Johnson County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, Hanna Cordelia Dugger  1882Johnson County, Tennessee I14446 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Arnold, Lillie Ossie  Abt 1897Johnson County, Tennessee I12784 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Arnold, Phoebe  Abt 1837Johnson County, Tennessee I1855 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Blevins, Eliza Jane  Abt 1890Johnson County, Tennessee I3913 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Blevins, John B.F.  Abt 1856Johnson County, Tennessee I13402 Stewartsnydotcom 
6 Carriger, Brooks A  Abt 1849Johnson County, Tennessee I11575 Stewartsnydotcom 
7 Carriger, Isaac L.  Abt 1848Johnson County, Tennessee I12724 Stewartsnydotcom 
8 Carriger, Mary Ann  Abt 1847Johnson County, Tennessee I8770 Stewartsnydotcom 
9 Cole, Albert Clay  25 Apr 1856Johnson County, Tennessee I10121 Stewartsnydotcom 
10 Cole, Alexander M.  Abt 1861Johnson County, Tennessee I11176 Stewartsnydotcom 
11 Cole, Alfred  Abt 1846Johnson County, Tennessee I7162 Stewartsnydotcom 
12 Cole, Andrew B.  Abt 1856Johnson County, Tennessee I11686 Stewartsnydotcom 
13 Cole, Andrew J.  Abt 1859Johnson County, Tennessee I15050 Stewartsnydotcom 
14 Cole, Anina L.  Sep 1898Johnson County, Tennessee I11571 Stewartsnydotcom 
15 Cole, Benjamin  Abt 1836Johnson County, Tennessee I15515 Stewartsnydotcom 
16 Cole, Carrie Ann  25 Dec 1862Johnson County, Tennessee I15510 Stewartsnydotcom 
17 Cole, Carrie E.  Oct 1888Johnson County, Tennessee I743 Stewartsnydotcom 
18 Cole, Carrie Victoria  Abt 1878Johnson County, Tennessee I1308 Stewartsnydotcom 
19 Cole, Catharine R.  Abt 1858Johnson County, Tennessee I8527 Stewartsnydotcom 
20 Cole, Charles A.  Abt 1880Johnson County, Tennessee I1307 Stewartsnydotcom 
21 Cole, Cyrus Hamilton  3 Jun 1861Johnson County, Tennessee I6267 Stewartsnydotcom 
22 Cole, David C.  Abt 1838Johnson County, Tennessee I3808 Stewartsnydotcom 
23 Cole, Dudley N.  Abt 1895Johnson County, Tennessee I11211 Stewartsnydotcom 
24 Cole, Edward J.  Abt 1847Johnson County, Tennessee I11690 Stewartsnydotcom 
25 Cole, George Washington  Abt 1865Johnson County, Tennessee I12488 Stewartsnydotcom 
26 Cole, Hugh H.  Abt 1857Johnson County, Tennessee I2794 Stewartsnydotcom 
27 Cole, Hugh H.  Feb 1887Johnson County, Tennessee I12583 Stewartsnydotcom 
28 Cole, Isaac Erwin  13 Dec 1857Johnson County, Tennessee I12588 Stewartsnydotcom 
29 Cole, Isaac L.  Abt 1882Johnson County, Tennessee I11213 Stewartsnydotcom 
30 Cole, James  Abt 1833Johnson County, Tennessee I8604 Stewartsnydotcom 
31 Cole, James Grover Blaine  Abt 1887Johnson County, Tennessee I12737 Stewartsnydotcom 
32 Cole, James Keys  5 Jan 1859Johnson County, Tennessee I5590 Stewartsnydotcom 
33 Cole, John R.  Abt 1839Johnson County, Tennessee I6265 Stewartsnydotcom 
34 Cole, John Russell  27 Oct 1867Johnson County, Tennessee I6264 Stewartsnydotcom 
35 Cole, Joseph S.  Jun 1899Johnson County, Tennessee I4835 Stewartsnydotcom 
36 Cole, Laura A.  Abt 1863Johnson County, Tennessee I8018 Stewartsnydotcom 
37 Cole, Lottie  Abt 1882Johnson County, Tennessee I11210 Stewartsnydotcom 
38 Cole, Margaret D.  Abt 1852Johnson County, Tennessee I8530 Stewartsnydotcom 
39 Cole, Mary A.  Abt 1858Johnson County, Tennessee I11141 Stewartsnydotcom 
40 Cole, Mary E.  Abt 1858Johnson County, Tennessee I15837 Stewartsnydotcom 
41 Cole, Mary J.M.  Abt 1849Johnson County, Tennessee I13181 Stewartsnydotcom 
42 Cole, Michael  Abt 1859Johnson County, Tennessee I1315 Stewartsnydotcom 
