(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bernard, Leo E.   I79452 tree2019 
2 Collette, Romeo W.  Between 1905 and 1906(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79742 tree2019 
3 Dio, Barbara  Abt Nov 1929(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79064 tree2019 
4 Dio, Julia Louise  Between 1865 and 1867(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79114 tree2019 
5 Dubois, Donald L.   I79456 tree2019 
6 Lataille, Aime  21 Dec 1909(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79755 tree2019 
7 Lataille, Aime  25 Nov 1911(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79676 tree2019 
8 Lataille, Alberta  1905(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79386 tree2019 
9 Lataille, Antoinette   I79678 tree2019 
10 Lataille, Cyril  1910(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79683 tree2019 
11 Lataille, D---   I79754 tree2019 
12 Lataille, Edward   I79673 tree2019 
13 Lataille, Emile Adelard  3 Feb 1916(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79769 tree2019 
14 Lataille, Irene   I79677 tree2019 
15 Lataille, Leo   I79679 tree2019 
16 Lataille, Leona   I79680 tree2019 
17 Lataille, Lester W.  5 Oct 1904(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79145 tree2019 
18 Lataille, Lionel I.  19 Oct 1902(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79745 tree2019 
19 Lataille, Marie|mary R.   I79682 tree2019 
20 Lataille, Mary  1903(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79693 tree2019 
21 Lataille, Noella  1907(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79770 tree2019 
22 Lataille, Raoul   I79675 tree2019 
23 Lataille, Raymond J.  24 Feb 1910(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79743 tree2019 
24 Lataille, Yvonne  1910(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79634 tree2019 
25 Lataille, Yvonne   I79674 tree2019 
26 Pero, Mary Dio "Agnes"  Mar 1881(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79096 tree2019 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lataille, Peter  Between 1920 and 1930(Worcester Co.)?, Massachusetts I79044 tree2019