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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armstrong, Marjorie F  16 Sep 1912Michigan I80639 Tree2020 
2 Bennett, Flora  Abt 1878Michigan I53001 Tree2020 
3 Blackburn, Susie El Fern  22 Sep 1903Michigan I15568 Tree2020 
4 Blaylock, Ada  Abt 1873Michigan I71426 Tree2020 
5 Blaylock, Lettie  Abt 1871Michigan I71443 Tree2020 
6 Bowen, James  Abt 1874Michigan I75661 Tree2020 
7 Buckingham, Emma M.  22 Mar 1867Michigan I42852 Tree2020 
8 Buckingham, Ethol H.  Abt 1880Michigan I42989 Tree2020 
9 Buckingham, Grace O.  5 Sep 1877Michigan I42847 Tree2020 
10 Buckingham, John M.  28 Jun 1871Michigan I42961 Tree2020 
11 Buckingham, Nettie  18 Apr 1869Michigan I42894 Tree2020 
12 Buckingham, Ward B.  Abt 1875Michigan I42962 Tree2020 
13 Burleson, Ambrose  20 Aug 1893Michigan I43041 Tree2020 
14 Burton, Sylvia Ann  1846Michigan I68142 Tree2020 
15 Clark, Laverne   I65764 Tree2020 
16 Cleveland, Harriett Clorinda  26 Oct 1869Michigan I53752 Tree2020 
17 Cole, Alma Louise  25 Mar 1905Michigan I56718 Tree2020 
18 Cole, Amy  Mar 1892Michigan I34818 Tree2020 
19 Cole, Erle  Oct 1882Michigan I34827 Tree2020 
20 Cole, Fremont (Monty)  8 Sep 1893Michigan I56736 Tree2020 
21 Cole, Guy Wagley  8 Mar 1887Michigan I56985 Tree2020 
22 Cole, Mable  Dec 1884Michigan I34847 Tree2020 
23 Cole, Maud A  8 Jul 1889Michigan I56758 Tree2020 
24 Cole, Russell A  29 Nov 1895Michigan I56800 Tree2020 
25 Cole, Ted R  1904Michigan I56626 Tree2020 
26 Coon, William D.  8 Jun 1856Michigan I37006 Tree2020 
27 Cubley, Elayne Anne  3 Mar 1916Michigan I3167 Tree2020 
28 Cushman, Georgia A  1907Michigan I6188 Tree2020 
29 Cushman, Leo  1908Michigan I4397 Tree2020 
30 Cuyler, Lottie M  May 1870Michigan I79575 Tree2020 
31 Dean, Frederick  Abt 1855Michigan I28355 Tree2020 
32 Dolan, Catherine Louise  25 Oct 1843Michigan I64488 Tree2020 
33 Erhardt, Grayson   I49055 Tree2020 
34 Ferguson, James  1849Michigan I17055 Tree2020 
35 Frary, Ellen M. "Ella"  25 Feb 1853Michigan I35636 Tree2020 
36 Freeman, Ethel  Oct 1884Michigan I1715 Tree2020 
37 Gagnon, Patrick John  3 Sep 1946Michigan I1694 Tree2020 
38 Geer, Doretha H   I35120 Tree2020 
39 Geer, Glendon Frances Sr   I35378 Tree2020 
40 Geer, Herbert D  15 Aug 1889Michigan I35026 Tree2020 
41 Geer, Milburn I  13 Apr 1915Michigan I35038 Tree2020 
42 Geer, Rodger   I36105 Tree2020 
43 Geer, Wayne  Abt 1913Michigan I35851 Tree2020 
44 Gellick, Bernard James  10 Jan 1875Michigan I6686 Tree2020 
45 Gellide, Lena  Jan 1883Michigan I34985 Tree2020 
46 Grant, Sylvia E  Jan 1889Michigan I5144 Tree2020 
47 Green, Charles  Abt 1848Michigan I22556 Tree2020 
48 Green, Dora  25 Mar 1860Michigan I22578 Tree2020 
49 Hall, George Norman  7 Nov 1877Michigan I36362 Tree2020 
50 Hamilton, Gladys  Abt 1905Michigan I36162 Tree2020 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barlow, Charlotte Louise  5 Feb 1994Michigan I7539 Tree2020 
2 Burdick, Sarah A  Bef 1880Michigan I82906 Tree2020 
3 Calkins, Alta  May 1895Michigan I31064 Tree2020 
4 Christy, Ken  Abt 1990Michigan I3237 Tree2020 
5 Edick, Henry  3 May 1894Michigan I45431 Tree2020 
6 Ferguson, Elijah  Michigan I16948 Tree2020 
7 Fitch, Alpheus  1882Michigan I4386 Tree2020 
8 Foster, Beatrice  21 Apr 1892Michigan I47647 Tree2020 
9 Frary, Ira Spear  1 Feb 1861Michigan I4861 Tree2020 
10 Harding, Myrtle  Bef 17 Apr 1945Michigan I6642 Tree2020 
11 Hilton, Sarah Delinda  5 Jan 1940Michigan I15355 Tree2020 
12 Hubbs, Grove Edward  28 Jan 1989Michigan I63356 Tree2020 
13 Kinsman, Frank  Michigan I8728 Tree2020 
14 Martin, Dora  Aft 17 May 1941Michigan I81863 Tree2020 
15 McConnell, Alexander  Michigan I52353 Tree2020 
16 Murray, Anna  1920Michigan I43097 Tree2020 
17 Murray, John N.  26 Oct 1869Michigan I43105 Tree2020 
18 Murray, Lucy  Jan 1918Michigan I43173 Tree2020 
19 Potter, Hiram A.  27 Feb 1932Michigan I22859 Tree2020 
20 Rodgers, Carrie May  Michigan I23593 Tree2020 
21 Snyder, George W.  Michigan I23571 Tree2020 
22 Spencer, Mary Jane  1863Michigan I1049 Tree2020 
23 Wells, Laura Ann  Aft 1900Michigan I71344 Tree2020 
24 Wright, Margery  29 Jan 1890Michigan I55254 Tree2020 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Davis / Yerdon  Abt 1928Michigan F16265 Tree2020 
2 Fitch / Stevens  1875Michigan F902 Tree2020 

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