Bristol County, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anthony, Nancy  24 Jan 1762Bristol County, Massachusetts I15962 tree2019 
2 Buckland, Deborah  16 Sep 1660Bristol County, Massachusetts I10945 tree2019 
3 Cole, Abigail  Abt 1677Bristol County, Massachusetts I1538 tree2019 
4 Cole, Andrew  28 May 1714Bristol County, Massachusetts I8016 tree2019 
5 Cole, Anne  1 Mar 1706Bristol County, Massachusetts I14229 tree2019 
6 Cole, Benjamin  Abt 1678Bristol County, Massachusetts I12014 tree2019 
7 Cole, Benjamin  31 Oct 1706Bristol County, Massachusetts I8650 tree2019 
8 Cole, Benjamin  3 Feb 1717Bristol County, Massachusetts I8583 tree2019 
9 Cole, Bethiah  Abt 1697Bristol County, Massachusetts I10551 tree2019 
10 Cole, Charles  Abt 1745Bristol County, Massachusetts I4904 tree2019 
11 Cole, Christian  Abt 1695Bristol County, Massachusetts I2368 tree2019 
12 Cole, Christiana  Abt 1706Bristol County, Massachusetts I9438 tree2019 
13 Cole, David  2 Apr 1723Bristol County, Massachusetts I2630 tree2019 
14 Cole, Deborah  11 Feb 1682Bristol County, Massachusetts I801 tree2019 
15 Cole, Deborah  6 Apr 1727Bristol County, Massachusetts I8945 tree2019 
16 Cole, Ebenezer  Abt 1671Bristol County, Massachusetts I5845 tree2019 
17 Cole, Ebenezer  27 Oct 1699Bristol County, Massachusetts I10262 tree2019 
18 Cole, Ebenezer  29 Mar 1712Bristol County, Massachusetts I9629 tree2019 
19 Cole, Ebenezer  27 Oct 1715Bristol County, Massachusetts I11693 tree2019 
20 Cole, Edward  3 Jul 1713Bristol County, Massachusetts I13913 tree2019 
21 Cole, Elizabeth  16 Jul 1739Bristol County, Massachusetts I12606 tree2019 
22 Cole, Foxtil  1 Sep 1708Bristol County, Massachusetts I13690 tree2019 
23 Cole, Hannah  6 Jul 1702Bristol County, Massachusetts I9240 tree2019 
24 Cole, Hannah  14 Jan 1716Bristol County, Massachusetts I4345 tree2019 
25 Cole, Hopestill  9 Oct 1703Bristol County, Massachusetts I186 tree2019 
26 Cole, Huge  3 May 1716Bristol County, Massachusetts I5800 tree2019 
27 Cole, Hugh  30 Dec 1683Bristol County, Massachusetts I6262 tree2019 
28 Cole, Hugh  14 Mar 1744Bristol County, Massachusetts I4562 tree2019 
29 Cole, Hugh  Abt 1748Bristol County, Massachusetts I8210 tree2019 
30 Cole, Hugh V.  Abt 1757Bristol County, Massachusetts I450 tree2019 
31 Cole, Isaiah  Abt 1731Bristol County, Massachusetts I3621 tree2019 
32 Cole, Israel  4 Mar 1710Bristol County, Massachusetts I14522 tree2019 
33 Cole, James  11 Jun 1699Bristol County, Massachusetts I10455 tree2019 
34 Cole, Joanna  6 May 1742Bristol County, Massachusetts I6414 tree2019 
35 Cole, John  21 Nov 1637Bristol County, Massachusetts I6413 tree2019 
36 Cole, Jonathan  4 Oct 1704Bristol County, Massachusetts I10505 tree2019 
37 Cole, Joseph  19 Mar 1687Bristol County, Massachusetts I6659 tree2019 
38 Cole, Lillis  13 May 1736Bristol County, Massachusetts I3243 tree2019 
39 Cole, Lydia  7 Oct 1691Bristol County, Massachusetts I7559 tree2019 
40 Cole, Mahmiah  23 Feb 1708Bristol County, Massachusetts I10140 tree2019 
41 Cole, Martha  1 Mar 1709Bristol County, Massachusetts I10143 tree2019 
42 Cole, Martha  6 May 1718Bristol County, Massachusetts I11626 tree2019 
43 Cole, Martha  13 Feb 1733Bristol County, Massachusetts I10134 tree2019 
44 Cole, Mary  Abt 1639Bristol County, Massachusetts I2788 tree2019 
45 Cole, Mary  Abt 1676Bristol County, Massachusetts I7689 tree2019 
46 Cole, Mary  17 Apr 1686Bristol County, Massachusetts I1195 tree2019 
47 Cole, Mary  17 Apr 1711Bristol County, Massachusetts I1495 tree2019 
48 Cole, Nehemiah  23 Feb 1708Bristol County, Massachusetts I15834 tree2019 
49 Cole, Peleg  5 Apr 1720Bristol County, Massachusetts I8144 tree2019 
50 Cole, Phebe  10 Jan 1701Bristol County, Massachusetts I7607 tree2019 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buckland, Deborah  7 Nov 1724Bristol County, Massachusetts I10945 tree2019 
2 Cole, Benjamin  29 Sep 1748Bristol County, Massachusetts I12014 tree2019 
3 Cole, Hugh  26 Jan 1699Bristol County, Massachusetts I11262 tree2019 
4 Cole, Hugh  16 Feb 1739Bristol County, Massachusetts I8205 tree2019 
5 Cole, Hugh  14 Jun 1753Bristol County, Massachusetts I6262 tree2019 
6 Cole, James  Abt 1712Bristol County, Massachusetts I3112 tree2019 
7 Eddy, Hannah  15 May 1768Bristol County, Massachusetts I12013 tree2019 
8 Foxwell, Mary  Abt 1689Bristol County, Massachusetts I5583 tree2019 
9 Luther, Martha  Abt 1765Bristol County, Massachusetts I7760 tree2019 
10 Nelson, Elizabeth  25 Mar 1748Bristol County, Massachusetts I7085 tree2019 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cole / Buckland  6 May 1687Bristol County, Massachusetts F2636 tree2019 
2 Cole / Foxwell  8 Jan 1654Bristol County, Massachusetts F3588 tree2019 
3 Cole / Luther  Bef 1699Bristol County, Massachusetts F1837 tree2019 
4 Cole / Luther  13 Dec 1705Bristol County, Massachusetts F1982 tree2019 
5 Cole / Mason  1 May 1738Bristol County, Massachusetts F1819 tree2019 
6 Cole / Nelson  19 Nov 1730Bristol County, Massachusetts F2774 tree2019 
7 Cole / Unknown  Bef 1677Bristol County, Massachusetts F4634 tree2019