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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bell, Albert Jesse  1874Ohio I53473 Tree2020 
2 Bennett, Marinda  6 Mar 1827Ohio I5828 Tree2020 
3 Bielfelt, Dorothy  Abt 1906Ohio I51861 Tree2020 
4 Bobo, Elizabeth L.  Abt 1840Ohio I34331 Tree2020 
5 Bratton, Rita Anne  13 Jan 1918Ohio I6052 Tree2020 
6 Brown, Scott Michael   I29976 Tree2020 
7 Davis, Alicia Marie   I64115 Tree2020 
8 Dickerman, Albert Edson  10 Sep 1849Ohio I1170 Tree2020 
9 Dickerman, Harry Janes  4 Dec 1829Ohio I670 Tree2020 
10 Dickinson, Hazel Edna  1929Ohio I80325 Tree2020 
11 Doke, Fanny  1820Ohio I83613 Tree2020 
12 Dowdell, Jason K   I18530 Tree2020 
13 Eddy, Cecil Orton  9 Feb 1888Ohio I36479 Tree2020 
14 Eddy, Eldridge E  Dec 1889Ohio I34787 Tree2020 
15 Eddy, Flora Shemwell  23 Sep 1883Ohio I36484 Tree2020 
16 Eddy, George Washington Sr.  8 Jan 1858Ohio I46164 Tree2020 
17 Eddy, Isaac M  Jan 1892Ohio I34841 Tree2020 
18 Eddy, Isaac P  Feb 1835Ohio I8888 Tree2020 
19 Elliot, Hannah  May 1838Ohio I22810 Tree2020 
20 Evarts, William  Abt 1865Ohio I34376 Tree2020 
21 Everts, Grace  May 1881Ohio I34900 Tree2020 
22 Everts, Hatty  Mar 1876Ohio I34852 Tree2020 
23 Everts, Julia  Oct 1886Ohio I34831 Tree2020 
24 Fleming, Catherine  15 Apr 1878Ohio I82282 Tree2020 
25 Fleming, Ella  5 Nov 1869Ohio I82402 Tree2020 
26 Fleming, Mary  3 Nov 1866Ohio I82500 Tree2020 
27 Fleming, Patrick  1876Ohio I82280 Tree2020 
28 Fleming, Phillip Joseph  1868Ohio I82360 Tree2020 
29 Fleming, Thomas E  3 Dec 1873Ohio I82274 Tree2020 
30 German, Grace Catherine  Abt 1878Ohio I36371 Tree2020 
31 Glover, Jane Eliza Jennie  29 Apr 1866Ohio I46155 Tree2020 
32 Harris, John  Abt 1805Ohio I34490 Tree2020 
33 Hawke, Addie S.  16 Dec 1897Ohio I51713 Tree2020 
34 Hill, Lavant N.  Feb 1857Ohio I46478 Tree2020 
35 Inskeep, Lorenzo D.  Abt 1857Ohio I34483 Tree2020 
36 Inskeep, Rozilla  Abt 1863Ohio I34454 Tree2020 
37 Johnson, Earl Cliff  18 Mar 1902Ohio I80618 Tree2020 
38 Kennedy, George   I75415 Tree2020 
39 Kennedy, Harold   I75410 Tree2020 
40 Kennedy, Leona   I75463 Tree2020 
41 Kennedy, Robert   I75427 Tree2020 
42 Kennedy, Wilbert M  Abt 1906Ohio I75336 Tree2020 
43 Laymon, Elizabeth  1824Ohio I2527 Tree2020 
44 Leroy, Frances M  1861ohio I64527 Tree2020 
45 Lewis, George W  29 Mar 1829Ohio I52 Tree2020 
46 Lewis, John C Wesley  Ohio I1230 Tree2020 
47 Lewis, Munson  Ohio I395 Tree2020 
48 Lewis, William Delay Fletcher  Ohio I10872 Tree2020 
49 Maynard, Kenneth Scott   I83602 Tree2020 
50 McKean, Beverly Jean   I16227 Tree2020 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armitage, John Wesley  18 Feb 1910Ohio I20821 Tree2020 
2 Baker, Theodore Charles  18 Aug 1988Ohio I30188 Tree2020 
3 Beaumont, Minnie E  Aft 1932Ohio I54334 Tree2020 
4 Dray, Sarah Jane Stafford  1 May 1953Ohio I75531 Tree2020 
5 Folk, Celia H.  18 Feb 1960Ohio I51840 Tree2020 
6 McChesney, Thomas  Feb 1849Ohio I19400 Tree2020 
7 Noyes, Sarah L  Bef 1930Ohio I59162 Tree2020 
8 Otterson, Margaret J.  19 Oct 1977Ohio I51899 Tree2020 
9 Steward, Amanda  17 Feb 1879Ohio I5848 Tree2020 
10 Steward, Desire  24 Dec 1871Ohio I4435 Tree2020 
11 Walkden, Gertrude  15 Mar 1998Ohio I51819 Tree2020 
12 Wares, Gordon  4 Jun 1985Ohio I51971 Tree2020 
13 Williams, Violet Irene  30 Nov 1942Ohio I51994 Tree2020 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Akins / Doke  1836Ohio F30096 Tree2020 
2 Derocco / Sears  11 Jan 1923ohio F11869 Tree2020 
3 Dickerman / Steward  1 Mar 1829Ohio F970 Tree2020 
4 McClellan / Walkden  14 Oct 1928Ohio F16905 Tree2020 
5 Runion / Vanderhoof  8 Mar 1894Ohio F17056 Tree2020 
6 Widrig / Boros   F19038 Tree2020 

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