wilcox, Orlando Bradford  20 Sep 1831Richland, Oswego Co., NY I2795 stewartsny.com 
7 Wilcox, Rudolphus B.  28 Jun 1829Richland, Oswego Co., NY I622 stewartsny.com 
8 Wilcox, Schuyler  4 Oct 1833Richland, Oswego Co., NY I12085 stewartsny.com 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cross, Moulton  Jul 1853Richland, Oswego Co., NY I11355 stewartsny.com 
2 Sherman, Abel  20 Jun 1866Richland, Oswego Co., NY I8057 stewartsny.com 
3 Thompson, Polly Ann  22 Nov 1882Richland, Oswego Co., NY I851 stewartsny.com 
4 Upton, John Sr  22 Jul 1828Richland, Oswego Co., NY I5232 stewartsny.com 
5 Wilcox, Romulus Bradford  27 Jun 1873Richland, Oswego Co., NY I2052 stewartsny.com