New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Degraw, Henry  New Jersey I51556 tree2019 
2 Sperling, Richard J.  Abt 1780New Jersey I19858 tree2019 
3 Teets, Rachel A.  10 Apr 1847New Jersey I314 tree2019 
4 Smith, Ella  2 Jan 1859New Jersey I3795 tree2019 
5 Wallace, Sarah E  Abt 1861New Jersey I36147 tree2019 
6 Ridgway, Ella  May 1861New Jersey I34676 tree2019 
7 Unknown, Clare R.  Sep 1864New Jersey I8087 tree2019 
8 Thurston, William  Abt 1867New Jersey I14678 tree2019 
9 Thurston, John  Abt 1869New Jersey I8663 tree2019 
10 Thurston, George M  Abt 1871New Jersey I773 tree2019 
11 Thurston, Charles  Jan 1878New Jersey I502 tree2019 
12 Unknown, Louella  Abt 1882New Jersey I501 tree2019 
13 Thurston, Lidy  Jul 1883New Jersey I14677 tree2019 
14 Ritchie, Bessie  Oct 1892New Jersey I21673 tree2019 
15 Mestler, Maida  Abt 1894New Jersey I34638 tree2019 
16 Morgan, Amey  18 Jan 1896New Jersey I10066 tree2019 
17 Ritchie, Gertrude  Jul 1896New Jersey I10226 tree2019 
18 Harding, Samuel  Abt 1897New Jersey I21148 tree2019 
19 Devisser, Josina (Jessie)  7 Oct 1898New Jersey I21147 tree2019 
20 Thiery, Andrew  11 Apr 1901New Jersey I9071 tree2019 
21 Ritchie, Anna  Abt 1905New Jersey I688 tree2019 
22 Stevens, Helen  Abt 1906New Jersey I6428 tree2019 
23 Moeller, Fredrick Paul  4 Jan 1907New Jersey I73291 tree2019 
24 Unknown, Helen   I30607 tree2019 
25 Moeller, Bernard V.  7 Dec 1912New Jersey I73290 tree2019 
26 Snyder, Victor Ephreum  20 Mar 1914New Jersey I8666 tree2019 
27 Howard, Joseph  Abt 1920New Jersey I33468 tree2019 
28 Ridgeway, Gordon E.  2 Jan 1920New Jersey I34636 tree2019 
29 Bennett, Richard Norman  14 Mar 1920New Jersey I264 tree2019 
30 Smith, Shirley   I75758 tree2019 
31 Harding, Evelyn   I21146 tree2019 
32 Rosenberg, Millicent   I19644 tree2019 
33 Harding, Donald   I21150 tree2019 
34 Klebs, Charles H.  12 Dec 1931New Jersey I15445 tree2019 
35 Harding, Ernest   I21145 tree2019 
36 Reilly, Walter Francis Jr.   I21645 tree2019 
37 Vance, Benjamin John   I8783 tree2019 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Schuyler, Rachel  9 May 1887New Jersey I7471 tree2019 
2 Thurston, George M  Aft 1900New Jersey I773 tree2019 
3 Mandigo, Hannah  1920New Jersey I43414 tree2019 
4 Thurston, Charles  1935New Jersey I502 tree2019 
5 Laveck, William E.  Aft 1937New Jersey I10418 tree2019 
6 Thurston, John  1949New Jersey I8663 tree2019 
7 Unknown, Beatrice  Apr 1981New Jersey I44456 tree2019 
8 Ann  26 Jan 2017New Jersey I87831 tree2019 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brown / Setzer   F16041 tree2019 
2 Vance / Rubin   F277 tree2019