43 Cole, Nat J.  Nov 1885Johnson County, Tennessee I15546 Stewartsnydotcom 
44 Cole, Pearl Vada  Abt 1890Johnson County, Tennessee I11217 Stewartsnydotcom 
45 Cole, Robert E.  Sep 1882Johnson County, Tennessee I7836 Stewartsnydotcom 
46 Cole, Russell  13 Dec 1857Johnson County, Tennessee I9027 Stewartsnydotcom 
47 Cole, Samuel W.  Abt 1856Johnson County, Tennessee I11692 Stewartsnydotcom 
48 Cole, Stacy W.  10 Aug 1884Johnson County, Tennessee I11546 Stewartsnydotcom 
49 Cole, Susannah  9 Mar 1812Johnson County, Tennessee I8382 Stewartsnydotcom 
50 Cole, William H.  Feb 1884Johnson County, Tennessee I2373 Stewartsnydotcom 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blevins, Kitty  3 Mar 1889Johnson County, Tennessee I12446 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Brown, Celia  28 Nov 1870Johnson County, Tennessee I8763 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Cole, Celia  14 Jan 1916Johnson County, Tennessee I3035 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Cole, Delilah  14 Mar 1878Johnson County, Tennessee I14805 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Cole, Elizabeth  Bef 1860Johnson County, Tennessee I15330 Stewartsnydotcom 
6 Cole, George Washington  30 Apr 1870Johnson County, Tennessee I15641 Stewartsnydotcom 
7 Cole, Jesse  28 Nov 1870Johnson County, Tennessee I16403 Stewartsnydotcom 
8 Cole, John Russell  24 Jan 1868Johnson County, Tennessee I6264 Stewartsnydotcom 
9 Forrester, Alta Bernice  25 Aug 2012Johnson County, Tennessee I1221 Stewartsnydotcom 
10 Garland, Cleo Tillie  24 Sep 1997Johnson County, Tennessee I7582 Stewartsnydotcom 
11 Garland, Dana Lilford  10 Jul 1979Johnson County, Tennessee I780 Stewartsnydotcom 
12 Garland, Delford Paul  29 Jun 1974Johnson County, Tennessee I8381 Stewartsnydotcom 
13 Garland, Isaac Cleveland "I. C."  4 Dec 2009Johnson County, Tennessee I15913 Stewartsnydotcom 
14 Garland, Jessie Garfield  22 Jun 1952Johnson County, Tennessee I6447 Stewartsnydotcom 
15 Garland, T.A. "Ambrose"  19 Dec 1996Johnson County, Tennessee I13592 Stewartsnydotcom 
16 Garland, Tommy Keith  12 Aug 2010Johnson County, Tennessee I4010 Stewartsnydotcom 
17 Garland, Unknown  21 Feb 1885Johnson County, Tennessee I11043 Stewartsnydotcom 
18 Garland, Winnie Lee  14 May 1930Johnson County, Tennessee I15807 Stewartsnydotcom 
19 Gentry, Deletha  Bef 1856Johnson County, Tennessee I15513 Stewartsnydotcom 
20 Howard, David Grant  13 Aug 1949Johnson County, Tennessee I3970 Stewartsnydotcom 
21 Jordan, Marguritte J.  3 Feb 2011Johnson County, Tennessee I8204 Stewartsnydotcom 
22 Lowe, Farley A.  Abt 1992Johnson County, Tennessee I14713 Stewartsnydotcom 
23 Lowe, Lutisha E. "Tisha"  4 Jan 1917Johnson County, Tennessee I14714 Stewartsnydotcom 
24 Morley, Mollie Alice  26 Aug 1915Johnson County, Tennessee I10025 Stewartsnydotcom 
25 Morley, Thomas Butler  1 Apr 1923Johnson County, Tennessee I6504 Stewartsnydotcom 
26 Reece, Celia A.  11 Sep 1925Johnson County, Tennessee I5799 Stewartsnydotcom 
27 Robinson, Chelsie May  10 Jul 1971Johnson County, Tennessee I3948 Stewartsnydotcom 
28 Robinson, Mary Matilda  14 Aug 1911Johnson County, Tennessee I10899 Stewartsnydotcom 
29 Scott, George W.  Bef 1880Johnson County, Tennessee I2911 Stewartsnydotcom 
30 Scott, Sarah A.  Abt 1940Johnson County, Tennessee I4217 Stewartsnydotcom 
31 Shoun, John Alfred  2 Mar 1910Johnson County, Tennessee I2529 Stewartsnydotcom 
32 Shoun, Rachel C.  1933Johnson County, Tennessee I835 Stewartsnydotcom 
