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Ontario, Canada


Latitude: 46.0215, Longitude: -81.739


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arcouet, Alexis  24 Jan 1831Ontario, Canada I86436
2 Behunin, Albert Alphius  13 Oct 1758Ontario, Canada I14930
3 Bourassa, Margaret  10 Aug 1915Ontario, Canada I25447
4 Brundige, John Henry  Dec 1871Ontario, Canada I85805
5 Buck, Mary Jane  1833Ontario, Canada I13749
6 Burnett, Charlotte A.  Abt 1847Ontario, Canada I68831
7 Campbell, Thomas Alexander  3 May 1887Ontario, Canada I37022
8 Clow, Anna  7 Jul 1864Ontario, Canada I42579
9 Cole, Ransom John  21 Feb 1826Ontario, Canada I8175
10 Curry, Christine  1838Ontario, Canada I88060
11 Daly, Alice  Abt 1855Ontario, Canada I32615
12 Daly, Eliza  1854Ontario, Canada I32610
13 Daly, Fred  1872Ontario, Canada I76939
14 Day, Ira Frank  Abt May 1872Ontario, Canada I86110
15 Deremo, Albert Henry  Sep 1876Ontario, Canada I2694
16 Deremo, George G  2 Oct 1870Ontario, Canada I6223
17 Deremo, Harriet Emily  28 Jan 1873Ontario, Canada I4730
18 Eddy, Benjamin Jones  Dec 1833Ontario, Canada I6129
19 Eddy, Beulah  Oct 1869Ontario, Canada I14946
20 Eddy, Dexter  1870Ontario, Canada I10995
21 Eddy, Herbert  1874Ontario, Canada I15687
22 Eddy, Jane  1871Ontario, Canada I11056
23 Eddy, Overton  1872Ontario, Canada I15508
24 Eddy, Pilick Henry  14 Mar 1859Ontario, Canada I10876
25 Eddy, William E  1856Ontario, Canada I13564
26 Glassford, Benjamin T.  Aug 1838Ontario, Canada I7340
27 Green, John W.  12 Aug 1880Ontario, Canada I5090
28 Hardie, Charlotte D.  14 Aug 1851Ontario, Canada I13999
29 Hewitt, Jerusha Jane  Jan 1875Ontario, Canada I85806
30 Hollington, William John  17 Jun 1879Ontario, Canada I25815
31 Jones, Sarah  13 Feb 1835Ontario, Canada I51929
32 Long, Margaret Amasa  1836Ontario, Canada I21739
33 Mitchell, Andrew Jackson  1861Ontario, Canada I85867
34 Patchette, Catharine  Mar 1833Ontario, Canada I21178
35 Roussel Russell, John  25 Sep 1855Ontario, Canada I88044
36 Russell, William Raymond  1864Ontario, Canada I31044
37 Sellars, Franklin  26 Mar 1859Ontario, Canada I94605
38 Sellars, Hazel Grace  23 Dec 1893Ontario, Canada I27730
39 Stevenson, Sarah Millie  Abt 1853Ontario, Canada I85237
40 Taillon, John Jean  2 May 1853Ontario, Canada I92631
41 Taillon, Mary  29 Dec 1842Ontario, Canada I84279
42 Whaley, Daemon Adolphus  1851Ontario, Canada I87980
43 Young, John Wesley  1869Ontario, Canada I85812
44 Young, Lillian  20 May 1865Ontario, Canada I85815
45 Young, Susan  1868Ontario, Canada I85811
46 Young, William Arthur  Sep 1887Ontario, Canada I85816


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clapp, Lydia  12 Sep 1900Ontario, Canada I85818
2 Day, Ira Frank  9 Jul 1893Ontario, Canada I86110
3 Henderson, David Henry  21 May 1948Ontario, Canada I4626
4 Hornbostel, Edward E Eduard  1889Ontario, Canada I74085
5 MacMaster, Francis  17 Nov 1903Ontario, Canada I32267
6 Vorce, Lester  Ontario, Canada I40145
7 Vorce, Marcellus  Ontario, Canada I40146
8 Wagoner, Dorothy Elsie  Ontario, Canada I34773
9 Young, Lillian  14 Nov 1941Ontario, Canada I85815


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Daly / McDowell  1855Ontario, Canada F53390
2 Day / McKinstry  27 Jun 1871Ontario, Canada F7440
3 Hall / McVicos  14 Apr 1876Ontario, Canada F15701
4 Obleman / Patchette  Abt 1852Ontario, Canada F7502