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Carter County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lula M.  Abt 1910Carter County, Tennessee I6412
2 Anderson, Dorsie "Doris" Rita  15 Sep 1929Carter County, Tennessee I1446
3 Arnold, Elizabeth  Abt 1831Carter County, Tennessee I15960
4 Blevins, Allen  Abt 1829Carter County, Tennessee I606
5 Blevins, Harriet  9 Jun 1814Carter County, Tennessee I12111
6 Broyles, Ethel  22 Oct 1928Carter County, Tennessee I11888
7 Buckles, Rebecca  Abt 1826Carter County, Tennessee I12422
8 Carriger, William B.  Abt 1816Carter County, Tennessee I8769
9 Carter, Landon C.  Abt 1826Carter County, Tennessee I13670
10 Carter, Luta Bell  Aft 1880Carter County, Tennessee I11574
11 Cole, Alfred  9 Mar 1814Carter County, Tennessee I14804
12 Cole, Anderson L  Abt 1846Carter County, Tennessee I11879
13 Cole, Andrew  9 Apr 1832Carter County, Tennessee I5445
14 Cole, Anna  6 Aug 1814Carter County, Tennessee I2912
15 Cole, Anna  16 Apr 1840Carter County, Tennessee I2135
16 Cole, Annie F.  Abt 1904Carter County, Tennessee I15835
17 Cole, Atlantic  Abt 1859Carter County, Tennessee I12369
18 Cole, Benjamin  Abt 1855Carter County, Tennessee I13113
19 Cole, Benjamin Brown  6 Mar 1808Carter County, Tennessee I2577
20 Cole, Benjamin Franklin  11 Oct 1831Carter County, Tennessee I15509
21 Cole, Catherine  6 Sep 1912Carter County, Tennessee I8188
22 Cole, Celia  3 Dec 1823Carter County, Tennessee I3035
23 Cole, Celia  8 Feb 1829Carter County, Tennessee I2946
24 Cole, Celia  Abt 1849Carter County, Tennessee I14310
25 Cole, Delilah  5 Jan 1827Carter County, Tennessee I14805
26 Cole, Elizabeth  Abt 1822Carter County, Tennessee I15330
27 Cole, Emerson  14 Jan 1909Carter County, Tennessee I14046
28 Cole, George Washington  9 May 1819Carter County, Tennessee I15641
29 Cole, Henry Raymond  4 May 1916Carter County, Tennessee I16199
30 Cole, Ida B.  Abt 1895Carter County, Tennessee I11724
31 Cole, Jackson  Abt 1836Carter County, Tennessee I6560
32 Cole, James  Abt 1806Carter County, Tennessee I14601
33 Cole, Jesse  Abt 1826Carter County, Tennessee I8533
34 Cole, Jesse  Abt 1840Carter County, Tennessee I14911
35 Cole, Jesse James  Abt 1844Carter County, Tennessee I4889
36 Cole, Jesse U.  Abt 1831Carter County, Tennessee I6093
37 Cole, Jessie Kelly  Abt 1897Carter County, Tennessee I4534
38 Cole, John  Abt 1810Carter County, Tennessee I14628
39 Cole, John Hamilton  19 Dec 1856Carter County, Tennessee I16209
40 Cole, Joseph  Abt 1832Carter County, Tennessee I4258
41 Cole, Joseph R.  21 Jul 1847Carter County, Tennessee I4257
42 Cole, Laura E.  Abt 1903Carter County, Tennessee I7875
43 Cole, Lausa  4 Apr 1837Carter County, Tennessee I379
44 Cole, Letta L.  Abt 1860Carter County, Tennessee I2138
45 Cole, Liddie  Abt 1825Carter County, Tennessee I5900
46 Cole, Lidia  11 Feb 1835Carter County, Tennessee I47
47 Cole, Lonnie Butler  3 Sep 1911Carter County, Tennessee I12103
48 Cole, Louisa  Abt 1857Carter County, Tennessee I6674
49 Cole, Luticia E. "Lettie"  11 May 1833Carter County, Tennessee I7208
50 Cole, Meredith A.  Abt 1852Carter County, Tennessee I12935

