Watertown, Jefferson, New York



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aaserud, Raymond Charles  9 Jul 1951Watertown, Jefferson, New York I76642
2 Ahrendsen, Christine  26 May 1916Watertown, Jefferson, New York I54367
3 Armitage, John Wesley  1 Jul 1829Watertown, Jefferson, New York I40525
4 Austin, Nicole Lee  20 Dec 1973Watertown, Jefferson, New York I21827
5 Delano, Daniel Aylsworth  27 Jun 1828Watertown, Jefferson, New York I67227
6 Don, Ella M  Abt 1876Watertown, Jefferson, New York I11366
7 Donahue, Timothy S.  20 Aug 1968Watertown, Jefferson, New York I56296
8 Fox, Jessica Janette   I15434
9 Fox, Kyle Lemuel   I15433
10 Guyett, Raymond Joseph  7 May 1900Watertown, Jefferson, New York I12015
11 Hubbs, Candace Irene  27 Jun 1840Watertown, Jefferson, New York I5876
12 Lafex, Suzanne Jean  23 May 1941Watertown, Jefferson, New York I82466
13 Mathers, Minnie B.  22 Feb 1866Watertown, Jefferson, New York I62843
14 Pickett, Sally  15 Jan 1945Watertown, Jefferson, New York I4753
15 Pollic, George Anthony Sr.  26 Apr 1926Watertown, Jefferson, New York I14096
16 Sampson, Debra Irene   I14097
17 Smith, Walter W  22 Jul 1932Watertown, Jefferson, New York I61266
18 Spicer, Tyler James  26 Jan 1978Watertown, Jefferson, New York I9123
19 Spink, Carol Jean   I61389
20 Stevens, George Anderson   I88480
21 Stevens, Ronald Frank   I88479
22 Towsley, Fred Gilbert  5 Jun 1893Watertown, Jefferson, New York I68423
23 Wilder, Diane Marie   I62434
24 Wilder, Diane Marie  22 Apr 1945Watertown, Jefferson, New York I11365
25 Wilder, Judith Ann   I8594
26 Wilder, Lawrence Thomas  27 Aug 1945Watertown, Jefferson, New York I8575
27 Wilder, Wendy Kay   I62449


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Caldwell, Lewis A.  17 Oct 1881Watertown, Jefferson, New York I88644
2 Cavellier, Harold Joseph  18 Jan 1973Watertown, Jefferson, New York I13754
3 Crast, Hazel M.  4 Aug 1922Watertown, Jefferson, New York I23502
4 Damon, Ronald David  13 Jul 2007Watertown, Jefferson, New York I73613
5 Dana, Mildred Genevieve  8 Nov 1994Watertown, Jefferson, New York I11282
6 Fargo, Helen R  15 Apr 2006Watertown, Jefferson, New York I90722
7 Frary, Henry Patterson  16 Jun 1925Watertown, Jefferson, New York I10780
8 Fuller, James Dyer  28 Mar 1953Watertown, Jefferson, New York I144
9 Henderson, Mary Lyda  26 Aug 1963Watertown, Jefferson, New York I8239
10 Kilburn, George Washington  20 Mar 1911Watertown, Jefferson, New York I14670
11 Larock, Jennie Mae  1 Apr 1980Watertown, Jefferson, New York I9516
12 Leclare, Bertha Leclair  1948Watertown, Jefferson, New York I90939
13 Lewis, Ida Alberta  20 Apr 1919Watertown, Jefferson, New York I29345
14 Lytle, Edward Clarence  20 Jan 1963Watertown, Jefferson, New York I89500
15 McClary, Eunice M.  12 Aug 1979Watertown, Jefferson, New York I8430
16 McNitt, Leland Alfred  3 Nov 1988Watertown, Jefferson, New York I29692
17 Moore, Dannie Ellis  14 Jan 1998Watertown, Jefferson, New York I76584
18 Percy, Ella Mae  31 Oct 2003Watertown, Jefferson, New York I22508
19 Phillips, Chloe Helen  19 Nov 1976Watertown, Jefferson, New York I52124
20 Pratt, Elsie Marie  20 Jul 2012Watertown, Jefferson, New York I12053
21 Quackenbush, William Wesley "Wes"  10 Jun 1981Watertown, Jefferson, New York I24328
22 Russell, Edward W  26 Aug 1960Watertown, Jefferson, New York I73080
23 Russell, Philip  24 Jun 1955Watertown, Jefferson, New York I80124
24 Skinner, Elwyn P.  14 May 1977Watertown, Jefferson, New York I27601
25 Snyder, Margaret Estella (Maggie)  29 Dec 1948Watertown, Jefferson, New York I24704
26 Stewart, Eva Luella  4 Oct 2020Watertown, Jefferson, New York I16050
27 Stewart, Francis Celia  23 Jan 1971Watertown, Jefferson, New York I8161
28 Stewart, George Lester  29 Aug 1976Watertown, Jefferson, New York I13836
29 Stewart, Harold Richard  5 Oct 1986Watertown, Jefferson, New York I16045
30 Stewart, James Donald  18 Mar 1999Watertown, Jefferson, New York I14706
31 Wilder, Helen Irene  12 Nov 1982Watertown, Jefferson, New York I14743
32 Wilder, Marian Elizabeth  6 Apr 1937Watertown, Jefferson, New York I1985
33 Zufelt, Oliver Norman  1980Watertown, Jefferson, New York I76703


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bishop / Vanwormer  29 Oct 1945Watertown, Jefferson, New York F61946
2 Coleman / Evans   F63585
3 Fox / Moran  21 Jan 1917Watertown, Jefferson, New York F29660
4 McConnell / Corbin  9 Nov 1944Watertown, Jefferson, New York F14166
5 Quackenbush / Menard  4 Jun 1918Watertown, Jefferson, New York F10754
6 Skinner / Stebbins  1 Sep 1834Watertown, Jefferson, New York F49783
7 Williams / Krause  10 Jan 1954Watertown, Jefferson, New York F29873