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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, William Felix  1 Feb 1902Pennsylvania I81488 Tree2020 
2 Andrews, Nancy  Oct 1855Pennsylvania I66953 Tree2020 
3 Armitage, Patrick F.  10 Jun 1889Pennsylvania I11693 Tree2020 
4 Bands, Harry  10 Feb 1908Pennsylvania I13984 Tree2020 
5 Bardo, Della  4 Sep 1885Pennsylvania I72997 Tree2020 
6 Baumgartner, Joseph C.  21 Mar 1884Pennsylvania I36286 Tree2020 
7 Bell, Edna Reese  Sep 1890Pennsylvania I72575 Tree2020 
8 Bennett, Elmer D.   I35753 Tree2020 
9 Bennett, Norman Simeon  Abt 1886Pennsylvania I35791 Tree2020 
10 Bennett, Polly  19 Jan 1814Pennsylvania I56251 Tree2020 
11 Bennett, Robert   I35241 Tree2020 
12 Bialogawicz, Irene   I35152 Tree2020 
13 Bialogowicz, Chester  Abt 1906Pennsylvania I35109 Tree2020 
14 Bialogowicz, Peter  1905Pennsylvania I35868 Tree2020 
15 Bialogowicz, Sophie  1893Pennsylvania I36196 Tree2020 
16 Blaine, David   I36055 Tree2020 
17 Blaine, Nathan  Abt 1876Pennsylvania I35355 Tree2020 
18 Bower, Charles  28 Jun 1910Pennsylvania I59001 Tree2020 
19 Bower, William H.  Abt 1866Pennsylvania I35399 Tree2020 
20 Britt, Alice Mae   I36427 Tree2020 
21 Britt, Harold   I36471 Tree2020 
22 Brodhed, Robert Sayre  Feb 1862Pennsylvania I34724 Tree2020 
23 Brogan, Mary  Abt 1892Pennsylvania I35255 Tree2020 
24 Brown, Ruth A  Pennsylvania I55989 Tree2020 
25 Buckingham, John  14 Apr 1832Pennsylvania I42869 Tree2020 
26 Buckingham, John H.  14 Apr 1832Pennsylvania I42851 Tree2020 
27 Burke, Helen E.  Feb 1884Pennsylvania I67678 Tree2020 
28 Burke, John F  Nov 1878Pennsylvania I73116 Tree2020 
29 Burke, Joseph  May 1880Pennsylvania I67798 Tree2020 
30 Burke, Lawrence L  Nov 1886Pennsylvania I69589 Tree2020 
31 Burke, Martin  Jul 1874Pennsylvania I67696 Tree2020 
32 Burke, Mary  Abt 1865Pennsylvania I67584 Tree2020 
33 Burke, Susie A.  Oct 1876Pennsylvania I67656 Tree2020 
34 Cadden, John  Dec 1866Pennsylvania I81884 Tree2020 
35 Calkins, Lucy  20 Apr 1841Pennsylvania I5953 Tree2020 
36 Carnegie, Anna  13 Oct 1847Pennsylvania I81449 Tree2020 
37 Cather, James A.  19 Aug 1909Pennsylvania I51830 Tree2020 
38 Chesnet, Viola M  Abt 1895Pennsylvania I9385 Tree2020 
39 Chester, James Wilson Jr.  7 Dec 1897Pennsylvania I35954 Tree2020 
40 Christopher, Catherine  Abt 1907Pennsylvania I35649 Tree2020 
41 Christopher, Elizabeth  Abt 1910Pennsylvania I35408 Tree2020 
42 Christopher, John  Abt 1905Pennsylvania I35578 Tree2020 
43 Christopher, Julia  Abt 1901Pennsylvania I35686 Tree2020 
44 Christopher, Lillian  Abt 1903Pennsylvania I35606 Tree2020 
45 Christopher, Mary Rose  19 Jan 1920Pennsylvania I81062 Tree2020 
46 Conover, Dora  Apr 1865Pennsylvania I3619 Tree2020 
47 Cordy, Hannah  1860Pennsylvania I76050 Tree2020 
48 Cornell, Grace M  Abt 1882Pennsylvania I36883 Tree2020 
49 Cornell, Virginia M   I35061 Tree2020 
50 Cotton, Clarence  Abt 1880Pennsylvania I59914 Tree2020 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carl, Elmer E.  23 Jun 1933Pennsylvania I59004 Tree2020 
2 Cook, Juliette  Pennsylvania I44143 Tree2020 
3 Foley, Edward  Jan 1896pennsylvania I77976 Tree2020 
4 Granger, Glenn Harrison  14 Jun 1942Pennsylvania I31572 Tree2020 
5 Hinan, Clara Trina  22 Jun 1993Pennsylvania I48304 Tree2020 
6 Horr, John Walter  Aft 1944Pennsylvania I74986 Tree2020 
7 Jennings, Mary Elizabeth  Aft 1900Pennsylvania I4374 Tree2020 
8 Jesikiewicz, Casimir  19 Sep 1954Pennsylvania I56263 Tree2020 
9 Kennedy, Hugh  Between 1870 and 1879Pennsylvania I80693 Tree2020 
10 McKeown, Edward  1918Pennsylvania I81691 Tree2020 
11 Price, Rose  1964Pennsylvania I17584 Tree2020 
12 Sheridan, Thomas H.  Pennsylvania I35536 Tree2020 
13 Taylor, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  4 Apr 1901pennsylvania I78008 Tree2020 
14 Unknown, Hannah C.  18 Jan 1948Pennsylvania I45056 Tree2020 
15 Weaver, Constance Eileen  8 Apr 2010Pennsylvania I63537 Tree2020 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Kelley / Rockwell  Abt 1905Pennsylvania F11139 Tree2020 
2 Kennedy / Foley  1879Pennsylvania F26126 Tree2020 
3 Kundell / Durgee  1957Pennsylvania F9985 Tree2020 
4 Lewis / Wahl  8 May 1917Pennsylvania F26401 Tree2020 
5 Moody / Dwyer  17 Jul 1950Pennsylvania F16722 Tree2020 
6 Shotko / Labella   F25127 Tree2020 
7 Yerdon / Simons   F20213 Tree2020 

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