33 Shoun, Sarah Ann  3 Jul 1909Johnson County, Tennessee I10762 Stewartsnydotcom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blevins, Kitty  3 Mar 1889Johnson County, Tennessee I12446 Stewartsnydotcom 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Blevins / Scott  Abt 1877Johnson County, Tennessee F4258 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Carriger / Cole  Abt 1846Johnson County, Tennessee F2804 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Cole / Blevins  16 Aug 1834Johnson County, Tennessee F4726 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Cole / Buckles  Abt 1845Johnson County, Tennessee F2740 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Cole / Crosswhite  Abt 1881Johnson County, Tennessee F1985 Stewartsnydotcom 
6 Cole / Johnson  17 Dec 1891Johnson County, Tennessee F1333 Stewartsnydotcom 
7 Cole / Price  Abt 1856Johnson County, Tennessee F4964 Stewartsnydotcom 
8 Cole / Reece  14 Mar 1878Johnson County, Tennessee F3222 Stewartsnydotcom 
9 Cole / Shoun  8 Jun 1854Johnson County, Tennessee F5013 Stewartsnydotcom 
10 Cole / Unknown  Abt 1855Johnson County, Tennessee F1921 Stewartsnydotcom 
11 Cole / Unknown  Abt 1859Johnson County, Tennessee F1984 Stewartsnydotcom 
12 Cole / Walker  25 Oct 1877Johnson County, Tennessee F3980 Stewartsnydotcom 
13 Garland / Arnold  Abt 1821Johnson County, Tennessee F4177 Stewartsnydotcom 
14 Garland / Arnold  12 Sep 1858Johnson County, Tennessee F3522 Stewartsnydotcom 
15 Garland / Arnold  21 Jul 1900Johnson County, Tennessee F2039 Stewartsnydotcom 
16 Garland / Blevins  Abt 1906Johnson County, Tennessee F1455 Stewartsnydotcom 
17 Garland / Davis  22 Sep 1922Johnson County, Tennessee F237 Stewartsnydotcom 
18 Garland / Forrester  Abt 1937Johnson County, Tennessee F2406 Stewartsnydotcom 
19 Garland / Morefield  Abt 1889Johnson County, Tennessee F4949 Stewartsnydotcom 
20 Garland / Nave  Abt 1922Johnson County, Tennessee F2238 Stewartsnydotcom 
21 Garland / Robinson  Abt 1893Johnson County, Tennessee F3794 Stewartsnydotcom 
22 Garland / Robinson  Abt 1919Johnson County, Tennessee F4303 Stewartsnydotcom 
23 Garland / Shoun  7 Apr 1867Johnson County, Tennessee F463 Stewartsnydotcom 
24 Garland / Sluder   F5093 Stewartsnydotcom 
25 Garland / Tilley  26 Oct 1911Johnson County, Tennessee F3795 Stewartsnydotcom 
26 Garland / Wright  Abt 1897Johnson County, Tennessee F187 Stewartsnydotcom 
27 Howard / Cole  21 Dec 1854Johnson County, Tennessee F3839 Stewartsnydotcom 
28 Lowe / Cole  Abt 1856Johnson County, Tennessee F678 Stewartsnydotcom 
29 Lowe / Grace  Abt 1881Johnson County, Tennessee F2387 Stewartsnydotcom 
30 Lowe / Shoun  Abt 1913Johnson County, Tennessee F5183 Stewartsnydotcom 
31 Morley / Lowe  Abt 1881Johnson County, Tennessee F2054 Stewartsnydotcom 
32 Robinson / Cole  Abt 1854Johnson County, Tennessee F567 Stewartsnydotcom 
33 Robinson / Garland   F618 Stewartsnydotcom 
34 Scott / Cole  Abt 1836Johnson County, Tennessee F930 Stewartsnydotcom 
35 Shoun / Cole  Abt 1846Johnson County, Tennessee F1536 Stewartsnydotcom 
36 Shoun / Laws  22 Mar 1908Johnson County, Tennessee F2996 Stewartsnydotcom 
37 Shoun / Norris   F462 Stewartsnydotcom 
38 Shoun / Reece  30 Oct 1873Johnson County, Tennessee F803 Stewartsnydotcom 
39 Shoun / Shoun  13 Oct 1870Johnson County, Tennessee F5051 Stewartsnydotcom 
40 Shoun / Unknown  Abt 1897Johnson County, Tennessee F1537 Stewartsnydotcom 
41 Stout / Morley  2 May 1912Johnson County, Tennessee F2771 Stewartsnydotcom 
42 Stout / Unknown  Abt 1921Johnson County, Tennessee F324 Stewartsnydotcom 
43 Wright / Cole  Abt 1845Johnson County, Tennessee F1519 Stewartsnydotcom