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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bench, Brayden Orion   I2423 Tree2020 
2 Fyock, Blanch L   I35624 Tree2020 
3 Fyock, Dicky D   I36226 Tree2020 
4 Fyock, Leslie Jr  13 Sep 1923Colorado I36079 Tree2020 
5 Hilton, Sawyer   I56197 Tree2020 
6 Hopkins, Mary W.  18 Aug 1887Colorado I35963 Tree2020 
7 McKinstry, Paul Len  29 Jan 1902Colorado I74794 Tree2020 
8 McKinstry, Samuel Albert  25 Oct 1903Colorado I74756 Tree2020 
9 Norton, Ruth Hazel   I25886 Tree2020 
10 Penney, Blanche Pearl  30 Dec 1891Colorado I36156 Tree2020 
11 Penney, Ella V  17 Mar 1889Colorado I34620 Tree2020 
12 Potter, Emilie Lav  27 Sep 1887Colorado I27975 Tree2020 
13 Slater, Merton Irving  7 Aug 1901Colorado I51335 Tree2020 
14 Steward, Edgar Paul  15 Nov 1899Colorado I4876 Tree2020 
15 Steward, Hazel  Nov 1899Colorado I5746 Tree2020 
16 Steward, Howard  1895Colorado I5223 Tree2020 
17 Stewart, Ray  Mar 1884Colorado I28920 Tree2020 
18 Stewart, Ray  Abt 1910Colorado I28930 Tree2020 
19 Stewart, Raymond E.  Abt 1908Colorado I35745 Tree2020 
20 Unknown, Ethel L.  Abt 1883Colorado I36152 Tree2020 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ingersoll, Isaac Newton  8 Sep 1894Colorado I70599 Tree2020 
2 Kennedy, Philip Michael  6 Nov 2005Colorado I43433 Tree2020 
3 Noland, Serena Amanda  7 Sep 1901Colorado I33591 Tree2020 
4 Penney, Gilford Albert  1 Jul 1932Colorado I35918 Tree2020 
5 Seeley, Gerald Lane  2 Feb 1992Colorado I5318 Tree2020 
6 Staie, Susan Helen  12 Feb 1984Colorado I53896 Tree2020 
7 Unknown, Eileen Joan  1984Colorado I3311 Tree2020 

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