Parish, Oswego, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aldrich, Lucy Muretta  8 Mar 1878Parish, Oswego, New York I7553 Tree2020 
2 Allen, Inez Luella  9 Feb 1913Parish, Oswego, New York I17475 Tree2020 
3 Brockway, Mary Melissa  7 Aug 1837Parish, Oswego, New York I13894 Tree2020 
4 Dawley, Doris Margarette  13 Aug 1917Parish, Oswego, New York I8225 Tree2020 
5 Dawley, Ruth Alta  13 Nov 1910Parish, Oswego, New York I9604 Tree2020 
6 Heistman, Rosalia  Abt 1860Parish, Oswego, New York I87423 Tree2020 
7 Henderson, Clarence A.  30 May 1887Parish, Oswego, New York I2700 Tree2020 
8 Henderson, Elsie Ethel  9 Feb 1895Parish, Oswego, New York I7776 Tree2020 
9 Jennings, Nelson Benjamin  22 Apr 1852Parish, Oswego, New York I72086 Tree2020 
10 Kiesinger, Frederick Stephen  Nov 1869Parish, Oswego, New York I11368 Tree2020 
11 Larrabee, William Robert  9 May 1921Parish, Oswego, New York I50724 Tree2020 
12 More, James Lincoln  20 Dec 1860Parish, Oswego, New York I85310 Tree2020 
13 Rood, Orla W.  28 Mar 1910Parish, Oswego, New York I50730 Tree2020 
14 Sherman, Walter  1860Parish, Oswego, New York I43595 Tree2020 
15 Smith, Gilbert B.  17 Jun 1917Parish, Oswego, New York I75660 Tree2020 
16 Stevenson, Pearl J.  15 Apr 1913Parish, Oswego, New York I35733 Tree2020 
17 Trumble, Rosa May  26 Sep 1889Parish, Oswego, New York I17914 Tree2020 
18 Weideman, Levy C.  14 Feb 1858Parish, Oswego, New York I71704 Tree2020 
19 Wightman, Baby Boy  Dec 1892Parish, Oswego, New York I8331 Tree2020 
20 Wightman, William P  4 Nov 1822Parish, Oswego, New York I14136 Tree2020 
21 Willis, Alice Louise  4 Jul 1931Parish, Oswego, New York I20708 Tree2020 
22 Young, Elizabeth L.  1876Parish, Oswego, New York I8948 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benjamin, Mary  1888Parish, Oswego, New York I67088 Tree2020 
2 Doane, Harriet Elizabeth  Jan 1973Parish, Oswego, New York I30419 Tree2020 
3 Lewis, Ann  11 Jan 1884Parish, Oswego, New York I73894 Tree2020 
4 Loura, John Ralph  21 Dec 2005Parish, Oswego, New York I8943 Tree2020 
5 Miller, Jason Clayton  2 Sep 1954Parish, Oswego, New York I54083 Tree2020 
6 Miller, Muriel Rose  24 Jan 2000Parish, Oswego, New York I81030 Tree2020 
7 Peters, Douglas R.  12 Aug 2001Parish, Oswego, New York I16920 Tree2020 
8 Smith, Alma May  29 Jan 1954Parish, Oswego, New York I9562 Tree2020 
9 Spencer, Anna Fern  30 Sep 1985Parish, Oswego, New York I9384 Tree2020 
10 Wightman, Baby Boy  Dec 1892Parish, Oswego, New York I8331 Tree2020 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bailey / Harter   F28443 Tree2020 
2 Horr / Henderson  12 Apr 1913Parish, Oswego, New York F2491 Tree2020 
3 Kingdeski / Ottenschot  7 May 1976Parish, Oswego, New York F29390 Tree2020 
4 Murphy / Stevens  16 Jan 1912Parish, Oswego, New York F2363 Tree2020 
5 Trumbull / Perry  21 Nov 1917Parish, Oswego, New York F27661 Tree2020