Connecticut, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Grace Flora  1884Connecticut, United States I63420 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Barnaby, Hannah  1725Connecticut, United States I412 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Brace, Edmund  1811Connecticut, United States I49278 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Brown, Abijah E.  8 Mar 1788Connecticut, United States I81979 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Coates, Rufus  1777Connecticut, United States I1836 Stewartsnydotcom 
6 Curtiss, John  1732Connecticut, United States I46119 Stewartsnydotcom 
7 Finkle, Etta J.  Dec 1871Connecticut, United States I2080 Stewartsnydotcom 
8 Finkle, Marcus M  May 1871Connecticut, United States I1748 Stewartsnydotcom 
9 Fletcher, Lucy  Abt 1785Connecticut, United States I10495 Stewartsnydotcom 
10 Howlett, Luther B  27 Sep 1789Connecticut, United States I2046 Stewartsnydotcom 
11 Maltby, Almira  14 Jul 1798Connecticut, United States I38207 Stewartsnydotcom 
12 Maltby, Selina  26 Sep 1812Connecticut, United States I38209 Stewartsnydotcom 
13 McKinney, Mary Jane  1795Connecticut, United States I66743 Stewartsnydotcom 
14 McKinney, Rachel  10 Nov 1799Connecticut, United States I66750 Stewartsnydotcom 
15 Olin, Ezra  1829Connecticut, United States I43279 Stewartsnydotcom 
16 Parkhurst, Elizabeth Sarah  1793Connecticut, United States I66035 Stewartsnydotcom 
17 Paul, Susannah Sarah Jones  1 Jan 1763Connecticut, United States I20191 Stewartsnydotcom 
18 Payne, Amaziah  2 Feb 1772Connecticut, United States I75336 Stewartsnydotcom 
19 Shepard, David  11 Sep 1785Connecticut, United States I38439 Stewartsnydotcom 
20 Spencer, George William  1807Connecticut, United States I14392 Stewartsnydotcom 
21 Stewart, John  1786Connecticut, United States I47406 Stewartsnydotcom 
22 Townsend, Mary Marah  30 Jul 1762Connecticut, United States I44136 Stewartsnydotcom 
23 Unknown, Hannah  1763Connecticut, United States I25755 Stewartsnydotcom 
24 Walsworth, Anna  1782Connecticut, United States I28367 Stewartsnydotcom 
25 Washburn, John  Abt 1785Connecticut, United States I11981 Stewartsnydotcom 
26 Young, Isaac  Abt 1776Connecticut, United States I40127 Stewartsnydotcom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cosier, William  Connecticut, United States I21863 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Gray, Anstrase  11 Jun 1785Connecticut, United States I11312 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 King, Raymond Warren  6 May 2003Connecticut, United States I85088 Stewartsnydotcom 
4 Lee, Elizabeth  1764Connecticut, United States I11018 Stewartsnydotcom 
5 Spencer, Rebecca  1710Connecticut, United States I16765 Stewartsnydotcom 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bartlett / Downer  24 Jan 1751Connecticut, United States F4440 Stewartsnydotcom 
2 Bell / Bell  26 Dec QTR 4714 BCConnecticut, United States F9022 Stewartsnydotcom 
3 Roberts / Bishop  12 May 1802Connecticut, United States F2263 Stewartsnydotcom