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Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Evans, Agnes  1 Jul 1901Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82010 Tree2020 
2 Evans, Curtis  12 Sep 1921Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82104 Tree2020 
3 Evans, Dora  12 May 1900Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82238 Tree2020 
4 Evans, Francis   I82118 Tree2020 
5 Evans, Howard  31 May 1907Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82212 Tree2020 
6 Evans, Marjorie   I82252 Tree2020 
7 Evans, Mary  6 May 1903Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82073 Tree2020 
8 Evans, Richard  27 May 1909Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82246 Tree2020 
9 Evans, Ruth  14 Nov 1905Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82193 Tree2020 
10 Evans, Wilfred   I82224 Tree2020 
11 Evans, Winifred  25 Oct 1913Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82204 Tree2020 
12 Evans, Jr., Daniel Jr.  30 May 1897Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82183 Tree2020 
13 Evans, Jr., Daniel Jr.  4 Sep 1912Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82161 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Evans, Alfred James  8 Nov 1913Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82116 Tree2020 
2 Evans, Howard  4 Jun 1919Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82212 Tree2020 
3 Evans, Winifred  15 Aug 1914Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82204 Tree2020 
4 Evans, Jr., Daniel Jr.  6 May 1898Hanover Green, Luzerne, Pennsylvania I82183 Tree2020 

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