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Dorsie "Doris" Rita  30 Sep 2003Carter County, Tennessee I1446
2 Broyles, Ethel  5 Aug 2013Carter County, Tennessee I11888
3 Carter, Landon C.  Abt 1896Carter County, Tennessee I13670
4 Cole, Benjamin  Bef 1870Carter County, Tennessee I13113
5 Cole, Benjamin Brown  6 Jul 1905Carter County, Tennessee I2577
6 Cole, Catherine  15 Mar 1983Carter County, Tennessee I8188
7 Cole, Emerson  13 Feb 1935Carter County, Tennessee I14046
8 Cole, Sue Helen  25 May 2006Carter County, Tennessee I12629
9 Elliott, Mack Simeon  3 Jul 2013Carter County, Tennessee I10149
10 Garland, Martha  20 May 1963Carter County, Tennessee I1022
11 Grindstaff, Clayton Cammilus  27 Feb 1967Carter County, Tennessee I3604
12 Grindstaff, Juanita  9 Mar 1932Carter County, Tennessee I11265
13 Grindstaff, Kathleen  3 Mar 1958Carter County, Tennessee I8775
14 Grindstaff, Lucille G.  1 Jul 1975Carter County, Tennessee I8964
15 Grindstaff, Ruby M.  1987Carter County, Tennessee I3923
16 Lewis, Daisy Maude  Oct 1966Carter County, Tennessee I744
17 Lowe, Charles Hector  2 May 1941Carter County, Tennessee I8557
18 Shoun, Dudley Benjamin "D. B."  20 Jun 1954Carter County, Tennessee I5942
19 Shoun, Jesse Leonard  11 Oct 1918Carter County, Tennessee I15779
20 Shoun, Martha  14 Dec 1943Carter County, Tennessee I10580
21 Stout, Dora Elizabeth  13 Oct 1965Carter County, Tennessee I14322
22 Stout, Kennedy "Canida"  Abt 1861Carter County, Tennessee I4906
23 Stout, Nancy  Abt 1860Carter County, Tennessee I2444
24 Stout, William Pinkney  Aft 1930Carter County, Tennessee I12286
25 Taylor, Ivan Burnette  4 Apr 1994Carter County, Tennessee I3496
26 Treadway, R. L.  Bef 2006Carter County, Tennessee I16334
27 Wilson, Solomon  28 Jan 1909Carter County, Tennessee I12630


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blevins / Cole  Abt 1852Carter County, Tennessee F178
2 Carter / Garland  Abt 1880Carter County, Tennessee F4338
3 Cole /   Abt 1929Carter County, Tennessee F1414
4 Cole / Arnold  4 Jun 1849Carter County, Tennessee F4962
5 Cole / Brown  15 Dec 1803Carter County, Tennessee F5245
6 Cole / Deloach  17 Nov 1938Carter County, Tennessee F5184
7 Cole / Dinsmore  Abt 1876Carter County, Tennessee F5186
8 Cole / Garland  23 Nov 1890Carter County, Tennessee F1498
9 Cole / Garland  Abt 1897Carter County, Tennessee F412
10 Cole / Gentry  Abt 1828Carter County, Tennessee F4963
11 Cole / Stout  Abt 1851Carter County, Tennessee F1707
12 Cole / Unknown  Abt 1846Carter County, Tennessee F3992
13 Cole / Ward  1 Nov 1826Carter County, Tennessee F823
14 Elliott / Shoun  Abt 1933Carter County, Tennessee F4597
15 Garland / Cole  19 Mar 1834Carter County, Tennessee F3523
16 Garland / Cole  10 Oct 1866Carter County, Tennessee F2880
17 Garland / Stout  Abt 1872Carter County, Tennessee F3296
18 Grindstaff / Stout  5 Jun 1919Carter County, Tennessee F1141
19 Shoun / Tribble  6 Aug 1910Carter County, Tennessee F1870
20 Stout / Cole  14 Jun 1852Carter County, Tennessee F1539
21 Stout / Garland  Bef 1897Carter County, Tennessee F3894
22 Treadway / Cole  Abt 1946Carter County, Tennessee F5219
23 Wilson / Cole  8 Feb 1874Carter County, Tennessee F3991