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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nellie M.  Abt 1891Connecticut I61414 Tree2020 
2 Adams, Nancy  20 Sep 1803Connecticut I6104 Tree2020 
3 Anderson, Laura Ann  Abt 1795Connecticut I45544 Tree2020 
4 Anderson, Wilhelmina  Abt 1890Connecticut I76964 Tree2020 
5 Baker, Oliver Hazard Perry  1828Connecticut I5313 Tree2020 
6 Ball, William H.  Jan 1862Connecticut I35430 Tree2020 
7 Beebe, Charles Harris   I35309 Tree2020 
8 Beebe, Eleanor H.  4 Sep 1915Connecticut I35465 Tree2020 
9 Beebe, Evelyn Mildred   I35311 Tree2020 
10 Benedict, Betsey  Abt 1760Connecticut I19380 Tree2020 
11 Blake, Chloe Ann  Abt 1806Connecticut I57036 Tree2020 
12 Bristol, George  1831Connecticut I67790 Tree2020 
13 Brown, Charles  Abt 1878Connecticut I61401 Tree2020 
14 Brown, Roswell  1783Connecticut I52387 Tree2020 
15 Buckingham, John  Connecticut I60811 Tree2020 
16 Burchard, Irena Rena  1797Connecticut I71315 Tree2020 
17 Carl, Robert James  25 Dec 1851Connecticut I58986 Tree2020 
18 Caroline  Abt 1840Connecticut I61020 Tree2020 
19 Castor, John  16 Oct 1771Connecticut I67978 Tree2020 
20 Dewey, Elizabeth  Connecticut I29463 Tree2020 
21 Dickinson, Clara  Jan 1873Connecticut I34994 Tree2020 
22 Dio, Charles  Between 1856 and 1859Connecticut I62008 Tree2020 
23 Dio, Holly  1854Connecticut I62142 Tree2020 
24 Dio, Josephine  Between 1858 and 1859Connecticut I62024 Tree2020 
25 Dio, Louis  Apr 1860Connecticut I66459 Tree2020 
26 Dorsey, Agnes Esther  1905Connecticut I61875 Tree2020 
27 Ellis, Harriet  Abt 1886Connecticut I36301 Tree2020 
28 Everts, Anna  Apr 1854Connecticut I34891 Tree2020 
29 French, Lucy  Abt 1805Connecticut I48805 Tree2020 
30 Goodell, Edna May  Between 1881 and 1882Connecticut I61515 Tree2020 
31 Hill, Daniel  Connecticut I45353 Tree2020 
32 Horr, Dr Edward Frank  Jan 1870Connecticut I37249 Tree2020 
33 Hubbard, Heman  Abt 1811Connecticut I57093 Tree2020 
34 Hudson, Emily A.  Between 1868 and 1869Connecticut I61646 Tree2020 
35 Hudson, Thomas A.  Mar 1843Connecticut I61555 Tree2020 
36 Kingsbury, Henry Heath  25 Aug 1806Connecticut I46279 Tree2020 
37 Ladd, Wareham  23 Apr 1778Connecticut I33505 Tree2020 
38 Lataille, Peter  Jun 1862Connecticut I61434 Tree2020 
39 Loomis, Dimmis  Abt 1798Connecticut I71652 Tree2020 
40 MacGarva, Anna  21 Apr 1891Connecticut I60418 Tree2020 
41 Moulthrop, Belah H.  1798Connecticut I17063 Tree2020 
42 Outerson, Daniel Lawler  1883Connecticut I51848 Tree2020 
43 Outterson, Francis E  Sep 1844Connecticut I51806 Tree2020 
44 Perkins, Abbie Howard  11 Nov 1882Connecticut I65755 Tree2020 
45 Perkins, Lucy Burrows  18 Sep 1861Connecticut I65938 Tree2020 
46 Perkins, Warren C.  Abt 1871Connecticut I65958 Tree2020 
47 Pero, Katherine M.   I61431 Tree2020 
48 Pero, Ruth M.   I61421 Tree2020 
49 Price, Abigail  12 Jun 1753Connecticut I20385 Tree2020 
50 Price, Abigail  29 Aug 1757Connecticut I20559 Tree2020 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbe, Theodore Coleman  18 Apr 1877Connecticut I46225 Tree2020 
2 Benedict, Betsey  Abt 1781Connecticut I19380 Tree2020 
3 Fillmore, Albert D.  1916Connecticut I27894 Tree2020 
4 Flagg, Earl Vincent  18 Dec 1994Connecticut I34110 Tree2020 
5 Look, Grace  22 Jan 1930Connecticut I69921 Tree2020 
6 McKinney, Roxy  21 Sep 1873Connecticut I46219 Tree2020 
7 Munson, Elsiha  22 Nov 1835Connecticut I28335 Tree2020 
8 Parke, Clinton A.  13 Jun 1886Connecticut I12668 Tree2020 
9 Perkins, Rufus  27 Jun 1838Connecticut I65911 Tree2020 
10 Steward, Nancy  18 Mar 1867Connecticut I5707 Tree2020 
11 Unknown, Elizabeth  8 Feb 1820Connecticut I29531 Tree2020 
12 Unknown, Martha  1777Connecticut I2835 Tree2020 
13 Weed, Betsey  Between 1801 and 1813Connecticut I19324 Tree2020 
14 Wilde, Mildred Alma  Apr 1989Connecticut I8247 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbe, Theodore Coleman  Connecticut I46225 Tree2020 
2 Look, Grace  Connecticut I69921 Tree2020 
3 McKinney, Roxy  Connecticut I46219 Tree2020 

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