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Stockbridge, Madison, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albee, Granville C.  20 Jan 1846Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28386
2 Albee, James Henry  1 Jun 1861Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28387
3 Albee Or Alby, Joseph W.  8 Apr 1849Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28382
4 Albee Or Alby, Lydia M.  15 Aug 1858Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28384
5 Austin, Amos Orville  11 May 1823Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28400
6 Austin, Calvin Edson  25 Apr 1833Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28401
7 Austin, Chester Duane  26 Dec 1834Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28402
8 Austin, Electa Caroline  19 Feb 1826Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28405
9 Austin, Elem Franklin  3 Jun 1828Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28406
10 Austin, Mary Louisa  6 Jan 1820Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28413
11 Austin, Orren Harvey  3 Aug 1821Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28416
12 Edsom, Rinda Maria  20 Apr 1813Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28466
13 Edson, Andrew Willard  19 Jun 1852Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28479
14 Edson, Aurilla Jane  4 Sep 1826Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28483
15 Edson, Calvin  8 Sep 1805Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28488
16 Edson, Charlotte  4 Mar 1812Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28494
17 Edson, Chester  1 Feb 1810Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28495
18 Edson, Daniel Green  20 Jul 1852Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28500
19 Edson, Elam  17 Dec 1808Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28506
20 Edson, Eli  17 Dec 1808Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28507
21 Edson, Eunice Snow  8 Jul 1803Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28517
22 Edson, Eunice Sophia  5 May 1850Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28518
23 Edson, Florentia  28 Dec 1847Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28520
24 Edson, Hannah  20 Apr 1823Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28530
25 Edson, Hannah Ellen  23 Dec 1845Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28531
26 Edson, Henry Wells  7 Nov 1809Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28534
27 Edson, John  8 Oct 1806Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28540
28 Edson, John Alfred  16 Jan 1839Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28541
29 Edson, John Henry  15 Aug 1833Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28543
30 Edson, Julia Mary  30 Aug 1836Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28545
31 Edson, Lovina  20 Mar 1815Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28550
32 Edson, Lucy  8 Jun 1802Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28551
33 Edson, Lydia  25 Mar 1808Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28554
34 Edson, Lydia Olivia  15 Aug 1841Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28555
35 Edson, Melinda Electa  3 Feb 1819Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28566
36 Edson, Nathan  1 May 1815Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28570
37 Edson, Olive  1 Jan 1804Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28573
38 Edson, Olive  16 Aug 1807Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28574
39 Edson, Oliver Cromwell  31 Jul 1843Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28575
40 Edson, Oliver Stewart  1 Aug 1813Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28576
41 Edson, Rhoda Augusta  7 Apr 1833Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28580
42 Edson, Richard Henry  23 Nov 1854Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28581
43 Edson, Robert Stewart  24 Nov 1804Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28584
44 Edson, Roxana (Roxy) Phidelia  19 Oct 1820Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28587
45 Edson, Rudolphus  10 Jun 1825Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28588
46 Edson, Samuel Stewart  1 Oct 1816Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28589
47 Edson, Sarah  6 Feb 1823Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28592
48 Edson, Sarah Elizabeth  6 Aug 1843Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28593
49 Edson, Silence  4 Nov 1836Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28596
50 Edson, Statira Almina  7 Nov 1834Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28597

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Mary Louisa  30 Apr 1895Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28413
2 Davis, David L.  1921StockBridge, Madison, New York I39334
3 Edson, Alfred  27 Nov 1838Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28472
4 Edson, John  12 Nov 1807Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28540
5 Edson, Lucy  24 Oct 1859Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28551
6 Gregg, David  29 Jun 1874Stockbridge, Madison, New York I94772
7 Hall, Mary  12 Dec 1838Stockbridge, Madison, New York I9532
8 May, Dorothy (Dolly)  12 Dec 1882Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28699
9 Peterson, Philip  1 Jul 1845Stockbridge, Madison, New York I5982
10 Porter, Orrin Nelson  18 Sep 1856Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28744
11 Scribner, Benoni  Aft 1880Stockbridge, Madison, New York I92857
12 Scribner, Hannah  September 23, 1848 *died of childbirth w/baby sonStockbridge, Madison, New York I92955
13 Stewart, Lydia  1 Feb 1841Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28772


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Armour, Sarah Charlotte  Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28399
2 Austin, Chester Duane  Stockbridge, Madison, New York I28402


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Porter  18 Dec 1878Stockbridge, Madison, New York F10507
2 Albee / Edson  15 Jan 1845Stockbridge, Madison, New York F10349
3 Bishop / Austin  15 Oct 1845Stockbridge, Madison, New York F10363
4 Edson / Alden  27 Oct 1841Stockbridge, Madison, New York F10354
5 Edson / Orcutt  19 Jan 1832Stockbridge, Madison, New York F10406
6 Edson / Stewart  9 Aug 1801Stockbridge, Madison, New York F10405