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Pulaski, New York, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bohanan, Frank Leslie  15 May 1879Pulaski, New York, USA I75871
2 Campbell, Alice  18 Sep 1928Pulaski, New York, USA I37016
3 Guthrie, William Stewart  18 Jul 1921Pulaski, New York, USA I1776
4 Howlett, Alfred Henry  14 Aug 1925Pulaski, New York, USA I10787
5 Lighthall, Edna Winona  29 May 1926Pulaski, New York, USA I3770
6 Sanderson, Aileen Helen  21 Nov 1928Pulaski, New York, USA I1416
7 Weisenburger, David Frederick Sr  26 Nov 1931Pulaski, New York, USA I13417


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Caswell, Gladys L.  8 Nov 1926Pulaski, New York, USA I88981
2 Caufield, Frederick Austin  16 Apr 1945Pulaski, New York, USA I21132
3 Cooper, Harrison T.  29 Sep 1910Pulaski, New York, USA I72507
4 Dawley, Lewis C.  10 Dec 2008Pulaski, New York, USA I8321
5 Emery, Charles A.  3 Apr 1976Pulaski, New York, USA I56512
6 Emery, Helen L.  9 Jan 1978Pulaski, New York, USA I4021
7 Guthrie, Julia Harriet  1 Dec 2008Pulaski, New York, USA I57344
8 High, Bertha Belle  11 Feb 1972Pulaski, New York, USA I50406
9 Hooper, Phoebe Ann  28 May 1907Pulaski, New York, USA I43383
10 Jones, Herbert Albert  22 Jun 1922Pulaski, New York, USA I41258
11 Maltby, Bernice Doane  2 Apr 1877Pulaski, New York, USA I37123
12 Miller, Jason S.  1 Jul 1907Pulaski, New York, USA I43384
13 Neill, William George  30 Oct 1940Pulaski, New York, USA I13906
14 Nicholson, Walter Robert  16 Feb 1931Pulaski, New York, USA I87395
15 Pizon, Walter  14 Nov 1996Pulaski, New York, USA I50396
16 Stewart, Benjamin Jr.  22 Mar 1896Pulaski, New York, USA I12739
17 Stewart, Deliah Frances  26 Jan 1960Pulaski, New York, USA I6044
18 Youngs, Rosabelle Eleanor  22 Feb 1962Pulaski, New York, USA I29662


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brownell / Shumway  15 Mar 1905Pulaski, New York, USA F64513
2 Dana / Loomis  25 Jan 1937Pulaski, New York, USA F64028
3 Getman / Bass  1 Aug 1925Pulaski, New York, USA F3717
4 Stanley /   10 Oct 1938Pulaski, New York, USA F6827
5 Wells / Orton  8 Aug 1886Pulaski, New York, USA F1107
6 Whitney / Henderson  26 Nov 1904Pulaski, New York, USA F23776