Amboy, Oswego, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alger, Clark Delaucy  21 Feb 1880Amboy, Oswego, New York I66342 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Alger, Jesse Norman  Abt 1868Amboy, Oswego, New York I66341 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Alger, Rufus Abner  17 Dec 1903Amboy, Oswego, New York I67073 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Alverson, David  30 Jun 1830Amboy, Oswego, New York I83689 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Cole, Mary Ann  15 May 1826Amboy, Oswego, New York I14133 Stewartsnydotcom 
6 Crim, Hannah  Sep 1845Amboy, Oswego, New York I66346 Stewartsnydotcom 
7 Grieb, Lillian R Rhodes  1871Amboy, Oswego, New York I66344 Stewartsnydotcom 
8 Kinsman, Homer D.  1866Amboy, Oswego, New York I3561 Stewartsnydotcom 
9 Nichols, Jennie L.  24 Aug 1881Amboy, Oswego, New York I28863 Stewartsnydotcom 
10 Seamans, Ella May  5 Aug 1871Amboy, Oswego, New York I67101 Stewartsnydotcom 
11 Seamans, Seymour  30 Sep 1885Amboy, Oswego, New York I67105 Stewartsnydotcom 
12 Trumble, Chloe Alice  27 Apr 1885Amboy, Oswego, New York I17868 Stewartsnydotcom 
13 Warren, Emily Sophia  6 May 1844Amboy, Oswego, New York I6684 Stewartsnydotcom 
14 Warren, George Hubbard  27 May 1857Amboy, Oswego, New York I4647 Stewartsnydotcom 
15 Warren, Ghouley Eugene  3 Jan 1874Amboy, Oswego, New York I187 Stewartsnydotcom 
16 Warren, John S  Mar 1846Amboy, Oswego, New York I6077 Stewartsnydotcom 
17 Warren, Leroy "Roy" J  20 Oct 1853Amboy, Oswego, New York I11792 Stewartsnydotcom 
18 Warren, William  9 Aug 1824Amboy, Oswego, New York I14213 Stewartsnydotcom 
19 Warren, William N  Abt 1855Amboy, Oswego, New York I15742 Stewartsnydotcom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alger, Clark Delaucy  5 Nov 1969Amboy, Oswego, New York I66342 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Alger, Rufus Abner  21 Jan 1978Amboy, Oswego, New York I67073 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Foils, James  11 Apr 1857Amboy, Oswego, New York I28931 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Haslet, Eliza Ann  18 Apr 1896Amboy, Oswego, New York I88118 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Trumble, Chloe Alice  22 May 1969Amboy, Oswego, New York I17868 Stewartsnydotcom 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Alger / Potter  1830Amboy, Oswego, New York F29362 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Look / Chapman  4 Jul 1849Amboy, Oswego, New York F10564 Stewartsnydotcom