William Edick

William Edick

Male Abt 1809 - 1876  (~ 67 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  William Edick was born about 1809 in Houndsfield Township, New York (son of Marcus Edick and Elizabeth Waffle); died on 6 Sep 1876.

    William married Harriet Scott on 21 Jan 1836. Harriet (daughter of Seth Scott and Amy Unknown) was born on 23 Dec 1815 in Unadilla, New York; died on 20 Jan 1905. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. George H. Edick was born on 6 Apr 1841; died on 27 Feb 1919.
    2. Esther Jane Edick was born on 17 Oct 1839; died on 2 Apr 1915.
    3. Robert Brayton Edick was born on 4 May 1859; died on 28 May 1893.
    4. Helen A. Edick was born on 26 Nov 1853; died on 15 Mar 1909.
    5. Julia A. Edick was born on 8 Jun 1843; died on 4 Sep 1845.
    6. Nettie M. Edick was born in Feb 1847; died on 31 Jan 1909.
    7. John W. Edick was born on 29 Dec 1845; died on 24 Feb 1920.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Marcus Edick was born in 1772; died in 1855.


    The first Germans to settle in North America were Palatines who arrived in New York State during 1709/10. Governor Hunter arranged to settle the Germans on the Livingston Estate. Names were put onto lists which came to be called the Hunter Rolls. On 1 July 1710 Johann Michael Ittich first appeared on a roll. On 24 June 1711, he was listed with 3 over persons over 10 years and 1 person under 10. These other persons were Hans Michael Edich and Hans Michael Edich, Jr. They were finally awarded land in the Burnetsfield Patent by 1725. On the south side of the river, Michael Editch [sic] received lot #20. Johan Michael Edigh [sic] was awarded lot #33.
    Almost every Palatine family found their names changed as various persons recorded the German names as best they could. Most of these families were peasants who were illiterate. They could not spell out their own names. The recorders varied (spelling). Some were native Dutch speakers, some were of New England Yankees; others came directly from England and yet another group were literate Mohawk Indians, sons of white men. How the German names came to be spelled, depended on who made the list. Most Palatine research needs to be done on each and every variant. Into the 19th century some Ittig insisted on the German spelling while other branches changed their names early.

    Stories within the family abound with recollections of discrimination because of their German background. At first the discrimination centered on the fact they spoke only German. The Yankees hated it. They were also Lutherans, a religion not familiar to the local populace. But most of all it centered on the fact they raised lot of pigs, in a time when a bar of soap was only available to the richest households. The Germans could be smelled coming from a considerable distance. Many Germans found their Yankee neighbors too hostile. In the Revolutionary War, many Palatines joined the British Army. Most Edicks did not, but they had to work hard for acceptance.

    Some descendants believe Hans Michael Edick was born 28 September 1668 in Landhauser, Germany. Hans Jr.’s birth was about 1700 with the place unknown. Hans Jr.’s son, Marcus Edick, born 1731 in German Flatts, Herkimer Co., NY, married twice. His second wife, Anna Barbara Weber/Weaver became the mother of 7 children including, Marcus, Jr. in 1772 at Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY.

    In January 1793 at Stone Arabia, young Marcus married Elizabeth Waffle, daughter of George and Maria Esther (Seeber) Waffle. They had 5 children. Sometimes Elizabeth was called Betsey as in the 1850 Richland, NY census.

    1. Catherine Edick b. 11 January 1794 Oneida, NY; m. 19 May 1812 John Folts/Volz; d. 8 June 1859.
    2. Elisabeth Edick b. 7 February 1801 Stone Arabia, NY; d. 1881 Houndsfield, NY.
    3. William Edick b. 1808 Stone Arabia, NY; m. Harriet Scott; d. 1876 Richland, NY.
    4. John Edick b. May 1810 Stone Arabia, NY; m. Margaret Scott; d. January 1886 Richland,NY.
    5. Anna Edick.

    Marcus was included in the 1830 Richland, NY census. He died in 1855 at Richland. Elizabeth died 1856 at Richland and was buried in the Willis Cemetery. Her grave was either unmarked or her stone had become unreadable. The Daughters of the American Revolution, Ontario Chapter, Pulaski, NY surveyed this cemetery ca. 1930 and found no Edick stones in the Willis Cemetery.

    Catherine Edick who married John Folts/Volz of Herkimer Co., NY, had 9 children born between 1814 and 1837. Neither she nor her sister, Elizabeth, who never married, appeared to have lived in Oswego County. But both William and John raised their families in Richland. More research is required on sister Anna.

    William married in 1836, Harriet Scott, born ca. 1816 in Mexico, NY. They lived with Marcus and Elizabeth (Betsey) in 1850. In the 1850 census their children were given as Esther, age 12; George, age 9; John, age 4; Jenett, age 2. After William died in 1876 at Richland, Harriet maintained the household. In the 1880 census she kept house for her two sons: John W., age 34 and Robert M., age 21 who both were farmers.

    By 1910 John W. had been married for 27 years to Ella, a woman who declared in the census that she had never given birth to a child. John W. farmed 98 acres in 1917. He grew hay, oats and potatoes. He died after 1920. His mother, Harriet, had died in 1905. William was supposed to be buried also at Willis Cemetery, but there is no stone.

    John Edick, born in 1810, wed Margaret Scott. In the 1850 census they lived next door to Job Kelsey Belding’s family. John was a farmer. Margaret, born ca. 1810, had 3 children. They were Harriet, age 18; Lucy, age 13; and Henry, age 3. Henry, born 27 October 1847 in Mexico, NY, died 7 November 1892 unmarried. In the 1880 census Harriet, then age 46, was the wife of Lewis A. Munger, age 46. They were living with her parents, John and Margaret Edick. John, died 12 January 1886 in Richland.

    The Marcus Edick line has gone on, however. William’s son, George, born 1841, wed Adlaide, born ca. 1842. By 1880 they had 2 children: Ida M., age 10 and Grant Edick who married Julia M. Mowry of North Mexico on 19 December 1902. She was the daughter of Oliver B. Mowry. In the 1920 census for Richland they had a son, Donald, age 8. Adlaide, age 76, his mother lived with them. Grant died in 1939 before he had a chance to know his grandchildren: Donald G. Edict II, born 2 September 1946 in Pulaski and George G., born 1947 at Pulaski. Their mother, was Dorothy Butler. Descendants now live at Watertown, NY.

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    Marcus married Elizabeth Waffle. Elizabeth died in 1856. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Elizabeth Waffle died in 1856.
    1. 1. William Edick was born about 1809 in Houndsfield Township, New York; died on 6 Sep 1876.
    2. John W. Edick was born on 29 Dec 1845; died on 24 Feb 1920.
    3. Henry Edick was born in 1793; died on 3 May 1894 in Michigan.