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Richland Township, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Woodruff, John Henry  26 Aug 1857Richland Township, New York I51108
2 Frary, Clara Belle  5 Feb 1878Richland Township, New York I36795
3 Martin, Layton  16 Mar 1890Richland Township, New York I13394
4 Trumble, Carl R.  7 Apr 1890Richland Township, New York I32452
5 Butterworth, Glenn Taylor  3 Aug 1890Richland Township, New York I19652
6 Bentley, Purley Jay  29 Jul 1891Richland Township, New York I34513
7 Lilley, Earl Royal  14 Nov 1891Richland Township, New York I34514
8 Wells, Ida Belle  3 May 1893Richland Township, New York I34519
9 North, Ethel Minnie  29 Jun 1893Richland Township, New York I30342
10 Manwaring, James Lewis  5 Aug 1893Richland Township, New York I25751
11 Twitchell, Ray  28 Sep 1893Richland Township, New York I1772
12 Wilcox, Charles Eugene  5 Jul 1894Richland Township, New York I34521
13 Orton, Edna Carolyn  27 Nov 1896Richland Township, New York I5431
14 Trumble, Marian Beatrice  21 Sep 1897Richland Township, New York I13327
15 Lilley, Leon Dexter  26 May 1898Richland township, new york I58787
16 Pratt, Sylvia May  27 May 1898Richland Township, New York I5941
17 Orton, Burton Eugene  5 Sep 1898Richland Township, New York I14783
18 Burns, Robert Lee  12 Nov 1898Richland Township, New York I22421
19 Murray, Roy Patsy  14 Apr 1899Richland Township, New York I10007
20 Manwaring, Walter Nichols  22 Apr 1900Richland Township, New York I25736
21 Greenwood, John Raymond  8 May 1900Richland Township, New York I9205
22 Fox, Gladys Mae  15 May 1900Richland Township, New York I34536
23 Tryon, Addie Lorett  23 Jun 1900Richland Township, New York I34537
24 Montondo, Clifford Dexter  8 Jul 1900Richland Township, New York I13904
25 Lacy, Sherman J  27 Aug 1900Richland Township, New York I58550
26 Tryon, Carl Loveless  7 Oct 1900Richland Township, New York I34540
27 Atkinson, Floyd Jay  4 Dec 1900Richland Township, New York I30017
28 Burns, Ella May  19 Dec 1900Richland Township, New York I30346
29 Mandigo, Elvira Louise  20 Dec 1900Richland Township, New York I32245
30 Stewart, Avery Riley Wilbur  10 Feb 1901Richland Township, New York I13395
31 Hilton, Earl Lee  14 Jul 1901Richland Township, New York I34288
32 Tanner, Mary Elizabeth  20 Jul 1901Richland Township, New York I34543
33 Hilton, Jay Leroy  7 Sep 1901Richland Township, New York I34544
34 Stewart, Wayne Edson  20 Dec 1901Richland Township, New York I6087
35 Wilder, John Lynn  15 Feb 1902Richland Township, New York I3947
36 Richardson, Blanche E.  5 Mar 1902Richland Township, New York I2715
37 Coon, Francis Jean  28 May 1902Richland Township, New York I8351
38 Burns, Anna Belle  10 Jan 1903Richland Township, New York I22398
39 Hilton, Nina L.  3 Apr 1903Richland Township, New York I2302
40 Howlett, Dorotha Alice  7 Oct 1903Richland township, new york I57930
41 Wilder, Florence Amelia  20 Dec 1903Richland Township, New York I2573
42 Geer, Lola May  21 Jan 1904Richland township, new york I56983
43 Hare, Richard  22 Jun 1904Richland Township, New York I34555
44 Spicer, Laminer  24 Jul 1904Richland Township, New York I34556
45 Miner, Theodore M.  1 Oct 1904Richland Township, New York I34560
46 Burns, Lewis M.  21 Nov 1904Richland Township, New York I32554
47 Cobb, William Frederick  3 May 1905Richland Township, New York I34562
48 Jamerson, Sayre W.  9 May 1905Richland Township, New York I34563
49 Look, Edna Mae  31 May 1905Richland Township, New York I8314
50 Trumble, Louis Ross  13 Jun 1905Richland Township, New York I15151

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