Lodiwick Mott Willis

Lodiwick Mott Willis

Male 1821 - 1889  (67 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Lodiwick Mott Willis was born on 3 Dec 1821 (son of John Willis and Susan S. Mott); died on 5 May 1889.


    Lodiwick Mott Willis - December 3, 1821 - May 5, 1889. Son of John and Susan S. Mott Willis. Husband of Mary Ann Hess & Emeline R. Howard Willis.
    Newspaper Obituary - Thursday, May 16, 1889 Pulaski Democrat - Pulaski, New York - South Richland - The sudden death of L. M. Willis cast a shadow over our community which will be long in passing, for the reason that Mr. Willis came here forty-five years ago and has been a busy, energetic man, a friend to all, and those who came to him in need he never turned empty-handed away. The bitter experience of being left in very early life a fatherless boy, enabled him as he came to manhood and met often with trials that crushed and bowed him to the earth, to sympathize more with others. He chose for the companion of his youthful days, Miss Mary Herr, sister of Mr. Martin Herr, of this place, but like flowers that we love most and best, she faded, drooped and died. Later, he married Miss Emma Howard, who still survives him, with his two sons, two brothers and a sister. The loving, faithful wife and sons will most miss him, for to him have they looked for counsel and advice. There are those among us who flit out and in before us, and we become accustomed to letting them do, and we never think that they may die, but the new made grave in the cemetery, the empty chair at home, the sad, tear-stained faces and aching hearts of this lonely wife and sons, all remind us that Mr. Willis is surely gone - gone to return no more. Funeral services were held at his home on Wednesday afternoon, last, Rev. J. W. Simpson, of New York Mills, officiating. A large audience listened with breathless silence and interest with to his well-chosen, comforting and impressive words, made still more impressive because of the sorrow he himself felt at the loss of this, his friend.

    Family/Spouse: Emeline R. Howard. Emeline (daughter of Seth Howard and Mary A. Unknown) was born in 1843; died on 9 Mar 1927. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. Lavillar J. Willis was born on 20 Nov 1846; died on 8 Apr 1923.
    2. Frank A. Willis was born on 23 Sep 1851; died on 23 Nov 1928.
    3. Mattie Lewis Willis was born on 6 Jun 1871; died on 31 Jan 1883.

    Family/Spouse: Mary Ann Hess. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  John Willis

    John married Susan S. Mott. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Susan S. Mott
    1. 1. Lodiwick Mott Willis was born on 3 Dec 1821; died on 5 May 1889.