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Camden, Oneida County, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armstrong, Hugh  1 Jun 1911Camden, Oneida County, New York I50084 Tree2020 
2 Armstrong, Linden Lee  13 Dec 1927Camden, Oneida County, New York I57899 Tree2020 
3 Burmingham, Donald Jay  22 Jun 1928Camden, Oneida County, New York I18531 Tree2020 
4 Burmingham, Doris Louise  15 Feb 1930Camden, Oneida County, New York I18688 Tree2020 
5 Burmingham, Larry James  9 Sep 1938Camden, Oneida County, New York I18726 Tree2020 
6 Burmingham, Shirley Ann  5 Jul 1935Camden, Oneida County, New York I18636 Tree2020 
7 Eastham, Muriel  15 Nov 1925Camden, Oneida County, New York I8031 Tree2020 
8 Falvey, Helen Ernestine  12 May 1907Camden, Oneida County, New York I49086 Tree2020 
9 Hayes, Michael Leland   I70318 Tree2020 
10 Kirby, Harriet Eugenia   I57946 Tree2020 
11 Owens, Mary Margaret  16 Oct 1906Camden, Oneida County, New York I50777 Tree2020 
12 Trudell, Kenneth Lee   I17265 Tree2020 
13 Walker, Marvin Keith   I12803 Tree2020 
14 Waterman, Fred Burdette   I51147 Tree2020 
15 Yerdon, Grace Jean   I50919 Tree2020 
16 Yerdon, Luella Mae  30 Sep 1922Camden, Oneida County, New York I47710 Tree2020 
17 Yerdon, Margaret Maude  17 Jun 1927Camden, Oneida County, New York I50139 Tree2020 
18 Yerdon, Norma May  1 Jul 1929Camden, Oneida County, New York I50649 Tree2020 
19 Yerdon, William Gleason  14 Jun 1935Camden, Oneida County, New York I50477 Tree2020 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Balcom, Andrew Samuel  1 Aug 1938Camden, Oneida County, New York I16128 Tree2020 
2 Burmingham, Charles A.  4 Apr 1927Camden, Oneida County, New York I18772 Tree2020 
3 Burmingham, James  7 Jun 1901Camden, Oneida County, New York I18749 Tree2020 
4 Burmingham, John  14 Oct 1887Camden, Oneida County, New York I37300 Tree2020 
5 Burmingham, Ray Gaston  27 Mar 1965Camden, Oneida County, New York I18522 Tree2020 
6 Carr, Cora Louise  30 Jun 1963Camden, Oneida County, New York I20100 Tree2020 
7 Clark, Floyd Wilcox  3 Oct 2003Camden, Oneida County, New York I8469 Tree2020 
8 Curry, Frederick James  15 Jan 1956Camden, Oneida County, New York I5474 Tree2020 
9 Eastham, John E.  1971Camden, Oneida County, New York I8019 Tree2020 
10 Eastham, Muriel  11 Mar 2008Camden, Oneida County, New York I8031 Tree2020 
11 Farley, Ida L  21 Feb 2003Camden, Oneida County, New York I26108 Tree2020 
12 Flagg, Edith Luella  23 Feb 1922Camden, Oneida County, New York I11984 Tree2020 
13 Flagg, Lyle Myrton  2 Jul 1952Camden, Oneida County, New York I12024 Tree2020 
14 Fox, Rolon Edgar Dennis  11 Nov 1948Camden, Oneida County, New York I61226 Tree2020 
15 Gaylord, Carrie  13 Aug 1941Camden, Oneida County, New York I28862 Tree2020 
16 Harris, Edward Harley  Mar 1923Camden, Oneida County, New York I8110 Tree2020 
17 Harris, Marjorie Elegene  2002Camden, Oneida County, New York I8213 Tree2020 
18 Henderson, Blanche  17 Jan 2014Camden, Oneida County, New York I78083 Tree2020 
19 Keeler, Florence Genny  20 Sep 1943Camden, Oneida County, New York I18687 Tree2020 
