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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Almira  Jun 1830New York I70895 tree2018 
2 Elizabeth Brown  Abt 1837New York I28937 tree2018 
3 Helen E  Abt 1840New York I70900 tree2018 
4 Jennie E  Dec 1864New York I70903 tree2018 
5 Sally  Abt 1811New York I85864 tree2018 
6 (Wallace) Skinkle, Hellen  Abt 1836New York I87913 tree2018 
7 Acker, James Edward  3 Nov 1868New York I2962 tree2018 
8 Ackerman, John Walter  4 Dec 1867New York I39337 tree2018 
9 Ackerson, Clara  Abt 1887New York I14881 tree2018 
10 Ackley, Arlea W.   I15217 tree2018 
11 Ackley, Brownie Ida  26 Mar 1895New York I19430 tree2018 
12 Ackley, Charles S.  27 Oct 1869New York I12045 tree2018 
13 Ackley, Harvey Lawrence   I51759 tree2018 
14 Ackley, Helen L.  27 Feb 1894New York I7932 tree2018 
15 Ackley, Lot West  20 Sep 1897New York I6951 tree2018 
16 Ackley, Shirley   I19405 tree2018 
17 Ackley, Trevalyn W.   I12320 tree2018 
18 Alger, Ancel N  Abt 1896New York I67054 tree2018 
19 Alger, Austin H  Jun 1869New York I67055 tree2018 
20 Alger, Burton D.  Abt 1875New York I67056 tree2018 
21 Alger, Carl  Jun 1898New York I67057 tree2018 
22 Alger, Damon Alonzo  Apr 1872New York I67058 tree2018 
23 Alger, Dora  Nov 1893New York I67059 tree2018 
24 Alger, Elie  Jun 1897New York I67060 tree2018 
25 Alger, Elmer  Abt 1875New York I67061 tree2018 
26 Alger, Elmetha  1904New York I67062 tree2018 
27 Alger, Emma  Jul 1849New York I67028 tree2018 
28 Alger, Emma  Abt 1871New York I67063 tree2018 
29 Alger, Ezra  Abt 1868New York I67064 tree2018 
30 Alger, George  31 Aug 1867New York I67065 tree2018 
31 Alger, Ida M  Abt 1864New York I67067 tree2018 
32 Alger, James E  May 1898New York I67068 tree2018 
33 Alger, James N.  Apr 1866New York I66343 tree2018 
34 Alger, Lela  Aug 1895New York I67069 tree2018 
35 Alger, Lizzie  Abt 1870New York I67070 tree2018 
36 Alger, Lola  Abt 1879New York I67071 tree2018 
37 Alger, Maude  Abt 1879New York I67072 tree2018 
38 Alger, Rowlan Burton  Nov 1897New York I67016 tree2018 
39 Alger, Walace D  Abt 1871New York I67074 tree2018 
40 Alger, Willis R  Oct 1892New York I67075 tree2018 
41 Allen, Albert James  5 Oct 1936New York I9826 tree2018 
42 Allen, Aleta  24 Feb 1920New York I25891 tree2018 
43 Allen, Frederick Sr.  15 Jul 1938New York I1820 tree2018 
44 Allen, Georgia Ina  29 Jun 1903New York I4108 tree2018 
45 Allen, Gladys A.  Apr 1899New York I849 tree2018 
46 Allen, Hazel B.  Jan 1898New York I11718 tree2018 
47 Allen, Howard  4 Apr 1898New York I925 tree2018 
48 Allen, Margaret Margrette  8 Sep 1840New York I4640 tree2018 
49 Allen, Marion E.  1909New York I8411 tree2018 
50 Allen, Martin  18 Jul 1878New York I5928 tree2018 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Mildred  Apr 1959New York I63978 tree2018 
2 Arcouet, Marguerite  New York I86444 tree2018 
3 Bellinger, Christopher  Abt 1800New York I87106 tree2018 
4 Bennett, Edward David  27 Oct 1930New york I13678 tree2018 
5 Benway, Clarabelle  Nov 1963New York I76508 tree2018 
6 Bird, Rose May  10 May 1940New York I37377 tree2018 
7 Buck, Albert H  1922New York I38727 tree2018 
8 Bullis, Helen  Abt 1908New York I27554 tree2018 
9 Church, Frances Mary  1920New York I81846 tree2018 
10 Church, Laura  19 Jan 1965New York I81849 tree2018 
11 Cobb, Lovina Edith  Abt 1943New york I40654 tree2018 
12 Coon, Robert Lewis  23 Dec 1956New York I11436 tree2018 
13 Deremo, Harriet Emily  14 Jul 1948New York I4730 tree2018 
14 Derochie, Edith  Abt 1940NEW YORK I82094 tree2018 
15 Derouchie, Elizabeth Libbie  Abt 1930NEW YORK I82119 tree2018 
16 Deroushie, Bennie  Abt 1920NEW YORK I82095 tree2018 
17 Donovan, Harriet L "Hattie"  UNKNOWNNew York I38767 tree2018 
18 Douglas, Smith  11 Sep 1813New York I51867 tree2018 
19 Douglass, Alexander  1860New York I66546 tree2018 
