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Montréal, Quebec, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blair, Elnora  1861Montreal, Quebec, Canada I7328 Tree2020 
2 Filiatreau, Nicole  30 Apr 1662Montréal, Québec, Canada I72911 Tree2020 
3 Gaudin Dit Chatillon, Catherine  11 May 1659Montréal, Quebec, Canada I14620 Tree2020 
4 Giroux, Marguerite  1743Montréal, Quebec, Canada I50698 Tree2020 
5 Henault Deschamps Hunault, Isabelle Elisabeth  13 May 1753Montréal, Quebec, Canada I14640 Tree2020 
6 Leduc, Antoine  15 May 1757Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49336 Tree2020 
7 Leduc, Basil Amable  17 Feb 1760Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49303 Tree2020 
8 Leduc, Francoise Elisabeth Isabella  16 Jul 1797Montreal, Quebec, Canada I49275 Tree2020 
9 Leduc, Jean Baptiste  8 Sep 1710Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49350 Tree2020 
10 Leduc, Marie Agatha  6 May 1767Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49496 Tree2020 
11 Leduc, Marie Catherine  9 Jan 1762Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49310 Tree2020 
12 Leduc, Marie Charlotte  17 Dec 1755Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49522 Tree2020 
13 Leduc, Marie Charlotte  15 May 1757Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49533 Tree2020 
14 Leduc, Peter Amable  1 Sep 1751Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49279 Tree2020 
15 Leduc, Pierre Amable  1 Sep 1751Montréal, Quebec, Canada I14605 Tree2020 
16 Leduc, Rene  27 Feb 1715Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49500 Tree2020 
17 Legault, Joseph  21 May 1774Montréal, Quebec, Canada I51017 Tree2020 
18 Réaume, Catherine  1732Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49676 Tree2020 
19 Roussel, Antoine-Joseph  8 Jun 1733Montréal, Québec, Canada I72865 Tree2020 
20 Roussel, Jacques  31 Jul 1700Montréal, Quebec, Canada I73120 Tree2020 
21 Roussel, Louise  18 May 1702Montréal, Quebec, Canada I73138 Tree2020 
22 Roussel, Marie Louise  30 Oct 1705Montréal, Quebec, Canada I73130 Tree2020 
23 Roussel, Pierre  7 Sep 1704Montréal, Quebec, Canada I72867 Tree2020 
24 Russell, Frank William  17 Nov 1833Montréal, Quebec, Canada I77486 Tree2020 
25 Viau, Marguerite  4 Jul 1776Montréal, Quebec, Canada I51050 Tree2020 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cuillerier, Marie-Angélique  3 Sep 1764Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49074 Tree2020 
2 Debouafles, Marie  11 Dec 1747Montréal, Quebec, Canada I14734 Tree2020 
3 Fortin, Philippe  5 Oct 1687Montréal, Quebec, Canada I14708 Tree2020 
4 Gareau, Raoul  Aug 1935Montreal, Quebec, Canada I16608 Tree2020 
5 Giroux, Marguerite  11 Sep 1768Montréal, Quebec, Canada I50698 Tree2020 
6 Leduc, Basil Amable  14 Jan 1763Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49303 Tree2020 
7 Leduc, Marie Catherine  17 Jan 1762Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49310 Tree2020 
8 Leduc, Marie Charlotte  17 Dec 1755Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49522 Tree2020 
9 Leduc, Marie Charlotte  15 May 1757Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49533 Tree2020 
10 Leduc, Marie Francoise  12 Jun 1789Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49508 Tree2020 
11 Leduc, Pierre Amable  15 May 1757Montréal, Quebec, Canada I14605 Tree2020 
12 Legault, Joseph  28 Oct 1834Montreal, Quebec, Canada I51017 Tree2020 
13 Legault Dit Deslauriers, Noël  11 Apr 1747Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49914 Tree2020 
14 Lindsey, Laura Ann  14 Aug 1935Montreal, Quebec, Canada I17047 Tree2020 
15 Massiot, Angelique Marie-Marguerite  6 Jul 1750Montréal, Québec, Canada I72784 Tree2020 
16 Peterson, Lillian Marguerite  1 Jun 1983Montreal, Quebec, Canada I81093 Tree2020 
17 Raymo, Rose Anna Elizabeth  18 Nov 1909Montréal, Quebec, Canada I75928 Tree2020 
18 Réaume, Catherine  28 Jun 1764Montréal, Quebec, Canada I49676 Tree2020 
19 Roussel, Jean Antoine  22 Nov 1781Montréal, Quebec, Canada I73097 Tree2020 
20 Roussel, Louise  24 Sep 1703Montréal, Quebec, Canada I73138 Tree2020 
21 Roussel, Pierre  10 May 1761Montréal, Quebec, Canada I72867 Tree2020 
22 Viau, Marguerite  18 Oct 1776Montréal, Quebec, Canada I51050 Tree2020 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Fortin / Gaudin Dit Chatillon  21 Nov 1672Montréal, Quebec, Canada F15929 Tree2020 
2 Leduc / Giroux  23 Jun 1766Montréal, Quebec, Canada F15962 Tree2020 
3 Leduc / Réaume  15 Oct 1750Montréal, Quebec, Canada F15963 Tree2020 
4 Potter /   1913Montreal, Quebec, Canada F29937 Tree2020 
5 Roussel / Filiatreau  29 Apr 1700Montréal, Quebec, Canada F24335 Tree2020 
6 Roussel / Morand  28 Oct 1728Montréal, Québec, Canada F24323 Tree2020 

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