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Philo Everts

Philo Everts

Male 1792 - 1858  (66 years)

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  • Name Philo Everts 
    Born 29 May 1792  Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 26 Jul 1858  Mexico, Oswego, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I84549  stewartsny.com
    Last Modified 15 Sep 2021 

    Father Ebenezer Everts,   b. 21 Sep 1745, Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 5 Nov 1813, Mexico, Oswego, New York, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 68 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Hannah Perry,   b. Bef 1774,   d. 1801  (Age > 27 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Married Abt 1787 
    Family ID F59171  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Venera Carr 
     1. Philo Everts,   b. Mar 1813, Mexico, Oswego, New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 6 Jun 1906, Madison, Lake, Ohio, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 93 years)  [natural]
     2. Eben Perry Everts  [natural]
    Last Modified 15 Sep 2021 
    Family ID F59170  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 


      By Esther Rancier

      Charles Shaughnessy and Esther Rancier both researching different lines in Oswego County, N.Y. met on the Internet beginning an exchange which Everts/Evarts researchers may find useful. Charles' wife, Betsy, is a descendant of Philo Everts, 1792-1858 of Mexico.

      In an effort to sort out the Everts lines, Charles used the standard source for Everts' genealogy, an article in the New England Historic Genealogical Register, v. 61, p. 25-30, compiled by Ralph D. Smith, "John Evarts of Guilford, Conn. and His Descendants." The material begins with John Evarts being made a freeman at Concord, MA in 1637/8. John's grandson Nathaniel3 (John2 John1) lived in East Guilford, CT, but many of his children removed to Salisbury, CT and Salisbury, VT.

      The grandson, Daniel3 (Daniel2 John1), also of Guilford, had a grandson Solomon5 (Samuel4 Daniel3 Daniel2 John1) b. 24 Feb. 1763, who went to Mexico, N.Y. No further details given.

      Later in 1815 a Solomon Everts owned lot 54 next to Phineas Davis. He was in town earlier, as a local story related - "Old Solomon Everts" said there never were rats in Mexico, until people began to raise corn about 1811 or 12.

      Elizabeth M. Simpson in her work, 'Mexico, Mother of Towns', found that in 1804, Samuel G. and Ebenezer Everts came to Mexico from Salisbury, CT. "The two brothers had lost their wives in a fever epidemic in 1801, Samuel G. being left with a family of nine: Elijah, Samuel G. Jr., Walter,Luther, Electa, Sarah, Asenath, Olive, and Julia while Ebenezer had six children: Mary or 'Polly', Waita, Melinda, Ebenezer, Jr., Frederick and Philo."

      To assist his research, Charles posted a will abstract of Philo Everts of Mexico, N.Y. on the Internet 6 July 2001.

      "Everts, Philo - Mexico, Oswego (E-412) New York

      Will made Sept. 2, 1857. Proved Oct. 15, 1858.

      Wife: Sally, Executrix, $150 in addition to real estate.

      Daughters: Hannah $400, Harriet $250, May $250.

      Sons: Morgan, executor $62. Philo $100 (Algernon was deceased, but his children Nathan M.? and Alice E. Everts are listed to receive $100 each upon turning age 21). Reuben $37, Erastus C. ? $162, and Henry. The remainder of his estate is to be shared equally by four of his sons, Henry, Morgan, Reuben and Erastus C.?.

      Witnesses: Samuel H. Stone, Timothy W. Skinner, Samuel H. Jones."

      He received a response:

      "Thank you for posting the Everts' will.... Was the son, Henry, mentioned b. ca. 1824 or ca. 1801? The 1801 Henry, married Fanny; the 1824 Henry married Joanna Soule, daughter of Constant Soule of Richland, N.Y. This latter Henry, had a son, Morgan, b. 1853, who probably died young as he was not in 1880 census." Charles replied, "There was a Henry Everts who settled in North Scriba, Oswego, New York in 1798. His son, Henry Everts, Jr. was the first white child born there. He could have been the Henry born in 1801. I don't know if there was a Henry in the next generation of that family. Philo's children's birth years included Eben Perry b. 1816, Morgan, b. 1828 and Mary, b. 1830, so that the Henry, b. 1824 had a son named Morgan, it seems possible that he could have been named for Henry's brother, Morgan. So your Henry may be the Henry, son of Philo, named in the will. I think the Henry who settled in 1798 was a son of Gilbert Everts, who was a first cousin to 1804 settlers Samuel Gillette Everts and Ebenezer Everts, brothers."

