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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benjamin, Cecil  7 Aug 1898Wisconsin I25178 tree2017 
2 Benton, Grace  Mar 1872Wisconsin I4236 tree2017 
3 Cail, Mary Jenny  6 Jun 1851Wisconsin I71199 tree2017 
4 Calkins, Clifford B  18 Feb 1903Wisconsin I12795 tree2017 
5 Calkins, Frank  Abt 1865Wisconsin I40082 tree2017 
6 Calkins, Jessie  6 Oct 1896Wisconsin I3217 tree2017 
7 Crane, Harriet Sarah Hattie Lavinda  23 May 1848Wisconsin I802 tree2017 
8 Dean, Asenatha L.  28 Mar 1856Wisconsin I41499 tree2017 
9 Foster, Ora Madison  3 May 1860Wisconsin I38668 tree2017 
10 Ganier, Frank E  Feb 1865Wisconsin I15628 tree2017 
11 Ganier, Mary E  Dec 1876Wisconsin I3135 tree2017 
12 Gonzagowski, Gertrude A   I7342 tree2017 
13 Gonzagowskie, Catherina   I7680 tree2017 
14 Gould, Zemer  Abt 1867Wisconsin I15874 tree2017 
15 Grant, Eva Isabelle  17 Jun 1867Wisconsin I25192 tree2017 
16 Harman, Charles L.  1856Wisconsin I67850 tree2017 
17 Holloway, Edwin D.  Dec 1857Wisconsin I72796 tree2017 
18 Horr, Albert E  Jun 1886Wisconsin I4811 tree2017 
19 Hubbs, Hattie B.  29 Oct 1869Wisconsin I14726 tree2017 
20 McElwain, Elizabeth Catherine  1858Wisconsin I5978 tree2017 
21 Nelson, Joan P  Feb 1889Wisconsin I2924 tree2017 
22 Nelson, Kad N  Aug 1892Wisconsin I533 tree2017 
23 Nelson, Orville Oren  16 Nov 1869Wisconsin I7185 tree2017 
24 Philbrick, Byron  4 Jun 1897Wisconsin I25219 tree2017 
25 Philbrick, Edward  21 Sep 1895Wisconsin I25225 tree2017 
26 Philbrick, Raymond A.  23 Mar 1894Wisconsin I25272 tree2017 
27 Philbrick, Ruby  Abt 1904Wisconsin I25274 tree2017 
28 Pride, Leah  1908Wisconsin I85875 tree2017 
29 Slater, Emily C  Abt 1875Wisconsin I70921 tree2017 
30 Slater, Eugenia E  Abt 1877Wisconsin I70922 tree2017 
31 Slater, Filenia  Abt 1879Wisconsin I70923 tree2017 
32 Smith, Percival Thomas  16 Dec 1887Wisconsin I75752 tree2017 
33 Springer, Albert  Abt 1839Wisconsin I16084 tree2017 
34 Steward, Alice Cary  5 Jan 1859Wisconsin I11393 tree2017 
35 Stewart, Beryl Virginia  12 Oct 1895Wisconsin I3568 tree2017 
36 Stewart, George Lathom  12 Mar 1866Wisconsin I7372 tree2017 
37 Stewart, Marie J.  1 Jun 1903Wisconsin I14640 tree2017 
38 Stewart, Morris Bradford  27 Nov 1893Wisconsin I3024 tree2017 
39 Stinson, Cyrus Gilford  5 Jan 1862Wisconsin I82055 tree2017 
40 Stinson, Ovanda  1862Wisconsin I82058 tree2017 
41 Tanner, Frank  Abt 1856Wisconsin I18469 tree2017 
42 Thompson, Ines  Abt 1872Wisconsin I8288 tree2017 
43 Thompson, Leo George  Abt 1873Wisconsin I3198 tree2017 
44 Thompson, Sylvanus  Abt 1870Wisconsin I1111 tree2017 
45 Wicks, Lulugene  1874Wisconsin I25307 tree2017 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benjamin, Cecil  17 Jun 1992Wisconsin I25178 tree2017 
2 Campbell, Mary  Aft 1882Wisconsin I46076 tree2017 
3 Gould, Zemer  1867Wisconsin I15874 tree2017 
4 Grant, Eva Isabelle  Nov 1938Wisconsin I25192 tree2017 
5 Kinsman, Martha  6 Nov 1911Wisconsin I6776 tree2017 
6 Lilley, Dyanthia  10 Feb 1902Wisconsin I22462 tree2017 
7 Noyes, Whiting  1857Wisconsin I36779 tree2017 
8 Philbrick, Edward  19 Aug 1972Wisconsin I25225 tree2017 
9 Philbrick, Ruby  1965Wisconsin I25274 tree2017 
10 Pride, Erasmus W.  29 Sep 1902Wisconsin I83686 tree2017 
11 Spaulding, Frances Louise  1919Wisconsin I87088 tree2017 
12 Spicer, Erastus  Bef 1890Wisconsin I75359 tree2017 
13 Stewart, Silas E.  Wisconsin I81893 tree2017 
14 Towsley, Lafayette  8 Sep 1900Wisconsin I72291 tree2017