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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Young, Rhoda  1858Canada I85820 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Young, Mabel  Feb 1886Canada I85801 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Young, Elmer  Oct 1884Canada I85800 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Wood, George W.  Abt 1898Canada I35772 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Wood, Charlotte  Abt 1871Canada I68424 Stewartsnydotcom 
6 Wood, Angeline  1839Canada I22149 Stewartsnydotcom 
7 Whaley, Martin Prosser  7 Jul 1853Canada I30416 Stewartsnydotcom 
8 Weiss, Dorothy Patricia   I48578 Stewartsnydotcom 
9 Wardwell, Sarah E.  16 Jan 1848Canada I64615 Stewartsnydotcom 
10 Wardhaugh, William Oliver  7 Feb 1886Canada I9648 Stewartsnydotcom 
11 Vishnaw, Peter  15 Jan 1832Canada I75922 Stewartsnydotcom 
12 Vandett, Manette  1798Canada I35563 Stewartsnydotcom 
13 Vanalstine, Guy  1856Canada I6399 Stewartsnydotcom 
14 Unknown, Matilda Angela  Abt 1846Canada I70275 Stewartsnydotcom 
15 Unknown, Mary E.  Abt 1835Canada I70274 Stewartsnydotcom 
16 Unknown, Mary Ann  1846Canada I70273 Stewartsnydotcom 
17 Unknown, Margaret  Abt 1843Canada I71848 Stewartsnydotcom 
18 Unknown, Margaret  Canada I71591 Stewartsnydotcom 
19 Unknown, Lillian  Apr 1886Canada I72827 Stewartsnydotcom 
20 Unknown, Kate  May 1840Canada I66912 Stewartsnydotcom 
21 Unknown, Hannah  Abt 1902Canada I16550 Stewartsnydotcom 
22 Unknown  1840Canada I66936 Stewartsnydotcom 
23 Unknown  1840Canada I78881 Stewartsnydotcom 
24 Unknown  Canada I64732 Stewartsnydotcom 
25 Unknown  Canada I78296 Stewartsnydotcom 
26 Tyfair, Susan  Feb 1857Canada I51388 Stewartsnydotcom 
27 Tyfair, Jack  Canada I17169 Stewartsnydotcom 
28 Towsley, Eleanor  Abt 1815Canada I75474 Stewartsnydotcom 
29 Thompson, Sarah Jane  Abt 1832Canada I30110 Stewartsnydotcom 
30 Thompson, Fred  Abt 1895Canada I40854 Stewartsnydotcom 
31 Thomas, Maria Catherine  Apr 1824Canada I48138 Stewartsnydotcom 
32 Tanner, William H.  Mar 1848Canada I53034 Stewartsnydotcom 
33 Taillon, Jean-Baptiste  4 May 1777Canada I26991 Stewartsnydotcom 
34 Sweeten, Emma Rose  1892Canada I15961 Stewartsnydotcom 
35 Swartz, Josephine  1858Canada I17158 Stewartsnydotcom 
36 Sullivan, Matilda Savin  Jun 1842Canada I75648 Stewartsnydotcom 
37 Suffone, Mary  Oct 1854Canada I2127 Stewartsnydotcom 
38 Stinson, Robert  Abt 1830Canada I3984 Stewartsnydotcom 
39 Stalker, Margaret  12 Oct 1812Canada I6846 Stewartsnydotcom 
40 Snell, Margaret  1 Jun 1888Canada I9522 Stewartsnydotcom 
41 Snell, Jacob Miles  Dec 1845Canada I40873 Stewartsnydotcom 
42 Smith, Louisa  1850Canada I49148 Stewartsnydotcom 
43 Smith, Ida May  1882Canada I1409 Stewartsnydotcom 
44 Smith, Herbert  12 May 1858Canada I63908 Stewartsnydotcom 
45 Smiley, Lydia A  28 Jan 1869Canada I32397 Stewartsnydotcom 
46 Sloan, Edith F  19 Sep 1891Canada I68037 Stewartsnydotcom 
47 Sheets, Jermina A.  Sep 1854Canada I7642 Stewartsnydotcom 
48 Shaw, Sidney  Jan 1867Canada I21357 Stewartsnydotcom 
49 Shaw, Joseph E  Abt 1901Canada I17165 Stewartsnydotcom 
50 Shaw, Elta G   I21733 Stewartsnydotcom 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Whaley, Nathan  1881Canada I30429 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Unknown, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1882Canada I53557 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Unknown  Canada I66936 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Unknown  Canada I78881 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Tanner, William  8 Jul 1883Canada I53556 Stewartsnydotcom 
6 Salisbury, Fernando  Abt 1927Canada I67534 Stewartsnydotcom 
7 Peterson, Kenneth Howard  1981Canada I14555 Stewartsnydotcom 
8 Legault Dit Deslauriers, Hypolithe  1856Canada I69619 Stewartsnydotcom 
9 Leduc, Francoise Elisabeth Isabella  Abt 1883Canada I69567 Stewartsnydotcom 
10 Leduc, Francoise Elisabeth Isabella  Canada I69568 Stewartsnydotcom 
11 Leduc, Elisibeth  Canada I69561 Stewartsnydotcom 
12 June, Peter  Canada I80884 Stewartsnydotcom 
13 Dains, Lydia  1813Canada I18658 Stewartsnydotcom 
14 Brodeur, Apallene Pauline  Canada I26179 Stewartsnydotcom 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Murray / Pryde  1918Canada F30220 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Manchester / Gonya  5 Jul 1955Canada F9748 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Eddy / McKinstry  17 Mar 1856Canada F720 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Archibee / Unknown  Abt 1860Canada F29310 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Archibee / Unknown  Abt 1860Canada F55031 Stewartsnydotcom