Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA


Tree: Stewartsnydotcom
Latitude: 42.3278, Longitude: -77.6611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Robert L.  9 Jan 1930Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I2070 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Andrews, Karen Louise   I5214 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Beckwith, Bonnie Louise   I2216 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Burdett, Caleb   I16248 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Burdett, Dakota Rock   I2861 Stewartsnydotcom 
6 Burdett, David Murray  23 Aug 1955Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I7019 Stewartsnydotcom 
7 Burdett, Donald Sidney   I1994 Stewartsnydotcom 
8 Burdett, James Milton   I4341 Stewartsnydotcom 
9 Burdett, Joel Dean Jr.  23 Dec 1929Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I956 Stewartsnydotcom 
10 Burdett, Joshua Raymond   I4304 Stewartsnydotcom 
11 Burdett, Margaret Viola   I10048 Stewartsnydotcom 
12 Burdett, Mark Dwight   I9303 Stewartsnydotcom 
13 Burdett, Michael David   I2215 Stewartsnydotcom 
14 Burdett, Nicholas Joel   I13883 Stewartsnydotcom 
15 Burdett, Polly Tanner   I9796 Stewartsnydotcom 
16 Burdett, Robin Ann   I6657 Stewartsnydotcom 
17 Burdett, Rocky Alan   I9349 Stewartsnydotcom 
18 Burdett, Shane M.  28 Jan 1977Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I8570 Stewartsnydotcom 
19 Burdett, Tracy Raymond   I6661 Stewartsnydotcom 
20 Burdett, Wayne Francis   I6658 Stewartsnydotcom 
21 Burdett, Wendy Sue   I8132 Stewartsnydotcom 
22 Davison, Linda   I10921 Stewartsnydotcom 
23 Drake, Catherine Mary   I5558 Stewartsnydotcom 
24 Drake, Daniel Wayne   I15638 Stewartsnydotcom 
25 Drake, Douglas Malcolm   I9512 Stewartsnydotcom 
26 Drake, Emma Lee   I2945 Stewartsnydotcom 
27 Drake, William James   I4388 Stewartsnydotcom 
28 Drake, William Orlan  10 Mar 1923Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I7433 Stewartsnydotcom 
29 Drake, Zachary Sean   I605 Stewartsnydotcom 
30 Jordan, Bruce   I8565 Stewartsnydotcom 
31 Jordan, Christian David   I78 Stewartsnydotcom 
32 Jordan, Stephen Michael   I2064 Stewartsnydotcom 
33 Merring, Lynda   I15637 Stewartsnydotcom 
34 Nephew, Proctor  Oct 1851Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I7263 Stewartsnydotcom 
35 Pettibone, Eugene F.   I5882 Stewartsnydotcom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Audrey Maxine  17 Jul 2009Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I6053 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Allen, Dora Mae  7 Oct 1992Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I9326 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Allen, Polly Tanner  6 Feb 2004Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I423 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Allen, Roy Lavern  6 Dec 1988Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I2069 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Burdett, Joel Dean  6 Apr 1974Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I2001 Stewartsnydotcom 
6 Burdett, Joel Dean Jr.  2 Mar 2011Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I956 Stewartsnydotcom 
7 Burdett, Marianna Virginia  5 May 2010Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I1128 Stewartsnydotcom 
8 Drake, William Orlan  30 May 2009Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I7433 Stewartsnydotcom 
9 Hickey, Geraldine Pearl  4 Jan 1994Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I953 Stewartsnydotcom 
10 Makeley, Fred  Jan 1969Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I4686 Stewartsnydotcom 
11 Nephew, Martha  20 Mar 1895Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I2079 Stewartsnydotcom 
12 Rosell, Richard Allen  12 Jul 2010Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I13596 Stewartsnydotcom 
13 Stewart, Alvin J.  29 Nov 1923Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I3143 Stewartsnydotcom 
14 Whitford, Angenette  18 Oct 1907Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA I13095 Stewartsnydotcom 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allen / Cranston  8 May 1924Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA F3284 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Allen / Munsey  10 Dec 1913Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA F3282 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Allen / Sick   F4599 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Burdett / Andrews   F2108 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Ciufo / Allen   F3311 Stewartsnydotcom 
6 Pettibone / Allen   F1849 Stewartsnydotcom 
7 Rosell / Allen   F1670 Stewartsnydotcom 
8 Stewart / Unknown  Abt 1899Hornell, Steuben Co., New York, USA F4912 Stewartsnydotcom