      Later, Charles added more information, "Morgan Everts was a surgeon, was on the 1860 census Mexico, enlisted in the Union Army in 1862, was on the 1870 census Webster, Hamilton County, Iowa and was in California, later. There is a Morgan Everts Library in Clarion, Iowa... but I don't know the connection, if any. My wife Betsy's cousin, has an oil portrait of Morgan, handed down from Franklin Davis Weygint, Morgan's nephew, Mary's son and my wife's great grandfather....

      "Do you happen to know where the following people fit in? Franklin Everts (1864 will); Asa D. Everts, executor and brother; Delos Everts and Orville Everts, brothers; Asa D. Everts, Orville Roberts and Myron Everts, trustees for Delos and Orville Everts; Cyrus Whitney and Myron Everts, witnesses. I believe there was an Asa Davis in Oswego [County] in the early years and that Asa Everts' middle name is Davis. I think my wife's great grandfather, Franklin Davis Weygint may have been named for Franklin Everts and the Davis Family. I don't know how these people are related to our Mary Everts, b. 1830."

      Charles then offers the following: "I will send the will of Philo and that of his father, Ebenezer.... I will include a transcription of a 1921 letter mentioning the Asa Davis Association and another with vital statistics on Elijah's family compiled by a descendant."

      "My wife's ancestors are Mary Everts 1830-1901 and Reuben Weygint 1818-1894, buried in the ... Primitive Cemetery in Mexico, Oswego. We have Mary's parents as Sally Johnson and Phil Everts 1792-1858.... To formally introduce my wife: Betsy Weygint Bergen is her maiden name. (Mrs. Shaughnessy for 30 years.) Her 'daughtered out' Everts line is: Betsy, Phyllis Marie Weygint Bergen, Walter Weygint, Franklin Davis Weygint, Reuben Weygint and Mary Everts, Philo Everts, Ebenezer, Elijah, Nathaniel, John1-2. Betsy's family has always spelled it Evarts."

      Here is the 1921 letter from Walter S. Evarts to Franklin Davis Weygint. It was transcribed by Dorothy Carolyn Weygint Delong, the youngest of four daughters of Walter Weygint and granddaughter of Franklin Davis Weygint. She is still living in 2001 and employed. After the signature, there are two notes which were added by "Aunt Dorothy". These notes are followed by a series of data about Elijah Everts, Deacon, which are signed Melinda Calkins, who probably was the daughter of Ebenezer Everts.

      7 Windsor St. Andover, Mass.

      Cousin Frank:

      I trust you will pardon me for not writing you before as you asked me to do after I had made a visit to Mexico. We arrived home from Calif. on July 19th. We left Detroit about Oct. 1st to make a little visit to my daughter, Mrs. E. H. Ziegler in NY City, also my daughter, Mrs. R. B. Homer of Boston, or rather Andover. We had planned to go to Florida for the winter and in fact motored as far as Durham, NC where we received word that previous arrangements which were made for my daughter's Auntie, to come and stay with her for the winter had fallen thru. Mrs. Homer expected a new arrival about the middle of Feb and Mr. Homer being a naval officer was called to sea, Dec. 26th and with her two other kiddies we felt guilty to leave her alone, especially as she has been quite miserable during her confinement. Hence, we wintered so far in a cold clime although the weather has been fine most of the time. We have no snow nor have we had any to speak of. I stopped over in Mexico only two days, coming east Mrs. Ziegler came up to Det. and motored home with us. She wanted to see my native country "Some place." Our lot at the cemetery is now in fine shape. I have had the trees trimmed up, the lot was all spaded up and new dirt drawn in to terrace it up (as it was too low) fertilizer put on and new dirt seeded. Also when there before I had all the stones and monuments cleaned and some of the stones I had reset as they were loose at the base. Also, I had the chain put in order, which was loose at the posts. I made arrangements with Mr. T. A. Stevins while there to look after the lot, hereafter. He lives up near the cemetery and said he would keep the grass and weeds out and keep it in good condition, which will not cost much now as the Myrtle and weeds are out and in good shape. You will see by the enclosed clipping, wince I have cleaned up our lot it has started some of the other citizens to wake up and take some interest. You spoke of being willing to pay a portion of the expense. Because I did this on my own initiative, you can do as you wish. It will be all right with me either way. It cost me $55.00 for this work. Aunt A-- Evarts, Lute and Rolls' Mother, died this last Dec. I don't know whether you remember her or not. She was Lorenzo Evarts Widow. My step-mother also died last Sept. Warren Everts is the only one of the older ones living. He was Perry Everts' son. The Everts family is almost extinct in Oswego County. It gives me the willies every time I go down there. I might add that Lute, is living all alone in the old farm (he never married) he has always lived with and taken care of his Mother. I had a letter from Dora* sometime ago and was glad to hear from her. Had we gone to Florida I was going to motor back via McMinnville to Detroit and call and see her. I am going to try and go down to Urbana, Ohio this summer and see George Everts. I have not seen him for 29 years. His two daughters are both married. His only son, Walter, was killed riding a bicycle some four or five years ago. I sent Dora the obituary notice which was taken from the Urbana papers at the time.

