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Québec, Quebec, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beriau Dit Poitevin, Maurice À Copier De Benoit Beriault  5 Mar 1689Quebec, Quebec, Canada I64515 Tree2020 
2 Beriau Poitevin, Angelique  20 Jan 1757Québec, Quebec, Canada I64699 Tree2020 
3 Bourbeau, Simon  8 Jun 1699Québec, Quebec, Canada I14678 Tree2020 
4 Brodeur, Emelie  1877Québec, Quebec, Canada I14726 Tree2020 
5 Brodeur, Joseph  Oct 1871Québec, Quebec, Canada I14772 Tree2020 
6 Dasilva, Marie Elizabeth  30 Jan 1687Québec, Quebec, Canada I64747 Tree2020 
7 David, Marguerite  20 Jan 1781Québec, Quebec, Canada I77860 Tree2020 
8 Dit Taillon, Jean Francois Baptiste Michel  25 Sep 1692Quebec, Quebec, Canada I62810 Tree2020 
9 Ferguson, Zeruie Maude  9 Mar 1889Québec, Quebec, Canada I82423 Tree2020 
10 Galarneau, Marie Madeleine  21 Aug 1709Québec, Quebec, Canada I14711 Tree2020 
11 Lago, Andre  9 Aug 1835Québec, Quebec, Canada I49221 Tree2020 
12 Leduc, Gesippe  Sep 1824Québec, Quebec, Canada I49334 Tree2020 
13 Leduc, Jacques  1707Québec, Quebec, Canada I49323 Tree2020 
14 Leduc, Josephte  1809Québec, Quebec, Canada I49287 Tree2020 
15 Montpellier Beaulieu, Marie Emilie  29 Aug 1803Québec, Quebec, Canada I50859 Tree2020 
16 Morand, Jean  1685Québec, Quebec, Canada I64713 Tree2020 
17 Paquette, Marguerite E  1805Québec, Quebec, Canada I76061 Tree2020 
18 Pepin, Nicolas Medore  1796Québec, Quebec, Canada I50717 Tree2020 
19 Roussel, Josette  1783Québec, Quebec, Canada I16831 Tree2020 
20 Rousselle, Marie Josephe  1783Québec, Quebec, Canada I66095 Tree2020 
21 Taillon, Francis  26 Apr 1780Québec, Quebec, Canada I66159 Tree2020 
22 Taillon, Francois Michel  10 Dec 1690Québec, Quebec, Canada I61387 Tree2020 
23 Taillon, Guillaume Michel  28 Dec 1676Québec, Quebec, Canada I62692 Tree2020 
24 Taillon, Marie Josephte  20 Mar 1697Québec, Quebec, Canada I61332 Tree2020 
25 Tyo, Mary Anne  Abt 1848Québec, Quebec, Canada I67041 Tree2020 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bourbeau, Eustache-Gabriel  1800Québec, Quebec, Canada I48978 Tree2020 
2 Bourbeau, Simon  1782Québec, Quebec, Canada I14678 Tree2020 
3 Dasilva, Marie Elizabeth  Abt 1760Québec, Quebec, Canada I64747 Tree2020 
4 Desmarais, Louis  3 Jun 1834Québec, Quebec, Canada I49438 Tree2020 
5 Desmarais, Marie Catherine  11 Mar 1768Québec, Quebec, Canada I48983 Tree2020 
6 Dit Taillon, Jean Francois Baptiste Michel  3 Jul 1772Québec, Quebec, Canada I62810 Tree2020 
7 Galarneau, Marie Madeleine  1730Québec, Quebec, Canada I14711 Tree2020 
8 Henault Deschamps Hunault, Isabelle Elisabeth  1800Québec, Quebec, Canada I14640 Tree2020 
9 Lebrun, Jean Baptiste  8 Oct 1855Québec, Quebec, Canada I43749 Tree2020 
10 Leduc, Joseph  20 May 1764Québec, Quebec, Canada I49511 Tree2020 
11 Leduc, Marie Agatha  27 Oct 1831Québec, Quebec, Canada I49496 Tree2020 
12 Morand, Jean  23 Feb 1754Québec, Quebec, CANADA I64713 Tree2020 
13 Pepin, Marie Thérèse  24 Mar 1743Québec, Quebec, Canada I49559 Tree2020 
14 Roussel, Pierre Louis  13 Feb 1833Québec, Quebec, Canada I70296 Tree2020 
15 Taillon, Francois Michel  11 Jan 1700Québec, Quebec, Canada I61387 Tree2020 
16 Taillon, Marguerite Arcouet  Québec, Quebec, Canada I70395 Tree2020 
17 Taillon, Marie Madeleine  25 Dec 1702Québec, Quebec, Canada I61949 Tree2020 

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