Fulton, Oswego, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Voodre, Henry M  1855Fulton, Oswego, New York I5807 Tree2020 
2 Miller, Muriel Rose  27 Feb 1928Fulton, Oswego, New York I81030 Tree2020 
3 Miller, Frederick H  Abt 1920Fulton, Oswego, New York I54086 Tree2020 
4 Meeks, Noreen Ellen   I16099 Tree2020 
5 Lapointe, Verna Ruth  25 Oct 1905Fulton, Oswego, New York I52616 Tree2020 
6 Hirsh, Elbert Douglas  28 Aug 1920Fulton, Oswego, New York I68330 Tree2020 
7 Dawley, Winfred Herbert "Bud"  24 Dec 1914Fulton, Oswego, New York I10257 Tree2020 
8 Allen, William Cornelius  25 Apr 1917Fulton, Oswego, New York I90042 Tree2020 
9 Allen, James W  1 Jul 1946Fulton, Oswego, New York I11659 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Unknown, Lany  22 Mar 1888Fulton, Oswego, New York I88120 Tree2020 
2 Towsley, Lula Velva  28 Jan 1965Fulton, Oswego, New York I26959 Tree2020 
3 Stewart, Grace B.  30 Oct 1977Fulton, Oswego, New York I10122 Tree2020 
4 Roussel, Francis  31 Oct 1912Fulton, Oswego, New York I32146 Tree2020 
5 Kinsman, Anna Mae  22 Jul 2010Fulton, Oswego, New York I13246 Tree2020 
6 Kiblin, Bertha E  13 Jul 1978Fulton, Oswego, New York I44687 Tree2020 
7 Jones, Donald Hubert  6 Mar 1996Fulton, Oswego, New York I82665 Tree2020 
8 Ives, Richard Lysle  27 Jan 1985Fulton, Oswego, New York I14703 Tree2020 
9 Hubbard, Harold Putnam  20 Sep 1988Fulton, Oswego, New York I90210 Tree2020 
10 Howard, Elizabeth H.  12 Jun 1915Fulton, Oswego, New York I18601 Tree2020 
11 Durfey, Albert A.  22 May 1914Fulton, Oswego, New York I18600 Tree2020 
12 Cross, Arthur  23 May 1888Fulton, Oswego, New York I74169 Tree2020 
13 Cook, Harry William  15 Jun 2007Fulton, Oswego, New York I87491 Tree2020 
14 Cook, Charles T.  20 May 1920Fulton, Oswego, New York I34962 Tree2020 
15 Conn, William A  19 Nov 2007Fulton, Oswego, New York I14704 Tree2020 
16 Calkins, Amy  7 Feb 1923Fulton, Oswego, New York I86921 Tree2020 
17 Briggs, Olive Sophia  18 Oct 1963Fulton, Oswego, New York I52195 Tree2020 
18 Bellinger, Victor Adelbert  9 Jul 1978Fulton, Oswego, New York I90232 Tree2020 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Horr / Hadden  5 Nov 1924Fulton, Oswego, New York F4331 Tree2020 
2 Gokey / Brown  16 Nov 1940Fulton, Oswego, New York F49778 Tree2020 
3 Edick / Pride  2 Mar 1938Fulton, Oswego, New York F27650 Tree2020 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Glass / Edick   F27665 Tree2020