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Orwell, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Babcock, Veda Mae  1 Dec 1897Orwell, New York I76756 Tree2020 
2 Brownell, Zachary Taylor  15 Sep 1907Orwell, New York I77522 Tree2020 
3 Clark, James  1853Orwell, New York I30816 Tree2020 
4 Cole, Norma Jean  5 Sep 1929Orwell, New York I23136 Tree2020 
5 Dingman, Daniel  18 Nov 1836Orwell, New York I47406 Tree2020 
6 Endsley, Donald John  3 Apr 1929Orwell, New York I76777 Tree2020 
7 Hilton, Delila Brown  25 Oct 1885Orwell, New York I16145 Tree2020 
8 Lacelle, Charles W.  2 Aug 1870Orwell, New York I29033 Tree2020 
9 Miner, Harvey Pratt  12 Feb 1898Orwell, New York I16091 Tree2020 
10 Monteith, Gertrude Nancy  28 Feb 1934Orwell, New York I73895 Tree2020 
11 Neill, James A  2 Dec 1910Orwell, New York I35470 Tree2020 
12 Potter, Jay Grant  6 Jan 1842Orwell, New York I15872 Tree2020 
13 Russell, William  11 Oct 1870Orwell, New York I57658 Tree2020 
14 Sampson, Frank Echo  3 Nov 1903Orwell, New York I49793 Tree2020 
15 Stacy, Viola  24 Aug 1893Orwell, New York I76662 Tree2020 
16 Stowell, Hiram Rozelle  25 May 1829Orwell, New York I70866 Tree2020 
17 Trumble, Joyce Elizabeth  14 Jul 1930Orwell, New York I42481 Tree2020 
18 West, Albert E.  7 May 1849Orwell, New York I60689 Tree2020 
19 West, Alice Lillian  21 Aug 1871Orwell, New York I34647 Tree2020 
20 Wyman, George  Abt 1840Orwell, New York I2137 Tree2020 
21 Wyman, Hilda C  19 Feb 1905Orwell, New York I64711 Tree2020 
22 Wyman, Mary  1855Orwell, New York I2386 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barclay, Alice Rebecca  27 Feb 1935Orwell, New York I46696 Tree2020 
2 Endsley, Walter Fay  12 Dec 1924Orwell, New York I16324 Tree2020 
3 Sperling, Myrtis O.  24 Jul 1918Orwell, New York I77130 Tree2020 
4 White, Abigail Lovina  25 Aug 1891Orwell, New York I71951 Tree2020 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Carr / Harris  10 Mar 1967Orwell, New York F10056 Tree2020 
2 Clark / Finster  4 Feb 1908Orwell, New York F24590 Tree2020 
3 Comins / Mouck  20 Dec 1946Orwell, New York F17005 Tree2020 
4 Cornell / Jordan   F25297 Tree2020 
5 Dingman / Lester  15 Nov 1953Orwell, New York F6833 Tree2020 
6 Finster / Marsh  23 Dec 1902Orwell, New York F24773 Tree2020 
7 Graham / Dingman  4 Oct 1956Orwell, New York F7594 Tree2020 
8 Hessel / Brown   F10595 Tree2020 
9 Jennings / Allen   F17236 Tree2020 
10 Klebs / Balcom   F25962 Tree2020 
11 Sanderson / Potter  11 Mar 1933Orwell, New York F10592 Tree2020 
12 Stewart / Damon  6 Dec 1873Orwell, New York F27583 Tree2020 
13 Sweet / Bickford   F4415 Tree2020 

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