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Oswego County, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 Joslyn, Wilmont  Abt 1848Oswego County, New York I4832 stewartsny.com 
52 Killam, John E  10 Jul 1922Oswego County, New York I94815 stewartsny.com 
53 Laveck, Clifford Hartley   I42444 stewartsny.com 
54 Legel, Unknown   I27883 stewartsny.com 
55 Maitland, Betty E.   I17285 stewartsny.com 
56 Maitland, Betty Jane  Abt 1931Oswego County, New York I1288 stewartsny.com 
57 Maitland, David L.   I5570 stewartsny.com 
58 Maitland, Nancy A.   I17284 stewartsny.com 
59 Maitland, Ralph Edward Sr.  12 Sep 1910Oswego County, New York I236 stewartsny.com 
60 Maitland, Ralph Edward Jr.  25 Apr 1933Oswego County, New York I29750 stewartsny.com 
61 Maitland, Royce E.  1936Oswego County, New York I10497 stewartsny.com 
62 Maitland, Susan J.  15 Dec 1944Oswego County, New York I11572 stewartsny.com 
63 Marsden, Sarah  Abt May 1810Oswego County, New York I51198 stewartsny.com 
64 Mason, Henry  3 Oct 1849Oswego County, New York I18043 stewartsny.com 
65 Miller, Emma L.  Abt 1860Oswego County, New York I18286 stewartsny.com 
66 Miller, Mary Viola  Aug 1872Oswego County, New York I54081 stewartsny.com 
67 Miller, Velma  Aug 1875Oswego County, New York I43426 stewartsny.com 
68 Moot, Jeff   I27904 stewartsny.com 
69 Mosher, Susan J.   I18294 stewartsny.com 
70 Murall, Rhuma  Abt 1810Oswego County, New York I52232 stewartsny.com 
71 Murphy, Samuel W.  Abt 1842Oswego County, New York I66055 stewartsny.com 
72 Murray, Fauntabelle  31 Dec 1925Oswego County, New York I69815 stewartsny.com 
73 Nichols, Mabel C.  24 Feb 1896Oswego County, New York I33542 stewartsny.com 
74 Parkhurst, Darius M.  Abt 1837Oswego County, New York I66008 stewartsny.com 
75 Quackenbush, Abram Vinson  1 Dec 1821Oswego County, New York I34035 stewartsny.com 
76 Quackenbush, Amanda Eliza  8 Mar 1823Oswego County, New York I34034 stewartsny.com 
77 Quackenbush, Electa Orilla  21 Apr 1834Oswego County, New York I34048 stewartsny.com 
78 Quackenbush, Harriet Matilda  29 Aug 1829Oswego County, New York I34039 stewartsny.com 
79 Quackenbush, Isaac Newton  14 Apr 1827Oswego County, New York I34032 stewartsny.com 
80 Quackenbush, James P.  13 Nov 1831Oswego County, New York I34046 stewartsny.com 
81 Quackenbush, Palmer P  25 Aug 1853Oswego County, New York I34042 stewartsny.com 
82 Riker, Rhoda A.  Abt 1842Oswego County, New York I66058 stewartsny.com 
83 Robarge, Donald F.  6 May 1920Oswego County, New York I11122 stewartsny.com 
84 Robinson, William  Abt 1864Oswego County, New York I32683 stewartsny.com 
85 Rudd, Robert Lincoln Storrings  19 Dec 1934Oswego County, New York I49841 stewartsny.com 
86 Sanderson, Delores Jane   I6640 stewartsny.com 
87 Sanderson, Eva May  Sep 1872Oswego County, New York I6865 stewartsny.com 
88 Southwell, Victoria Marlene  12 Jan 1952Oswego County, New York I17836 stewartsny.com 
89 Sparks, William E.  Apr 1834Oswego County, New York I52005 stewartsny.com 
90 Spencer, David William  16 Feb 1810Oswego County, New York I8027 stewartsny.com 
91 Spoor, George Washington  Abt 13 May 1839Oswego County, New York I52886 stewartsny.com 
92 St. Clair, Leo Raymond  1887Oswego County, New York I74401 stewartsny.com 
93 Stevens, Gary Stewart  2 Feb 1942Oswego County, New York I1781 stewartsny.com 
94 Tanner, Earl L.   I9034 stewartsny.com 
95 Taplin, John Richard Watson  May 1845Oswego County, New York I2994 stewartsny.com 
96 Tilkins, Ida  Abt 1863Oswego County, New York I32739 stewartsny.com 
97 Trumble, Charles  Abt 1858Oswego County, New York I17864 stewartsny.com 
98 Trumble, Lloyd M.   I18549 stewartsny.com 
99 Tryon, Alice L.  Feb 1896Oswego County, New York I3507 stewartsny.com 
100 Tryon, Anna  Aug 1893Oswego County, New York I13799 stewartsny.com 

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