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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Derocco, Cesare  Abt 1876Italy I16786 tree2019 
2 Derocco, Frank  30 Jun 1897Italy I16787 tree2019 
3 Derocco, John C.  11 Nov 1899Italy I16778 tree2019 
4 Derocco, Josephine  Abt 1893Italy I16819 tree2019 
5 Desanta, Luigia (Louisa)  1872Italy I16812 tree2019 
6 Guiglardi, Mary Ann  13 Apr 1868Italy I5155 tree2019 
7 Labella, Nicholas  1894Italy I53111 tree2019 
8 Martini, Assunta Amelia  22 Nov 1900Italy I47889 tree2019 
9 Masuicca, Nazareno  Abt 1889Italy I2485 tree2019 
10 Pasqualetti, Ralph  Abt 1883Italy I16811 tree2019 
11 Reitz, Vinzenzo "James"  1866Italy I27089 tree2019 
12 Runfola, Carmela  Abt 1880Italy I27257 tree2019 
13 Runfola, Peter  Abt 1870Italy I27259 tree2019 
14 Russo, Anna M  1870Italy I27087 tree2019 
15 Stripe, Angelina  Abt 1876Italy I16785 tree2019 
16 Tasco, James  1865Italy I15333 tree2019 
17 Tasco, Louis A.  May 1862Italy I10137 tree2019 
18 Tasco, Michael  1896Italy I15332 tree2019 
19 Vita, Filomina (Mary)  1899Italy I16815 tree2019 
20 Vita, J Phillip (Felix)  19 Sep 1903Italy I16814 tree2019 
21 Vita, James (Cesare)  Abt 1898Italy I16818 tree2019 
22 Vita, Louis  1868Italy I16813 tree2019 
23 Vita, Vincenzia (Jennie)  1893Italy I16816 tree2019