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Syracuse, New York, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, George  30 May 1894Syracuse, New York, USA I69480 Tree2020 
2 Brundige, Hazel R  1 Oct 1902Syracuse, New York, USA I69369 Tree2020 
3 Crawford, Daniel Barnes   I81683 Tree2020 
4 Currier, Ralph Rollin  27 Feb 1901Syracuse, New York, USA I35543 Tree2020 
5 Davies, Elizabeth Alice  25 Mar 1885Syracuse, New York, USA I37090 Tree2020 
6 Forbes, Anne Vivian  23 Oct 1946Syracuse, New York, USA I61079 Tree2020 
7 Forbes, Laure Mae  24 Jul 1912Syracuse, New York, USA I61132 Tree2020 
8 Harke, Frederick G Sr.   I77956 Tree2020 
9 Roberts, Zeruie "Pearl"  26 Nov 1907Syracuse, New York, USA I82473 Tree2020 
10 Sidari, Josephine M.  30 Apr 1919Syracuse, New York, USA I19728 Tree2020 
11 Stewart, Dorothy Jean   I76508 Tree2020 
12 West, Edwin Roger  21 Nov 1928Syracuse, New York, USA I29576 Tree2020 
13 Yerdon, Darlene   I50955 Tree2020 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Frieda  Aug 1994Syracuse, New York, USA I65646 Tree2020 
2 Bouchard, Eileen Theresa  13 Aug 2003Syracuse, New York, USA I18163 Tree2020 
3 Bronson, Helen Louise  9 Nov 1963Syracuse, New York, USA I80473 Tree2020 
4 Brundige, John Henry  4 Feb 1937Syracuse, New York, USA I69426 Tree2020 
5 Ewing, Wayne D  8 Dec 2011Syracuse, New York, USA I20256 Tree2020 
6 Grimes, Mary Elizabeth  6 Mar 1919Syracuse, New York, Usa I34140 Tree2020 
7 Henderson, Electa M  11 Oct 1916Syracuse, New York, USA I75956 Tree2020 
8 Killmore, Neil Anthony  25 Dec 1967Syracuse, New York, USA I35356 Tree2020 
9 Laboursoliere, Barbara Ann  29 Apr 1987Syracuse, New York, USA I35874 Tree2020 
10 Manwaring, Arnold Filsinger  6 Aug 2013Syracuse, New York, USA I35951 Tree2020 
11 McArdell, Francis L.  30 Sep 2005Syracuse, New York, USA I50624 Tree2020 
12 Miller, Eva Eveline  19 Feb 1930Syracuse, New York, USA I70107 Tree2020 
13 Noble, Leslie James  27 Aug 1947Syracuse, New York, USA I79058 Tree2020 
14 O'Donnell, Hubert J  26 Aug 1945Syracuse, New York, USA I80134 Tree2020 
15 Orton, Dora E.  21 Aug 1956Syracuse, New York, USA I66856 Tree2020 
16 Pollic, Mary Jane  4 Jul 2004Syracuse, New York, USA I11885 Tree2020 
17 Potter, Shirley Janette  13 Nov 2002Syracuse, New York, USA I44697 Tree2020 
18 Snell, Bertrand Harry  26 Jun 1949Syracuse, New York, USA I35620 Tree2020 
19 Strong, June Patricia  13 May 2000Syracuse, New York, USA I58374 Tree2020 
20 Trumble, Arlene Isabelle  24 Oct 1974Syracuse, New York, USA I52162 Tree2020 
21 Trumble, Ira Hugh Sr.  30 Dec 1967Syracuse, New York, USA I72841 Tree2020 
22 Trumble, Marion Alice  26 Apr 1981Syracuse, New York, USA I49643 Tree2020 
23 Weed, James Willis  12 Jun 1931Syracuse, New York, USA I64287 Tree2020 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baker / Tabor  29 Sep 1913Syracuse, New York, USA F26885 Tree2020 
2 Ball / Hewitt  16 Nov 1916Syracuse, New York, USA F23097 Tree2020 
3 Carlin / Cummings  28 Jul 1945Syracuse, New York, USA F26997 Tree2020 
4 Cone / Rowe  25 Jan 1958Syracuse, New York, USA F24067 Tree2020 
5 Horr / Crandon  19 Jul 1952Syracuse, New York, USA F21946 Tree2020 
6 Ibbs / Crawford  19 Jun 1894Syracuse, New York, USA F27379 Tree2020 
7 Maring / Cortez   F22682 Tree2020 
8 Plummer / Blaich  30 Aug 1903Syracuse, New York, USA F25552 Tree2020 
9 Thibault / Stewart  17 Jul 1954Syracuse, New York, USA F23676 Tree2020 
10 Young / Kennedy  15 Jul 1950Syracuse, New York, USA F23053 Tree2020 

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