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Quebec, Canada


Tree: Tree2020

Latitude: 47.4278, Longitude: -71.8805


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bouchard, Edward Thomas  17 May 1889Quebec, Canada I13270 Tree2020 
2 Brodeur, Madeleine Delina  Abt 1874Quebec, Canada I14749 Tree2020 
3 Brodeur, Napoleon  30 Aug 1854Quebec, Canada I14718 Tree2020 
4 Chatelain, Elizabeth Lisette  6 Mar 1783Quebec, Canada I72572 Tree2020 
5 Desmarais, Genevieve  17 Aug 1777Quebec, Canada I49517 Tree2020 
6 Desmarais, Hélène  26 Jan 1782Quebec, Canada I49267 Tree2020 
7 Desmarais, Jean Baptiste  31 Jul 1785Quebec, Canada I49474 Tree2020 
8 Desmarais, Louis  2 Nov 1766Quebec, Canada I49438 Tree2020 
9 Desmarais, Madeleine  6 Jun 1771Quebec, Canada I49430 Tree2020 
10 Desmarais, Marguerite  19 May 1773Quebec, Canada I49555 Tree2020 
11 Desmarais, Marie Joseph  24 Apr 1768Quebec, Canada I48968 Tree2020 
12 Desmarais, Marie Madeleine  10 Mar 1765Quebec, Canada I48958 Tree2020 
13 Desmarais, Pierre Toussaint  2 Nov 1769Quebec, Canada I49012 Tree2020 
14 Dorion, Eva Doyon  6 Sep 1886Quebec, Canada I35208 Tree2020 
15 Elkin, John Adolph Sr.  11 Oct 1845Quebec, Canada I72796 Tree2020 
16 Fournier, Abraham  14 Aug 1820Quebec, Canada I81575 Tree2020 
17 Furney, Anthony  12 Aug 1828Quebec, Canada I81777 Tree2020 
18 Gareau, Andre  Abt 1805Quebec, Canada I16582 Tree2020 
19 Gareau, Eugenie  Quebec, Canada I16749 Tree2020 
20 Gareau, Marguerite  Quebec, Canada I16816 Tree2020 
21 Gareau, Marie-Des-Anges  Quebec, Canada I16665 Tree2020 
22 Langlis, Christina  3 Dec 1824Quebec, Canada I72740 Tree2020 
23 Leboeuf, Adele  1827Quebec, Canada I60950 Tree2020 
24 Leclair, Mary Marguerite  Jan 1834Quebec, Canada I66062 Tree2020 
25 Legault, Andrew Henry  12 Nov 1811Quebec, Canada I51236 Tree2020 
26 Lévesque, Adeline  Jan 1836Quebec, Canada I14792 Tree2020 
27 Morand, Marie Catherine  18 May 1708Quebec, Canada I64670 Tree2020 
28 Moreau, Sophie  1805Quebec, Canada I4867 Tree2020 
29 Pare, Judith  31 May 1816Quebec, Canada I67111 Tree2020 
30 Roussel, Marguerite Margaret  31 Dec 1850Quebec, Canada I72753 Tree2020 
31 Ruley, Almira  22 May 1865Quebec, Canada I20216 Tree2020 
32 Taillon, Francis  1836Quebec, Canada I66173 Tree2020 
33 Taillon, John  23 Feb 1871Quebec, Canada I82420 Tree2020 
34 Taillon, Justina  16 Nov 1872Quebec, Canada I82471 Tree2020 
35 Taillon, Lucy Ann  2 Dec 1874Quebec, Canada I82492 Tree2020 
36 Taillon, Sophia  18 Feb 1869Quebec, Canada I82281 Tree2020 
37 Vilette, John  Abt 1800Quebec, Canada I53856 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baban, Marie  Abt 1702Quebec, Canada I64551 Tree2020 
2 Beriau Poitevin, Angelique  2 Apr 1838Quebec, Canada I64699 Tree2020 
3 Chatelain, Elizabeth Lisette  Quebec, Canada I72572 Tree2020 
4 Desmarais, Genevieve  7 Sep 1777Quebec, Canada I49517 Tree2020 
5 Desmarais, Jean Baptiste  20 Dec 1789Quebec, Canada I49474 Tree2020 
6 Desmarais, Joseph  15 Oct 1780Quebec, Canada I49413 Tree2020 
7 Desmarais, Madeleine  24 Jul 1832Quebec, Canada I49430 Tree2020 
8 Desmarais, Marie Madeleine  11 Mar 1768Quebec, Canada I48958 Tree2020 
9 Fournier, Abraham  18 Aug 1820Quebec, Canada I81575 Tree2020 
10 Kidney, John  Bef 1852Quebec, Canada I63460 Tree2020 
11 Klapper, Adam  Aft 5 Oct 1812Quebec, Canada I49399 Tree2020 
12 Parent, Marie Suzanne  Quebec, Canada I70473 Tree2020 
13 Pepin, Marie Jeane  Quebec, Canada I49476 Tree2020 
14 Taillon, Elisabeth Agnes Michel  12 May 1718Quebec, Canada I61898 Tree2020 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Galbraith / Galer  12 Jun 1916Quebec, Canada F16675 Tree2020 
2 Marette Desmarais / Laforest  8 Nov 1762Quebec, Canada F16158 Tree2020 
3 Pepin / Crete  4 Nov 1670Quebec, Canada F16213 Tree2020 

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