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Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armitage, James Donald  25 Sep 1928Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I11664 Tree2020 
2 Bennett, Paul Geddes  21 Jan 1891Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I59855 Tree2020 
3 Eppler, Mary Mamie Whitman  31 Aug 1885Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I78357 Tree2020 
4 Keller, Emma L  11 Apr 1860Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I78269 Tree2020 
5 Kennedy, Joseph Thomas Patrick  27 Oct 1931Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I36269 Tree2020 
6 Kennedy, Philip Michael  20 Nov 1947Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I43433 Tree2020 
7 Maloney, Gerald Thomas  5 May 1930Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I67989 Tree2020 
8 McHugh, Mary  22 May 1896Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I79585 Tree2020 
9 McKeown, Frances  14 Dec 1898Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I79520 Tree2020 
10 McKeown, Mary Pereptua Anna  21 Aug 1902Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I79469 Tree2020 
11 McKeown, Theresa Mary  3 Oct 1928Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I79524 Tree2020 
12 Search, Harry K. Jr.  7 Aug 1918Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I59913 Tree2020 
13 Smith, Rose Gertrude  9 Oct 1919Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I76104 Tree2020 
14 Sprake, William Harris  27 Jun 1916Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I59778 Tree2020 
15 Walizer, Mary Louise  4 Sep 1936Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I11796 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kennedy, Mary S.  11 Feb 1973Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania I36358 Tree2020 

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