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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bryan, Edward Wheeler  1830United States I44713 stew1 
2 Sheley, Wesley John  May 1836United States I6164 stew1 
3 Rood, Horace J.  9 Jun 1842United States I51529 stew1 
4 Waring, Sarah A  Abt 1846United States I7874 stew1 
5 Sperling, Catherine  Abt 1849United States I20035 stew1 
6 Stevens, Abby A.  13 Jul 1852UNited States I88503 stew1 
7 Denny, William W  10 Apr 1855United States I22842 stew1 
8 Derouchia, Christie (Celestia)  Abt 1856United States I82125 stew1 
9 Rousell, Joseph  1856United States I88236 stew1 
10 Cunningham, Eugene  1857United States I15560 stew1 
11 Sherman, Lora Ann  5 Jul 1858United States I85117 stew1 
12 Near, Ella A.  2 Jun 1859United States I44633 stew1 
13 Bingenheimer, Christopher  Abt 1860United States I2256 stew1 
14 Gragraol, Catherine  Abt 1861United States I22843 stew1 
15 Kimlein, Frances  Abt 1861United States I14964 stew1 
16 Flagg, Frances  2 Aug 1861United States I14586 stew1 
17 Russell, Allan W  Apr 1862United States I4957 stew1 
18 Cummins, Edward  Abt 1863United States I88115 stew1 
19 Dorfer, Lena  Abt 1863United States I5584 stew1 
20 Stowell, James  Abt 1863United States I78019 stew1 
21 Bentley, John W.  10 Jan 1863United States I1422 stew1 
22 Wheeler, Justina  Aug 1863United States I20566 stew1 
23 Waring, William C  Dec 1865United States I64359 stew1 
24 Smith, Frederick V.  1867United States I2445 stew1 
25 McKinstry, William D.  1868United States I86105 stew1 
26 Unknown, Addie M.  Abt 1868United States I17279 stew1 
27 Whitney, Frank R  Abt 1868United States I29623 stew1 
28 Durfey, Edward Lewis  1 Jul 1868United States I11278 stew1 
29 White, Frank W  6 Nov 1868United States I16176 stew1 
30 Dale, Nettie H.  1869United States I19838 stew1 
31 Campbell, Louise  9 Aug 1869United States I4151 stew1 
32 Dixson, Nancy Clark  12 Feb 1870United States I101 stew1 
33 Edick, Ida May  19 Aug 1870United States I16177 stew1 
34 Silkworth, Andrew W  Abt 1871United States I9415 stew1 
35 Burgen, Emma Matilda  5 Apr 1871United States I52717 stew1 
36 Whaley, Archie James  13 Nov 1871United States I30435 stew1 
37 Baldwin, Lillian  Abt 1872United States I76021 stew1 
38 Pettit, Victor  Feb 1872United States I52716 stew1 
39 Green, John H  Abt 1873United States I28349 stew1 
40 Hubbs, Everett Richmond  Abt 1873United States I10729 stew1 
41 Whitney, Nellie R  Abt 1873United States I29622 stew1 
42 McLaughlin, Frederick L.  22 Mar 1873United States I17057 stew1 
43 Norton, Julia  Abt 1874United States I775 stew1 
44 Woodard, Estella  Abt 1874United States I39 stew1 
45 Lane, Gilbert A.  12 Dec 1876United States I4057 stew1 
46 Stowell, Bertha  Abt 1877United States I78020 stew1 
47 Jenks, Herbert  Abt 1878United States I21592 stew1 
48 O'Donnell, Robert  Abt 1878United States I29672 stew1 
49 Bryan, Kate A.  1879United States I44712 stew1 
50 Gora, Robert Leo  3 Jul 1879United States I1439 stew1 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Ellen Elizabeth  United States I51345 stew1 
2 Bennett, Emily Varce  United States I51346 stew1 
3 Forbes, John Leonard Ladue  United States I39840 stew1 
4 King, Mary  United States I12352 stew1 
5 McKinstry, Polly  United States I8686 stew1 
6 Turner, Elinor  1681United States I33951 stew1 
7 Jones, Samuel  19 Sep 1743United States I5480 stew1 
8 Potter, George  1783United States I12063 stew1 
9 Buttrick, Hannah  18 Sep 1814United States I36276 stew1 
10 Daly, Francis  1875United States I76945 stew1 
11 Eddy, Augustus R  17 Nov 1879United States I13074 stew1 
12 Puoskari, Johan Joseph  1916United States I2459 stew1 
13 Brown, Lucy  11 Apr 1917United States I82961 stew1 
14 Smith, Edward Gower  26 May 1955United States I75751 stew1 
15 West, Minnie Adeline  1976United States I51730 stew1 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Alexander  United States I43770 stew1 
2 Allen, Alexander Seth  United States I43771 stew1 
3 Eddy, Samuel  United States I12748 stew1 
4 Eddy, Zachariah Savery  United States I6729 stew1 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Eddy / Unknown  United States F2002 stew1 
2 Leonard / Freeman  United States F780 stew1 
3 West / Gordon  United States F17694 stew1 
4 Whaley / Jackson  United States F11208 stew1 
5 Luther / Turner  1636United States F888 stew1 
6 Austin / Austin  14 Oct 1663United States F14275 stew1 
7 Frary / Graves  28 Jan 1666United States F3215 stew1 
8 Howlett / Smith  26 Jun 1666United States F942 stew1 
9 Lee / Crampton  27 Dec 1682United States F3848 stew1 
10 Allen / Squire  3 Sep 1686United States F57119 stew1 
11 Sedgwick / Hopkins  1690United States F10228 stew1 
12 Mason / Gardiner  1694United States F12704 stew1 
13 Allen / Leonard  18 Nov 1695United States F10157 stew1 
14 Foster / Weaver  11 May 1699United States F10024 stew1