20 Loomis, Sophronia Ann  9 Feb 1920Camden, Oneida County, New York I58516 Tree2020 
21 McCullough, Brian Joseph  21 Jul 1980Camden, Oneida County, New York I50708 Tree2020 
22 Ostrander, Kenneth Ira  22 Aug 1961Camden, Oneida County, New York I28923 Tree2020 
23 Smith, Cecil May  27 Jan 1969Camden, Oneida County, New York I16014 Tree2020 
24 Twiss, Orda Alberta  6 May 2012Camden, Oneida County, New York I70342 Tree2020 
25 Wagner, Martha  11 Jul 1996Camden, Oneida County, New York I16884 Tree2020 
26 Warren, John Robert  30 May 1919Camden, Oneida County, New York I28877 Tree2020 
27 Yerdon, Anna  6 Jul 1934Camden, Oneida County, New York I50120 Tree2020 
28 Yerdon, Gleason Abraham  1 Feb 1986Camden, Oneida County, New York I50856 Tree2020 
29 Yerdon, Harvey Edgar  26 Aug 2007Camden, Oneida County, New York I29956 Tree2020 
30 Yerdon, Ronald Lyle  19 Mar 1972Camden, Oneida County, New York I79568 Tree2020 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Schroeder, Richard Arthur  Camden, Oneida County, New York I33373 Tree2020 
2 Yerdon, Ernest James  4 May 1954Camden, Oneida County, New York I49893 Tree2020 


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Balcom / Simpson  30 Jan 1923Camden, Oneida County, New York F1578 Tree2020 
2 Bartlett / Yerdon   F16529 Tree2020 
3 Brennan / Pendergast   F13284 Tree2020 
4 Britton / Baker   F2027 Tree2020 
5 Bryant / Bernardone   F16074 Tree2020 
6 Bryant / Jones   F20647 Tree2020 
7 Bryant / Yerdon   F16172 Tree2020 
8 Burns / Yerdon   F9602 Tree2020 
9 Capenos / Yerdon   F16118 Tree2020 
10 Comstock / Yerdon   F16203 Tree2020 
11 Corcoran / Forward   F16241 Tree2020 
12 Corcoran / Yerdon   F16205 Tree2020 
13 Dupont / Walker   F3587 Tree2020 
14 Green / Parsons  18 Aug 1934Camden, Oneida County, New York F20893 Tree2020 
15 McCaw / Neill  26 Oct 1916Camden, Oneida County, New York F10669 Tree2020 
16 McCullough / Yerdon   F16392 Tree2020 
17 McNamara / Yerdon  18 May 1968Camden, Oneida County, New York F16406 Tree2020 
18 Ostrander / Pullman  16 Aug 1924Camden, Oneida County, New York F9171 Tree2020 
19 Otis / Bonney   F24207 Tree2020 
20 Porter / Flagg  23 Apr 1913Camden, Oneida County, New York F3397 Tree2020 
21 Randall / Walker   F3615 Tree2020 
22 Sieckman / Waterman   F16476 Tree2020 
23 Smith /   9 May 1981Camden, Oneida County, New York F29945 Tree2020 
24 Walker / Ballou  18 Nov 1933Camden, Oneida County, New York F3681 Tree2020 
25 Walker / Kimball   F3666 Tree2020 
26 Walker / Metott   F3646 Tree2020 
27 Walker / Rock   F3650 Tree2020 
28 Waterman / Kelley   F16327 Tree2020 
29 Waterman / Yerdon   F16606 Tree2020 
30 Wright / Warren  Oct 1942Camden, Oneida County, New York F7371 Tree2020 
31 Yerdon / Carle   F16853 Tree2020 
32 Yerdon / Charter  23 Aug 1928Camden, Oneida County, New York F16111 Tree2020 
33 Yerdon / Flagg  30 Jun 1921Camden, Oneida County, New York F3340 Tree2020 
34 Yerdon / Lewis   F16318 Tree2020 
35 Yerdon / White  28 Nov 1936Camden, Oneida County, New York F9659 Tree2020 

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