Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wood, Joseph W  10 Sep 1818Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I81215 Tree2020 
2 Skinner, Emily  19 Feb 1825Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I40474 Tree2020 
3 Potter, Charles Andrew  31 Aug 1832Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I16887 Tree2020 
4 Kilburn, George Washington  25 Apr 1834Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I14670 Tree2020 
5 Denny, John  6 Feb 1836Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I90207 Tree2020 
6 Pool, Arminda  11 Apr 1839Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I6118 Tree2020 
7 Denny, Phebe J  Mar 1840Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I90220 Tree2020 
8 Benton, Elizabeth  May 1844Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I12499 Tree2020 
9 Towsley, Alice Charlotte  24 Jul 1851Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I43841 Tree2020 
10 Wells, Albert  1 Aug 1853Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I49099 Tree2020 
11 Weed, Arthur J  5 Jun 1860Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I93716 Tree2020 
12 Wells, William Virgil  3 Mar 1866Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I49132 Tree2020 
13 Tryon, Clara D  Mar 1880Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I20912 Tree2020 
14 Dana, Clara May  3 Feb 1895Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I5282 Tree2020 
15 Laclair, Glenn Lester  Abt 1911Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I58544 Tree2020 
16 Cornwell, Harold J.  27 Mar 1912Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I8754 Tree2020 
17 Foster, Leola M  6 Apr 1924Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I14271 Tree2020 
18 Wood, Ronald J.  3 Apr 1934Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I72750 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Thompson, Sarah Jane  24 Dec 1903Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I30110 Tree2020 
2 Dana, William  15 Mar 1904Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York I45308 Tree2020