20 Durfey, Lowell  Between 1845 and 1850New York I18653 tree2018 
21 Eddy, Enoch D.  1860New York I35604 tree2018 
22 Edward, Maude Mary  1920New York I9265 tree2018 
23 Fowler, Henry Sours  6 May 1953New York I73399 tree2018 
24 Frawley, Minnie Amelia  2 Jul 1965New York I16451 tree2018 
25 Fry, Julia A.  15 Nov 1843New York I16514 tree2018 
26 Greene, William Sr.  Jul 1798New York I15196 tree2018 
27 Haynes, Helen Jean  1999New York I21517 tree2018 
28 Himes, Vernice May  26 Dec 2012New york I30586 tree2018 
29 Hubbs, Everett Remson Jr  10 Mar 1962New York I3443 tree2018 
30 Kiesinger, Frederick C  2 Jul 1878New york I29546 tree2018 
31 Kinney, Mary Augustus  1 Jan 1906New York I31490 tree2018 
32 Kinsman, Claude Deforest  12 Jan 1917New York I76022 tree2018 
33 Lynn, Thomas J  23 Nov 1880New York I30991 tree2018 
34 Manwarren, Kenyon  19 Mar 1813New York I25771 tree2018 
35 Manwarren, Mary  29 Apr 1854New York I25766 tree2018 
36 Mason, Elbert P.  1910New York I84407 tree2018 
37 McIntyre, Mister  New York I11252 tree2018 
38 Mills, William L  4 Oct 1925New York I70905 tree2018 
39 Mitchell, Emma  10 Oct 1973New York I71434 tree2018 
40 Moyer, George  New york I45408 tree2018 
41 Myers, Lolinda Deette  Bef 1930New York I20718 tree2018 
42 Near, Ella A.  1943New York I44633 tree2018 
43 Nicholson, Hattie L.  1944New York I87396 tree2018 
44 Parkinson, Thomas Ignatius  6 Jun 1959New York I87994 tree2018 
45 Pearce, Phoebe  28 Sep 1872New York I10826 tree2018 
46 Penney, Augustus Adolphus  28 Oct 1925New York I11105 tree2018 
47 Perry, Harriet  4 Apr 1958New York I69933 tree2018 
48 Phillips, Ruth E  25 Jan 1904New York I52129 tree2018 
49 Quackenbush, Catharin  New York I34037 tree2018 
50 Quackenbush, Harley Frank  1918New York I8757 tree2018 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Evans  Abt 1934New York F10291 tree2018 
2 / Mills  Abt 1928New York F30823 tree2018 
3 Armitage / Myers  Abt 1949New York F7836 tree2018 
4 Austin /   11 Jul 1885New York F10365 tree2018 
5 Baker / Stewart  Abt 1848New York F3596 tree2018 
6 Balch / S  Abt 1850New York F60020 tree2018 
7 Bellinger / Krusen  16 May 1892New York F2243 tree2018 
8 Burdick / Berry  Between 1922 and 1930New York F1101 tree2018 
9 Burmingham / Mix  1846New York F13995 tree2018 
10 Collis / Cindora  29 Sep 1864New York F15093 tree2018 
11 Dawley / Willis  Abt 1853New York F4169 tree2018 
12 Dean /   Abt 1885New York F30811 tree2018 
13 Eddy / Southwick  New York F3288 tree2018 
14 Ewart / Ingersoll  1 Jan 1867New York F3399 tree2018 
15 Green / Taber  29 Nov 1923New York F11740 tree2018 
16 Manwarren / Unknown  Bef 1785New York F9370 tree2018 
17 McLear /   Oct 1936New York F30545 tree2018 
18 Mills / Slater  Abt 1883New York F30822 tree2018 
19 Moore / Draper  Abt 1832New York F8239 tree2018 
20 Nicholson / Chase  26 Mar 1890New York F18747 tree2018 
21 Parker / Bonner  15 Mar 1831New York F17500 tree2018 
22 Philbrick / Clark  Bef 1840New York F9073 tree2018 
23 Philbrick / Meacham  Abt 1870New York F9126 tree2018 
24 Philbrick / Simmons  12 Jun 1915New York F9136 tree2018 
25 Preman / Sherman  1876?New York F48902 tree2018 
26 Russell / Boyea  1865New York F11213 tree2018 
27 Russell / Worden  Abt 1897New York F30814 tree2018 
28 Shipley / Grant  Abt 1907New York F4365 tree2018 
29 Slater /   Abt 1909New York F30812 tree2018 
30 Slater / Calkins  Sep 1869New York F30809 tree2018 
31 Stenson / Loomis  Oct 1921New York F722 tree2018 
32 Stewart / Horton  1865New York F521 tree2018 
33 Stewart / Nye  28 Dec 1853New York F17942 tree2018 
34 Stewart / Nye  19 Oct 1858New York F17941 tree2018 
35 Taplin / Wyman  1867New York F965 tree2018 
36 Upton / Stewart  Abt 1857New York F5132 tree2018 
37 Vickery / Kinney  2 Aug 1857New York F11662 tree2018 
38 Wallace / Russell  Abt Feb 1871New York F30803 tree2018 
39 Zayown / Fravor   F30367 tree2018