Cornwall, Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Berthiaume, Abraham  Abt Feb 1843Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I86554 Tree2020 
2 Berthiaume, Agn├Ęs  18 Oct 1851Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I86557 Tree2020 
3 Berthiaume, Joseph  12 Feb 1848Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I86553 Tree2020 
4 Laquier, Permelia  1868Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I4045 Tree2020 
5 Roussel, Alexander Sandy  25 Jan 1852Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I83796 Tree2020 
6 Roussel, Elizabeth Margaret  5 Jun 1861Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I82106 Tree2020 
7 Tyo, Charles  15 Jul 1863Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I92645 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Berthiaume, Catherine  1 Feb 1912Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I86547 Tree2020 
2 Berthiaume, Margaret  29 Aug 1926Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I86556 Tree2020 
3 Guernsey, Cynthia B.  24 Feb 1882Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I89735 Tree2020 
4 Jones, Rachel  9 Jan 1834Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I89726 Tree2020 
5 Lalonde, Marguerite  28 Oct 1924Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I76000 Tree2020 
6 Mandigo, Earl Jacob  22 Nov 1971Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I3012 Tree2020 
7 Roussel, John  21 Dec 1920Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I27012 Tree2020 
8 Roussel, Josephe Thelesfort  4 Jan 1917Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I27013 Tree2020 
9 Roussel, Josette  4 Apr 1866Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I35159 Tree2020 
10 Roussel, Sophie  UNKNOWNCornwall, Ontario, Canada I27000 Tree2020 
11 Rousselle, Marie Josephe  4 Apr 1866Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I35564 Tree2020 
12 Taillon, Francis Xavier  23 Oct 1917Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I73738 Tree2020 
13 Taillon, Francois Xavier  23 Oct 1917Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I92624 Tree2020 
14 Taillon, Joseph  12 Apr 1858Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I26989 Tree2020 
15 Taillon, William John  7 May 1933Cornwall, Ontario, Canada I92638 Tree2020 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Roussel Russell / McPhail  Between 1874 and 1886Cornwall, Ontario, Canada F62296 Tree2020