      Now in regard to the Everts genealogy, I motored over to West Lynn last fall and made the acquaintance of -------Everts, the man who is getting the data. He has not done very much lately, as he had not been very well, and another thing, we have not been able to get hold of any blanks. He says just as soon as we can get some blanks he will get busy and as soon as he gets more data will have it put in book form. He seems like a nice fellow. I would like to spend more time in Salisbury, Oh and dig around and see what I can find out. I may motor over there on our way back to Det. We will be here to the 1st of April at least. It is rather quiet here in the east as yet - the big textile mills at Laurence, Lowell in fact all thru New England are not doing much yet. Boston is tied up with a big strike of the Allied and Building trade unions, carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, cement workers, etc.

      Well, Frank, I would be mighty glad to hear from you any time and will try to keep you posted in regard to the genealogy. Did I tell you the Asa Davis Association of Boston are getting data together for a genealogy of the Davis family? I have my order in for one when completed of the Davis family. Do you want one?

      I trust this finds yourself and family all well and hoping to see you some time and hear from you once in a while.
      I am sincerely yours, Walter S. Evarts

      *Dora was Franklin Weygint's sister. She died when we were living in Brookings, South Dakota - in late1930's. Franklin Weygint was our grandfather and died in 1922 or early 1923 I think - at least, I was told he died when I was 1 year old.

      Transcriptions from old fragile document I ran across some years ago. I had some problems with the handwriting. Elijah Everts, Deacon

      Elijah Everts and Mary, his wife, were married Monday May 25, 1741

      Mary, their daughter born December 13th, 1741; deceased February 9th 1748

      Elijah, their son born February 9th, 1743

      Ebenezer, their son born January 29, 1747

      Their twins born September 19, 1749

      Elijah Everts, father to Ebenezer and Samuel Everts, deceased December 4th, 1754

      Mary, his wife deceased September 28th 1783

      Elijah Everts, deceased November 5th 1813 - age 68

      Samuel Everts, deceased December 3rd 1834, aged 87 years and 10 months.

      Melinda Calkins

      On back side: Mr. Samuel Everts, Mexico

      Later Charles added more data to help fill in the letter. "The materials I sent you were also sent to Charisa Calvert ... who ... is a descendant of Samuel Gillette Everts, brother of our Ebenezer, both sons of Elijah Everts. The 'Aunt A--' in the letter, is her ancestor Artemsia Snell Everts Brown and the 'Lute and Rolls' are Luther and Rolland. Charisa Calvert has postcards from Walter and Gertrude Evarts dated 1922. They were still 'motoring' around the country and writing to cousins. The postcards are addressed to Mr. & Mrs. R. R. Evarts who are Rolland Richard Evarts and Margaret Stockwell, great grandparents of Charisa.

      "The Salisbury, Ohio mention in the letter would mean that Walter was planning to look into a more distant branch of the family, the descendants of Elijah's brother, Sylvanus Evarts, who was a Vermont Tory during the Revolution, married to Elisheba Chittenden, sister of Vermont Governor Thomas Chittenden. I don't know if Sylvanus left Vermont, but his son, Ambrose, removed to Salisbury, Ohio. Some descendants went on to Michigan City, LaPorte, IN. I found the following references to the family:

      "1) Ambrose Everts b. 27 Nov. 1759 in CT; d. 4 Mar. 1802 in OH; married to Ashsah Binghamb. 18 Dec. 1760 in Salisbury, CT; d. 1832. Their son, Gustavas Adolphus Everts b. 17 Aug. 1797 in Athens Co. OH; d. Jan. 1884 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.

      "2) [OHMEIGS] Dr. Brewster Higley facts Contents - Type: text/plain; Charset="1so-8859-1" Here is a list of facts on Dr. Highley vi? He was born in Rutland, OH, on November 30, 1823... His mother's name was Ashsah Everts, At the age of 18 he began to study medicine in New Plymouth, OH.
      In the spring of 1848, he went to LaPotre, IN and formed a partnership with his uncle, Dr. Everts. He wrote the poem 'Home on the Range' in Kansas. His neighbor, Dan Kelly, a banjo player from Virginia, set the poem to music. 'Home on the Range' was the favorite song of President Franklin Roosevelt. Roy Rogers called it the 'Cowboy's National Anthem'. American soldiers on every front during WW II, sang it.

