Our Family History

Jefferson Co., NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Calkins, Charles W.  Abt 1822Jefferson Co., NY I47305 stewartsny.com 
2 Stewart, Franklin E.  9 Aug 1826Jefferson Co., NY I11797 stewartsny.com 
3 Goodridge, Sarah  1845Jefferson Co., NY I23794 stewartsny.com 
4 Myers, Lolinda Deette  Dec 1852Jefferson Co., NY I20718 stewartsny.com 
5 Moyer, Carrie Seymore  11 Aug 1874Jefferson Co., NY I39699 stewartsny.com 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ridgeway, Alpheus  14 Feb 1884Jefferson Co., NY I23052 stewartsny.com 
2 Crast, James Earl  27 Nov 1967Jefferson Co., NY I23505 stewartsny.com 
3 Cheney, Myron W.  19 Jun 1972Jefferson Co., NY I23394 stewartsny.com 
4 Jamerson, Dorothy M.  4 Aug 1975Jefferson Co., NY I8469 stewartsny.com 
5 Reed, Chester  15 Oct 1981Jefferson Co., NY I24345 stewartsny.com 
6 Crandall, Amos Lee  Sep 1984Jefferson Co., NY I23447 stewartsny.com 
7 Johnson, Douglas  May 1985Jefferson Co., NY I23890 stewartsny.com 
8 Crast, James Eugene  Jan 1987Jefferson Co., NY I23506 stewartsny.com 
9 Maitland, Vera  29 Jul 1992Jefferson Co., NY I24102 stewartsny.com 
10 Van Grieson, Hannah  Nov 1992Jefferson Co., NY I24837 stewartsny.com 
11 Lewis, Howard  27 Jan 1995Jefferson Co., NY I24042 stewartsny.com 
12 Murray, Walter Eugene  19 Jun 1995Jefferson Co., NY I24192 stewartsny.com 
13 Lewis, Harold D.  17 Dec 1995Jefferson Co., NY I24041 stewartsny.com 
14 Cheney, Robert D.  15 Feb 1996Jefferson Co., NY I23398 stewartsny.com 
15 Maitland, William George  2 Apr 1996Jefferson Co., NY I24104 stewartsny.com 
16 Lester, Hazel Marguerite  25 Sep 1996Jefferson Co., NY I1247 stewartsny.com 
17 Austin, Ildra  18 May 1997Jefferson Co., NY I23192 stewartsny.com 
18 Crandall, Fannie Chawgo  20 Jan 1998Jefferson Co., NY I23455 stewartsny.com 
19 Austin, Lois Elizabeth  12 Jan 1999Jefferson Co., NY I23194 stewartsny.com 
20 Ridgeway, Clarabelle  24 Jan 1999Jefferson Co., NY I24446 stewartsny.com 
21 Dooley, Margaret  28 Sep 2001Jefferson Co., NY I23656 stewartsny.com 
22 Crandall, Earl Amos  25 Oct 2001Jefferson Co., NY I23452 stewartsny.com 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Calkins / Sabin  Abt 1816Jefferson Co., NY F17379 stewartsny.com 
2 Joyner / Washburn  1870Jefferson Co., NY F16139 stewartsny.com