Ellisburg, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ballou, Margaret Jennie  26 Nov 1916Ellisburg, New York I23213 Tree2020 
2 Burr, Hannah  7 Feb 1827Ellisburg, New York I49385 Tree2020 
3 Burr, Harriet  30 Mar 1829Ellisburg, New York I49384 Tree2020 
4 Coffie, Leroy F  9 Aug 1905Ellisburg, New York I22641 Tree2020 
5 Ellis, Fannie F.  26 Apr 1852Ellisburg, New York I19604 Tree2020 
6 Frye, Jessie Belle  7 Nov 1899Ellisburg, New York I56866 Tree2020 
7 Gregory, Ned Franklin  19 Jan 1919Ellisburg, New York I25940 Tree2020 
8 Guernsey, Betsey  1811Ellisburg, New York I4252 Tree2020 
9 Howard, Amanda Jane  7 Sep 1844Ellisburg, New York I5255 Tree2020 
10 Hudson, Margaret S.  12 Jan 1932Ellisburg, New York I27283 Tree2020 
11 Landphere, Emiline  Ellisburg, New York I76681 Tree2020 
12 Matteson, Margaret Louise  1911Ellisburg, New York I22285 Tree2020 
13 Mellen, Marion Belle  16 Mar 1929Ellisburg, New York I41210 Tree2020 
14 Nutting, Arthur Otis  15 Jun 1901Ellisburg, New York I20674 Tree2020 
15 Pattem, Ina Marie   I64762 Tree2020 
16 Price, Mabel M.  17 Apr 1880Ellisburg, New York I32099 Tree2020 
17 Richardson, Lyman Ellis  4 Jun 1876Ellisburg, New York I17425 Tree2020 
18 Sampson, Franklyn E.  23 Jun 1933Ellisburg, New York I32727 Tree2020 
19 Schell, Malvina Lovina  10 Apr 1842Ellisburg, New York I74047 Tree2020 
20 Soule, Elizabeth Cornelia  15 Mar 1841Ellisburg, New York I43377 Tree2020 
21 Soule, William  Ellisburg, New York I76680 Tree2020 
22 Towles, Donald  23 Apr 1933Ellisburg, New York I3233 Tree2020 
23 Towles, Ronald R.  28 Jan 1938Ellisburg, New York I12647 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Otis, Alice May  9 Mar 1940Ellisburg, New York I5432 Tree2020 
2 Otis, Avery Brown  11 Mar 1951Ellisburg, New York I7790 Tree2020 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Groff / Woolson  7 Jul 1974Ellisburg, New York F10731 Tree2020 
2 Nutting / Otis  5 Sep 1900Ellisburg, New York F222 Tree2020 
3 Snydner Cobb / Sayers  9 Sep 1961Ellisburg, New York F13056 Tree2020