      "3) 1850 census IN, LaPorte Co., Michigan City Reel no:157 page no: 295B

      20 151 159 Everts Sylvanus 62 m Physician Vermont

      21 151 159 Everts Elizabeth 55 F Maine

      22 151 159 Everts Julia Elvina 19 F Indiana

      23 151 159 Everts Thomas H 15 m Indiana

      "I found the following in History of Oswego County, New York by Crisfield Johnson, p. 273.

      'The North Mexico Methodist Episcopal Church. Meetings were held at this point at quite an early day. The present church was erected in the summer of 1846, by the Methodists and Baptists, in union, with the understanding that each should have the use of the house on alternative Sabbaths. In 1875 the members of the Methodist denomination, purchased the interest of the Baptists and meetings have since been held by the former only. Prior to 1875 this was a branch of the Holmesville society, and at present one pastor supplies both pulpits. The number of members is sixty-two. Frederick, Adelina, Philo and Sally Everts, Joel and Electa Roberts, ... Davis and Mary Everts, ... and Albert Everts were among the early members and supporters of the church."

      The 1921 letter from Walter S. Evarts, talked about clearing up the Everts/Evart graves in the Primitive Cemetery. The graves Walter meant were the following:

      Samuel G. - Revolutionary War soldier; grave unmarked

      Philo July 26, 1858, 66y

      Sally, his wife, Sept. 26, 1862, 65y [Johnson]

      William Feb. 1852, 62y

      Caroline June 1, 1827, 32y

      S. July 13, 1820, 58y [Could this be Solomon?]

      Elizabeth, wife of Samuel?. May 5, 1818, 81y

      J. Newton, June 30, 1869, 59 y

      Martha, dau. of John N. & Rhoda Feb. 24, 1848, 8y

      Lorenzo, Jan. 8, 1870, 43y

      Bertie R., Son of L & A, Dec. 28, 1869, 5y

      Artemesie 1834-1920

      Amelia F., dau. of E.P. & B., June 17, 1868, 23y

      Eliza A., 2d dau. of E.P. & B., Mar. 1, 1875, 24y

      Perry, Oct. 11, 1877, 62y

      Betsey, wife of Perry, Dec. 15, 1894, 76y

      Orville, June 16, 1832-Dec. 2, 1864

      George W., Apr. 3, 1839-Sept. 27, 1865

      Deloss, June 13, 1824-July 4, 1873

      Franklin, Feb. 12, 1964, 36y

      William, May 27, 1907, 72y

      Hattie, w. of William W.; Apr. 13, 1864, 25y

      Davis, July 1, 1873, 47y

      Mary S., w. of Davis; June 17, 1826 - May 28, 1867

      Channy, son of C & E; June 20, 1866, 1y

      Walter July 7, 1784 - Mar. 1, 1874

      Elizabeth, w. of Walter; May 29, 1863, 62y

      Algernon, Mar. 21, 1856, 26y

      In addition they also worked on the nearby Weygint graves:

      R.T. 1818-1894

      Mary Everts, w. of R.T. 1830 - 1901

      Bessie E., June 6, 1865 - Dec. 15, 1865

      Nellie E., May 22, 1855 - Oct. 13, 1867, children of RT & ME

      Further note on the 1921 letter, the Lute who is mentioned as living alone on the farm was listed in the 1917 Oswego County, NY Farm Directory as Luther M. Everts, farmer (milk) 56 acres, RD 1, Mexico. He died in 1924 and is buried in the Primitive Cemetery.

      From the N.Y. Oneida Co. Will Books, v. 1-3 Charles supplied a copy of the will of Ebenezer Everts:

      "In the name of god Amen - I, Ebenezer Everts, of the Town of Mexico in the County of Oneida and State of New York, being of sound mind and memory, and taking into consideration the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death do make ... this my last will and testament. That is to say first and principally I give my soul to God who gave it and my body to the Earth from which it was taken. And thinking of my worldly estate, I give my heirs and dispose of the same in the following manner - that is to say -

      First, I give and devise unto my youngest son, Frederic Everts ... thirty-eight acres and a half, which I hold by deed from George Scriba. Lying on the north end of no. 27 to be taken by parallel lines with the north line of the said lot to hold to him, Frederic and his heirs and assigns forever.

      Secondly, I give and devise unto my daughter, Malinda Everts her heirs and assigns twenty acres of land next adjoining south of what I have given my son, Frederic, to be taken in the like parallel lines to hold .... Thirdly, I give and devise unto my daughter, Waighty Savage, her heirs and assigns, ten acres of land next & adjoining south of what I have given my daughter Waighty....

      Whereas I have made no provision for my wife, Lydia, in this my will on account of the following reasons, viz. - She hath not performed the duty she owed to my family. She has applied a great part of her labor to her for her own children. The hardships she would injure my family what she could. She has for about a year left my house and family concerns and has refused to come home when requested. Therefore my will is that if she should survive me, that she have no part of my estate. And I hereby appoint my son, Philo Everts, Executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty-fourth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen. [Aug 24, 1813]

      Signed, sealed, Published... by the said Ebenezer Everts as his last will and testament....

      Subscribed our names: Gail W. Morton, Solomon Evarts, Walter Evarts

      For the record, Ebenezer's first wife was Hannah Perry, but only the name, Lydia, is known about the second marriage.

      In a thank you note to Charles this material was extracted from Tree Talks about the Everts/Evarts families: "12:3 Maple View Cemetery - Laura E. (House) wife of Frank Everts 1872-1924.
      16:2 Betsey Everts, late widow of James Whitney, now wife of Luther Everts from Oswego Co. Dower, dated 7 Sept. 1821. 17:3 Samuel Everts of Mexico Wife: Lucinda Sons: Myron & Avery Daughters: Matilda, Alma, Sarah Executors: Lucinda & Myron 25 March 1841 Witnesses: Joel Roberts, Elias Brewster, Ichabod N. Dunning, Cyrus & Lydia Ann Lull. Oswego Co. Wills, Bk. B, p. 174.

      All further items are gravestones from Mexico Village Cemetery - 25:

      1 William Fletcher Everts 1827-1910 = Frederick Everts 1 June 1847, age 49 = Adeline, wife of Frederick, Mar. 13, 1877, age 77. 26:

      2 Lulie Everts, dau of M & JL Oct. 30, 1864, age 3. 27: 1 Sarah Hutchins Everts 1821-1881. 27:

      3 Samuel Everts Dec. 8, 1842, age 62 = Lucinda Slack, wife of S., Feb. 9, 1865, age 72 = Milton Everts Aug. 29, 1884, age 66 = Avery Everts Apr. 16, 1858, age 26. 29:3 Myron Everts June 20, 1908, age 92 = Lucretia Matthews, wife of Myron Everts Apr. 30, 1892, age 73 = Charles H. Everts 1854-19--; Emma Aird, wife of C.H. 1854-19-- = Matilda Everts, wife of Lyman Payne, Mar. 7 1909, age 85. 30:1 Margaret Everts, wife of H. M. 1853-1930. 30:2 A.D. Everts b. Mexico, NY Aug. 25, 1819 d. Houston, Texas Nov. 6, 1859, age 37 = Matilda E., wife of A.D. d. Galveston, Texas Nov. 6, 1858, age 37 = Elijah Everts Apr. 2, 1852, age 75 = Dianthe, wife of Elijah, July 6, 1840, age 54. 30:3 Charles L. Everts 1838-1917 = Rosalie E., wife of C. L. 1842-1923 = Channy C., son of Carl 1864-1867. 31:2 Charles M. Everts Co. D 5th Regt. NYV 1841-1912 = Matilda M., wife of C. M. 1844-1895 (Whipple)

      To help understand who some of the Everts/Evarts living in Mexico were Simpson's Mexico explains Asa D. Everts was the son of Walter Everts who married Betsey Davis, daughter of Asa and Polly (Herring) Davis. Ebenezer Everts bought lots 27 and 19 in Mexico. His daughter, Mary "Polly" Everts married Brainard Selby. Elijah Everts' daughter, Eliza, married Solomon Tillapaugh. Elijah owned lot 18. Joel Roberts married Samuel G. Everts' daughter, Electa. They owned lot 10.

      In the 1820 census there were 2 Evarts - Luther and Samuel in Mexico. Also at Mexico were five Everts - Bessey, Elijah, Luther, Philo, Walter. In Oswego, Henry Everts lived. At Volney, a Hyman Everts was listed. Brainard Selby, husband of of Mary Everts Selby, lived next door to Bessey. Luther Everts resided two houses away. While Luther Evarts lived next to Joel Roberts, husband of Electa Everts Roberts.

      By 1830 little had changed. In Volney, Hyman had become Heman. In Mexico, there was a Harley Evarts. Luther Everts had disappeared from the census. In the entire US there were only 81 Everts Heads of Household recorded. They resided heavily in New York State. While there were 35 Evarts listed who were divided between Connecticut and New York.

      Charles Shaughnessy would be pleased to exchange information with any "long lost cousins", of his wife.


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